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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter one three zero – My people

“Because those people were here to persuade Master to hold a ‘drafting’1 ceremony!”

As soon as Fox finished telling the news, he wished he could immediately disappear from his master’s sight. However, his Master didn’t tell him to leave so he doesn’t dare. He could only stand there, suffering his Master’s icy gaze and Shui Ruoshan’s questioning eyes. Why is he still living so bitterly even after switching from being the leader of the secret guards to the captain of the Supreme King’s personal guard? Fox thinks that his master is too ignorant of his subordinate’s good intentions, that’s why he didn’t care of the reminder. One need to know, that whenever he report things to his Master, he would report everything even if Shui Ruoshan was there, because he knew that his Master would never hide anything from Shui Ruoshan.

This time, he did not say it out right away, but deliberately expressed his intention to avoid mentioning it in front of Shui Ruoshan. He hoped that his Master could understand the meaning from his abnormal behavior and privately summon him later, so that they can secretly solve the drafting issue without Shui Ruoshan’s knowledge. As a result, his master placed all of his attention on Shui Ruoshan, too lazy to even give him a glance. Instead, Shui Ruoshan was the first to notice that something is wrong, which can be said as a sad story.

To be honest, after Master was enthroned, things like persuading Master to leave Shui Ruoshan or hold a drafting ceremony have happened many times. He was able to intercept most of them with his authority. Even if some people managed to see Master, all of them have given up after being rejected by Master. It’s just that he didn’t expect that those people being quiet was not because they gave up but was preparing for a bigger conspiracy. That’s why they gathered more people this time and wanted to put a pressure on Master. Facing this big crowd, he couldn’t stop it alone, so he has to come over to inform his Master.

“Drafting ceremony?!”

Shui Ruoshan suddenly widened his eyes and revealed a disbelief expression. From retreating from Weiyi’s pressure, to spreading all kinds of bad rumors regarding him, and then to the current drafting ceremony, those people are really trying their best to get rid of him from Yin Suye’s side; their methods are really endless! Shui Ruoshan understood it very clearly the fact that his bad rumors could spread so quickly, other than his identity as a demon, the reason was because everyone felt that he has bad intentions for occupying Yin Suye’s time! Are those people being too naive now?

One must know that he and Yin Suye have signed a co-death contract in front of everyone, which means that there are no rooms for other people between them! So, even if a drafting ceremony is held, it is a hopeless activity for the candidates! This is why Shui Ruoshan can maintain his calm and only showing a mildly surprised expression. He was somewhat angry at the beginning that Yin Suye had tricked him into signing a co-death contract, but when something like this happened, he felt that it was fortunate that they signed such an extremely overbearing contract. Yin Suye has quite a good foresight!

“I think the others probably don’t know that the contract we signed was a co-death contract.”

Seeing the little guy’s confusion, Yin Suye explained what probably happened.
That day, he signed the contract with the little guy on the city gate. The crowd was standing quite some distance away from them. Then he didn’t speak louder when he talked to the little guy, so everyone only knew that they signed a contract but didn’t know what kind of contract. That’s why those people would dare to have ideas!

“So how are you going to deal with this?”

Shui Ruoshan looked up at Yin Suye with a faint mischief in his eyes. He understands the reason why everyone will try to hit on Yin Suye. That is Yin Suye is really perfect. He is young, strong, has power in his hands, cool and awesome…
However, in everyone’s eyes, such a diamond bachelor2 was dominated by a demon, so any normal people will have ideas! He understands this but he is still somewhat unhappy, so naturally he will release his anger on Yin Suye. Who ask Yin Suye to attract so many butterflies! Especially after Yin Suye confessed to him and they started the relationship, adding to the fact that Yin Suye tricked him into a marriage, it’s impossible if he(SRS) doesn’t mind this!

“Get them to give up completely!”

When Yin Suye said this, his entire body exuded a strong chill of killing intent. If it wasn’t for him afraid that killing indiscriminately will cause the little guy’s reputation to become even worse, he(YSY) will definitely smash those people who plotted to get the little guy away from him to pieces! His original plan was to settle the rumors first, then give the little guy a stable environment, before going back to clean up those people, but he did not expect those people to be so eager that they couldn’t wait. If those people are so stubborn, then he does not mind killing them. At most, the clean up work later on would be a bit more troublesome! But looking at how the little guy shows his emotions and how much he cared to him(YSY), Yin Suye will consider giving those people an easier death.

“Then I will go with you to see those people who wanted you to start a drafting ceremony!”

Shui Ruoshan said, indicated to Fox to lead the way. He has already been tied to Yin Suye, he naturally won’t allow Yin Suye to accept anything, whether Yin Suye is willing or forced!


Looking at the little guy being angry, Yin Suye’s mouth slightly turned up and made a pleasant arc. Little guy is feeling jealous? So cute!


“Your Highness, you are finally here?!”

The people in the hall saw Yin Suye’s arrival and immediately greeted him with respect. At the same time, not sure if they did it intentionally or not, they ignored the Shui Ruoshan who was standing beside Yin Suye.

Yin Suye didn’t pay any attention to their actions. He led Shui Ruoshan to sit together with him on the main seat in the main hall.

