Way of Transmigration Chapter 131

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter one three one – Believe in myself

“Has the drafting ceremony started?” Shui Ruoshan turned to ask Fox.

“It has already begun.” Fox replied truthfully.

“They are really courageous. The drafting ceremony has already started, and yet they didn’t inform me and Yin Suye to participate?”

Rather than feeling angry with those who acted on their own, Shui Ruoshan is more to being confused. One need to know, those people originally used all kinds of means to convince Yin Suye to agree with this drafting ceremony that right after Yin Suye agreed, it only took them a short five days to transport all the pre-selected young girls and boys from all over the country to gather in the Capital, like they are afraid of Yin Suye regretting it afterwards. But now, the hard-earned drafting ceremony has started. If they just want to ignore him(SRS), Shui Ruoshan still can understand that. But those people didn’t even send people to inform Yin Suye to participate, it seems to be a bit confusing!

Could it be people from different worlds think very differently?

“They said that there are too many people participating in the drafting ceremony, and Master does not have so much time to see them one by one, so they decided to hold a preliminary round and eliminate some unqualified candidates. After a group of relatively good talents are left, they will come over to invite Master to do the final assessment.” Fox immediately replied with the news he heard.

Voluntarily helping to screen the drafting ceremony’s candidates, nicely said would be the subordinates want to share the responsibility with Master. But bluntly speaking, this is just a game between the people in the upper ranks, all the powerful people wanted to send their people to Master; looking forward to getting more benefits. So, before the drafting ceremony even begin, the powerful people in the Capital have already begun to act arrogantly. The current drafting ceremony is undoubtedly a way to speed up the battle between these people. They naturally wanted to leave as much as possible of their own people when Master need to made a choice at the final round, at the same time exclude as many people as possible from the other powers’ camp. This is why they suddenly decided to hold the preliminary round of the drafting ceremony.


Shui Ruoshan nodded to show that he understood. Since this is a drafting ceremony, shouldn’t only the best people attend? So how could they say that there are too many people? Why the need for preliminary round? Who will believe this lie ah? People from parallel world should just learn from beauty pageants on Earth. Simply make it a national event, where anyone can sign up as long as they wanted to participate, then filter them out, no need for preliminary test1. Perhaps this unique drafting ceremony might get popular in the continent like it did on Earth. This idea is really great, a’ight?!

“Shui, daren.”

Originally, Fox wanted to call Shui Ruoshan by his name, but instantly felt a cold gaze from his Master from behind, and immediately changed his words. Has his master pampered Shui Ruoshan to the point of no principle? It was just a matter of address, and his master already acted like this. If he(YSY) knew all the disrespectful things he has done to Shui Ruoshan previously, will he still alive then? Should he sigh that it was fortunate that Shui Ruoshan is not someone who likes to complain about other’s action to Yin Suye? That’s why his current situation is still very safe!

Just by thinking about it, he felt so sad!

“Are we just going to let those people become more and more unscrupulous?”

No matter how nice those people phrased their actions, it cannot hide their filthy desire deep in the bottom of their heart. Fox knew that even if he complains about it to his Master, his master will not bother looking at this matter at all, so he can only seek help from an ally, Shui Ruoshan.

“Yes.” Shui Ruoshan nodded, clearly telling Fox that his intent to stay down for the time being.

“We will just endure those people’s provocative behavior in acting over Master’s authority?”

Although Fox knows that Shui Ruoshan should have a plan in his mind, he has no good feelings towards those who dare to scheme at his Master, if possible, he really wanted to give them a heavy beating. Unfortunately, without Master’s order, he doesn’t dare to act indiscriminately. He only could shift to next plan, that is to use Shui Ruoshan to take action. He knew that as long as Shui Ruoshan agrees, his Master will definitely support all decisions unconditionally.

“It’s too early to start, just let those people stay proud for a longer while!” Shui Ruoshan held a finger and waved at Fox.

“Don’t you think it’s interesting to watch those people fight for more powers?”

Although he didn’t have much interest in those ‘palace fights’, he doesn’t mind watching a live version that is free.


“And when those people finally managed to get rid of their opponents and felt that they can realize their dreams, we come out to give them a fatal blow. Don’t you feel that this has more impact?”

Shui Ruoshan never see himself to be a good person. To those who are hostile to him, he will not be soft when he retaliates. Apart from that, Yin Suye is now his people under him, those people so blatantly wanted to ‘steal his man’, isn’t it obvious that they are trying to go against him? Is he still a true man if he doesn’t know to counterattack?

The reason why he didn’t counterattack immediately was because he felt that the time has yet to come. If he takes action, it has to be a fatal blow! He wants to let those people think that when they have reached Heaven, he’ll let them return to Hell again. This big gap would be more exciting!

