Way of Transmigration Chapter 132

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter one three two – Here to tear down the stage

“Drafting ceremony is such a lively event, why you didn’t ask me to participate?”

Shui Ruoshan took Fox and the personal guards with him, sashaying into the venue where the final round of the drafting ceremony was held. His scornful tone and arrogant behavior, is completely channelling the behavior of a second generation bastard who relies on force to bully others.

In the Imperial City, he waited several days for those people in charge to work their asses for the drafting ceremony, and waited until the finalists were determined. Then, not waiting for anyone to come to inform him, he took the initiative to visit. Before he set off, he specifically told Yin Suye not to come with him, even if he(YSY) wanted to follow, he must not be found by others. Because if Yin Suye already appeared at the beginning, he afraid that the good play behind will not be able to show. After all, no matter how those people get blinded by greed, they don’t have that big of a courage to do anything excessive in front of the current Supreme King, Yin Suye. So in order to make them reveal their hidden dirty side, Yin Suye is not allowed to appear in front of them. As for whether Yin Suye didn’t come or secretly hiding in the dark, Shui Ruoshan doesn’t care. Even without Yin Suye’s help, he can completely settle this himself with his current ability anyway. Moreover, he has suffered so much grief by the human during this period. If he does not release his anger on these culprit, how can he be worthy of himself?

“Who allowed you to come here?”

One of the people in charge immediately stood up and began to pick on Shui Ruoshan’s fault. In order to ensure a smooth progress of the drafting ceremony, not only no one is allowed to come in during this period, they are not allowed to go out either.

“Yin Suye.” Shui Ruoshan didn’t plan to finish this person right away so he naturally gave a good answer.

“Do you have any proof?”

That person was almost struck speechless by Shui Ruoshan’s answer, but soon thought of his next response. They think that since Shui Ruoshan dares to use the Supreme King’s name to pressure them, they also can doubt his words.

“Isn’t this person behind me the best proof?” Shui Ruoshan leaned sideways, allowing everyone to clearly see who was standing behind him.

Fox is now the captain of the Supreme King personal guard, which means that Fox kind of represents Yin Suye’s will to a certain extent. And for Shui Ruoshan to be able to move Yin Suye’s trusted aide, it also indirectly proved his status.

“Are you doubting Daren’s words?”

Understanding what Shui Ruoshan meant, Fox took a step forward; his body was full of force. Obviously, he did not believe that the other party would stop deliberately finding fault with just Shui Ruoshan’s words, so in order not to waste too much time on this insignificant topic, he had to stand up and speak for Shui Ruoshan. He does not dare to bully Shui Ruoshan anymore, but this does not mean that he can’t bully others, especially those who dare to give Shui Ruoshan troubles. He hoped that his master will see how motivated he was in helping Shui Ruoshan, and forgive his past rude behavior against Shui Ruoshan. He is properly calling Shui Ruoshan as Daren now!

“No.” The people in charge took a look at Fox and the personal guards, and wisely compromised, didn’t continue to hold onto the issue. They don’t have to offend Fox, this new Captain just to win an argument with Shui Ruoshan.

“Good then.” Seeing everyone has understood, Fox immediately returned to Shui Ruoshan and continued to play his role as a good subordinate.

“So, why are you here?” The first person failed to exert his influence, so the second one immediately stepped forward to continue harassing Shui Ruoshan.

“Naturally to check the situation on behalf of Yin Suye, and look at the people you have chosen, whether they are worthy of Yin Suye or not!”

Shui Ruoshan replied very naturally, as if it is really his main purpose. But he actually came to ‘tear down their stage’1.

“No need for you to bother, who knows whether a demon’s aesthetic is the same as our human’s!” The other party simply refused Shui Ruoshan’s seemingly friendly proposal without even considering it.

“You can rest assured that my aesthetic is definitely better than everyone else in here!”

The corner of Shui Ruoshan’s mouth curved into a satirical arc, and spat out a sharp remark.