Sitting with Yin Suye, Shui Ruoshan didn’t feel awkward at all, instead he looked at the people with great interest. If other people are rude to him, then he doesn’t have to be polite to them. He doesn’t know many people in the Imperial City, but all the ones he knew were basically here, such as Yin Ming, the Yin family, and the Huo family. It can be seen that the people with quite some power in the Capital are concentrated here. No wonder Fox can’t stop them.

“Your Highness, everyone here jointly requested you to hold a drafting ceremony.”

Everyone seemed to have gotten used to Yin Suye’s reticent personality. Seeing that he didn’t speak, a representative came forward and announced their request. Although they can’t bear seeing the demon acting so arrogantly in front of them due to being favored by the Supreme King, they don’t dare to show it out openly. Because previously, whenever someone tried persuading the Supreme King to leave the demon or send him away, none of them succeeded. And those who persuaded Supreme King, in the following days some will inexplicably disappeared, some will encounter disasters, and some will be convicted for various crimes…
In short, as long as one mentioned something bad about Shui Ruoshan the demon, then one will not have any good end. Although there weren’t any evidence to prove it was done by the Supreme King, it was too coincidental that people couldn’t help associating him(YSY) with it.
This let them know that the new Supreme King is not a fool. So after that, they stayed quiet for a while, then came up with this idea to attack by the side, and now collectively took action.

“Your Highness, here are the candidates for the drafting ceremony and the information of the young ladies in the city. Requesting Your Highness to look at them.”

The representative straightforwardly and respectfully delivered a book with his hands raised up and handed it over to Yin Suye. As long as anyone in this book can get the favor from the Supreme King, not only they can drive away Shui Ruoshan but also benefit from the favored person. This is why they keep targeting Shui Ruoshan everywhere, because Shui Ruoshan dominating Yin Suye has indirectly blocked their way to riches through the Supreme King’s harem.

It was known that with Wang Batian’s death, the group of people who were loyal to Wang Batian have been sentenced to death by Yin Suye under various crime charges. This means the top positions in the Imperial Capital has a lot of vacancies, and they were aiming for that. Especially after the new Supreme King promoted some of his people, and there were still a lot of vacancies, it caused other people who want to go further to become more active, and then there were all kinds of conspiracies.

“If I say no?” Yin Suye asked, he didn’t even look at the booklet.

“Your Highness, did you forget your duties from being mesmerized by the demon beside you?” When the representative heard the Supreme King’s refusal, he subconsciously rambled all of a sudden.

“You are seeking death!”

The majestic pressure of a Supreme King was released onto the crowd in the hall. Yin Suye’s eyes were filled with bloodthirsty killing intents. These people are really looking for death!

“Wait a minute!” Seeing Yin Suye’s tendency to burst out, Shui Ruoshan hurriedly pulled at Yin Suye.

Although he also disliked these people who keep going against him, he can’t let Yin Suye kill everyone here, or else the entire Capital will soon be paralyzed.

“Don’t worry.”

Yin Suye obviously knows what the little guy is afraid of, but he became the Supreme King just so that he could protect the little guy even better, not to let the little guy be wronged. He previously thought that those people will behave after his warning, but he did not expect them to keep going, truly seeking their own death! Anyway, he has done even crazier things in his past life, so he can still do the same in this life. This time, there won’t be any problems.

“I didn’t worry!”

It’s just that Shui Ruoshan doesn’t want Yin Suye to go on being anti-human, anti-society, and anti-world like what he wrote in the story. This is why he still stays with Yin Suye and advised Yin Suye not to kill people indiscriminately, letting him endure even though he was being discriminated by the human race. He didn’t know if what he did was good or bad, but he hoped that these minor changes could change Yin Suye’s fate.

Previously, Yin Suye did followed what Shui Ruoshan wanted, so the efficiency when dealing with the rumors was slow. But now these people have obviously touched his bottom line, which was why Yin Suye does not want to restrain himself anymore.

“Don’t they just want you to hold a drafting ceremony? Then we will hold a drafting ceremony!” Shui Ruoshan comforted Yin Suye like it didn’t matter.

“No one can threaten us!” Yin Suye is clearly not a person who can easily compromise.

“Not because of their coercion, but because I want to take this opportunity to see who is trying to hit on my people?” Shui Ruoshan signaled to Yin Suye that he has his own plan.

It’s just a drafting ceremony. As long as Yin Suye doesn’t choose anyone, the drafting ceremony has no meaning at all, so there’s no need to be nervous. And he can also take the opportunity to let everyone know that Yin Suye belonged to him, no one can take him away, let them be jealous! Shui Ruoshan decided to go all out, his reputation among the human has been bad enough anyway so he doesn’t mind adding one more bad thing in his name! At that time, he will let the people know how stupid it is to hit on him and Yin Suye!


Yin Suye relaxed after seeing that the little guy obviously wanted to be mischievous; as long as the little guy doesn’t hate him because of this matter! Since the little guy wants to play, he will let him play to his heart’s content! He will support the little guy in every way, even if he(SRS) wants to collapse the sky, he still has the ability to hold the sky up. But just now, he thought he heard the little guy saying he(YSY) is his(SRS) people. This is the first time Shui Ruoshan admitted his existence! Yin Suye felt that he likes to hear the little guy saying “my people” to him.


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