“Good idea!”

Actually, Fox wanted to bend his own waist and make a pointing gesture, while saying ‘You are so bad’ right now! https://images.app.goo.gl/bhd5qvdzTtSzH7TK6

Unfortunately, because his master is here, he doesn’t dare to use those kind of teasing actions at Shui Ruoshan so he can only straighten his waist, and seriously praised him.
He is such a serious person!

“My ideas are naturally good ideas!” Shui Ruoshan unceremoniously accepted Fox’s praise.

“Don’t you afraid at that time, Master really took a liking to one of them and you fall out of favor?”

In his heart, Fox looked down at Shui Ruoshan’s narcissism and began to question Shui Ruoshan. However, he does worries for Shui Ruoshan. After all, his master’s concern towards Shui Ruoshan was really unbelievable to him.

“Not afraid!”

Shui Ruoshan firmly replied. He knows Yin Suye, that from [The Strongest King in History], Yin Suye only cares for Huo Ruyan and Huang Beichen before he was blackened. The Yin Suye after blackening has a heart harder than iron, no one can’t walk into it at all. So, the fact that Yin Suye will took a liking to another person is simply amazing! In fact, sometimes even Shui Ruoshan felt incredible, that Yin Suye, who was blackened to no return would actually like him.

“I am very glad that you believe in me that much.”

When Yin Suye heard Fox’s question overstepping his boundaries, he wanted to harshly rebuke him but upon hearing the little guy’s firm answer, his mood became better. He took a step forward and habitually hold the little guy in his arms.

“Not you, I believed in myself!” Shui Ruoshan believes in his own judgment and eyesight.

At the same time, he did not object to Yin Suye’s intimate actions. Although he has grown up now, and it is not very good to be held by Yin Suye like this, but he has already gotten used to it.

“I believe in you too.”

Yin Suye faintly whispered in Shui Ruoshan’s ear. He believed in the little guy’s choice to choose him, which also means in believing in himself.

“That’s better!”

Feeling the warm breath on his ear, Shui Ruoshan could feel his ears were slightly hot. However, towards Yin Suye’s declaration, he still felt it is nice to hear. In fact, after Yin Suye signed the co-death contract with him, he believed completely in everything Yin Suye says.


“Daren, when the time comes to punish those people, please tell me if there are anything you need. I am very good in getting revenge!”

Seeing his master and Shui Ruoshan flirting with each other again, single dog Fox felt like he is going to be blinded by the flash. However, no matter what, Fox still displayed a serious business expression on his face to show that he didn’t see anything.

“Alright, now I need you to pay attention to the situation of the drafting ceremony, and then report to me at any time.” Shui Ruoshan has gotten more and more used to instructing people to do errands.

“I have sent Rabbit 77 to check out the drafting ceremony.” Not waiting for Shui Ruoshan to instruct this, Fox has already done the necessary.

“If that’s the case, you may retreat2!” Shui Ruoshan waved his hand, indicating that Fox could leave.

Using people and making them leave afterwards, Shui Ruoshan has no psychological pressure at all. After all, being so intimately held by Yin Suye in front of outsiders, he still felt a little shy!

“Yes.” Fox answered while clenching his teeth.

If it wasn’t because Master is here, he will definitely fight with Shui Ruoshan for 300 rounds3 to express his strong dissatisfaction towards Shui Ruoshan. Unfortunately, his master is watching him so he doesn’t dare to move! In the end, Fox can only helplessly choose to ‘retreat’.



Seeing the little guy showing a satisfied expression after bullying his subordinates, Yin Suye felt that even his own mood has become a little better.

“Yes, but if you are willing to coax me a bit more, I believe I will be more happy.”

Sure enough, his happiness is built on the suffering of others. At this moment, Shui Ruoshan has a deep understanding of this sentence. Whenever he has a bad mood in the future, maybe he can consider bullying Yin Suye’s men, or Yin Suye? This is a very good idea, he has to give himself a thirty-two praises!

“How do you want me to coax you?” He knows how to kill people, but coaxing people? Yin Suye don’t think he can do it.

“You would do anything I said?” Shui Ruoshan’s eyes turned.

He is seriously thinking about any major event that might be vital to him. Perhaps he can use this chance to obtain more benefits?

“For example…?”

Yin Suye looked at the little guy who obviously looked like he has a mischievous idea, with a slight warning in his eyes.

“I was just joking, can you not be so serious?!”

Shui Ruoshan spineless-ly crumbled under Yin Suye’s pressure. He just wanted to do a mischief. Why is it so difficult? At the same time, he kept comforting himself in his heart, that it’s because his family Xiao Yeye doesn’t have any humor bone in his, and does not understand his cold humor!


It’s his coaxing skill is too horrible, that he(YSY) can’t make him happy!


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