“At the very least, I can’t bear to look at these’ pickled dates’ 2 that you have chosen!”

With this, Shui Ruoshan included everyone in the room in his scolding. Shui Ruoshan originally thought that those people would invest good money in this in order to get onto Yin Suye’s good side. But not sure if it’s because the drafting ceremony was held in such a short notice, or because those higher ups did not do their best, the result was those chosen male and female candidates were very plain that they cannot be brought out to the public3 at all. All those immortal beauties, mesmerizing being that can topple a city, that he imagined…cannot be seen at all! This caused Shui Ruoshan, who thought he would encounter a strong love rival, to feel really disappointed! Don’t say that these male and female candidates can’t compare with Yin Suye, they can’t even with his(SRS) beauty. It’s totally incomparable!


“What qualifications do a demon like you have to make such arrogant remarks here?”

Instantly, everyone couldn’t contain themselves anymore, and they couldn’t cover the hatred in their tone.

“Don’t think that having the Supreme King’s love can let you intervene in our affairs!”

They thought since the Supreme King is not there anyway, they don’t have to give face to this demon who can’t see the reality clearly. Naturally, they vented all the dissatisfaction from their heart onto Shui Ruoshan.

“That’s right, a demon being so arrogant in front of us. If you are not careful, you won’t even how how you die!” Some people even used threats.


Those high ranked officials who usually plotted against each other became unified and harmonious when facing off Shui Ruoshan. One word here and there, they voiced out various dissatisfaction they had with Shui Ruoshan. In their eyes, the drafting ceremony is a battle for their benefits, so how can they allow others to intervene? Especially when this person is someone they guarded against, they became more vigilant. One need to know, in order to ensure smooth progress of the drafting ceremony, they have not informed the Supreme King to participate, just went ahead trying to pull a ‘act first, report later’. Now a little demon actually came at the last critical moment to create trouble, how can they endure this?!

“Don’t you think acting like a shrew quarrelling on a street is detrimental to your image as a high ranked official?” Shui Ruoshan unhurriedly asked.

Originally, he thought if Yin Suye really killed those officials, the human race will definitely be chaotic and the roots would be shaken. That’s why he tried to constrain Yin Suye’s behavior and endure so much inexplicable hatred from them. But at this moment, Shui Ruoshan suddenly felt that he has been enduring in vain. These people have no qualities and they could not help Yin Suye at all, they might even ‘drag Yin Suye’s hind legs’4.

‘Not afraid of Godlike opponents, but afraid of piglike teammates’! These short-sighted officials were not qualified to be Yin Suye’s teammates, so he don’t have to continue to be polite to them. He must have a brain cramp at the beginning, that’s why he would do something unthinkable like this! If God gives him another chance to return, he will loudly say to Yin Suye, ‘please feel free to deal with them!’ Unfortunately, there’s no ‘if I had known earlier’ in the world, thus he has to endure their yapping here!

At this moment, should he ‘lock the door now and release Yin Suye out’5?

“You are too much!”

These officials who were usually highly sought-after obviously unable to stand being told over by Shui Ruoshan. Their new Supreme King doesn’t care for their flattering and good intentions. After all, Yin Suye has the strength to do so, that they have to behave themselves. But now a ‘bed-warmer’ demon dares to act big in front of them, how can they endure?! Particular when they suffered the Supreme King’s anger countless times because of this matter regarding demons, so they pushed all the faults onto Shui Ruoshan. This is why they became increasingly hostile towards Shui Ruoshan.

“Is this too much? In fact, I can still do even more!”

Shui Ruoshan blinked innocently at the accusations. So far, he seems to have only said a few words, and nothing has been done yet? So, where part did he do too much?

So Shui Ruoshan supported his chin with his hand, deliberately showing a look of deep thought, but actually he was thinking about what he had done. At the same time, he thought of what he should do later.

“Say, would that be too much if I ask Yin Suye to cancel the drafting ceremony now?”


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