Way of Transmigration Chapter 129

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter one two nine – Irresponsible

Shui Ruoshan sat in the study room, bored and flipping through a book, while looking up from time to time to see Yin Suye who was seriously reviewing the memorials. Many people said that ‘a man looked the most handsome when working hard’. Shui Ruoshan kind of approved this sentence. However, he thinks that the most important thing is that Yin Suye simply good-looking, so no matter what he does, it will make people feel pleasing to see. Especially the Yin Suye who was enthroned as the Supreme King, he naturally brought out the domineering superiority of a King, making people feeling pleased and yet their sight cannot stay away from him. Although Shui Ruoshan doesn’t think that he himself is a beauty-con1, it does not mean that he does not like to look at pretty things. As for the fact that his appearance is more enchanting than Yin Suye, Shui Ruoshan decided to just forget about it.

“What are you looking at?”

Sensing Shui Ruoshan’s gaze, Yin Suye puts down the memorial in his hand and jokingly asked Shui Ruoshan. Very obvious, Shui Ruoshan’s peeking has been completely seen by Yin Suye.

“Looking at you…”

Seemed to be aware of the bad intention in Yin Suye’s tone, Shui Ruoshan immediately countered back without showing weakness. So he deliberately stopped his words halfway, trying to create a misunderstanding.

“En?” The moment he saw the little guy’s proud look, Yin Suye knew that he must be acting naughty again, so he(YSY) matched Shui Ruoshan’s words as he(SRS) wanted .

“… looking at you being irresponsible!”

Shui Ruoshan completed the sentence with a serious tone. However, he was not really talking nonsense, because he really felt that Yin Suye is currently acting quite incompetently as the Supreme King.

For example, at the recent enthronement ceremony. After they signed the co-death contract, Yin Suye omitted the grand finishing of the ceremony, leaving behind a sentence ‘The ceremony is now completed’ before flying away from the high platform on the city gate, and carried him directly into the Imperial City. The ceremonial officials and the guards were left behind, speechless in this tragic scene. Shui Ruoshan can totally imagine those people feeling depressed right there. They probably have yet to recover from the shock of their Supreme King signing a co-death contract with a demon, before being immediately caught off guard by Yin Suye’s sudden decision. So when they managed to react, Yin Suye has already taken him away, and if anyone wanted to oppose the decision, no one will be there to listen.

At that time, he was worried for Yin Suye because he felt that Yin Suye has just barely stepped into the throne. So while his position is still unstable, it was somewhat irrational for him to take such a willful action. Even if Yin Suye used the legend of ‘Double King Phenomena’ to add weight to himself, letting everyone think that he is destined to be the new Supreme King, this does not mean that everyone will agree with Yin Suye, a Supreme King who randomly appeared out of nowhere. As it turned out, his fear was completely unnecessary! Yin Suye didn’t receive any criticism at all, but he(SRS) was ‘hit while lying down’2 instead.

Not only the folks didn’t circulate any rumors that were unfavorable to Yin Suye, they also blew up Yin Suye’s cool and arrogant image during when he ascended the throne. The rumors became more and more exaggerated until there are no greater hero than Yin Suye under the vast sky!
When he heard the contents of those rumors, Shui Ruoshan could not believe that the ‘righteous person who punishes evil’ that everyone was talking about would be Yin Suye, a villain who had been blackened to no cure.

The ‘evil’ here mainly refers to Wang Batian and his people who harmed innocent people. Those with great imagination even managed to justify Yin Suye’s behaviour towards the Yin and Huo family when he has just returned to the Imperial Capital. At that moment, Shui Ruoshan had to admit that Yin Suye had shaped his positive image very successfully. He felt very happy at this part but if the people could just stop labelling him as the demon who befuddled the Supreme King, he would feel even happier.

Because everyone was actually pushing Yin Suye’s fault onto him.

For example, the half-baked enthronement ceremony. Everyone thought that he(SRS) has achieved his goal3 and didn’t want to stay back to continue (the ceremony), so he said to Yin Suye that he was tired and want Yin Suye to carry him back and whatnots…

For example, the rumor that he is very pampered and arrogant. That he will use only the best, eat only the best, live only the best… if there are even a tiny flaw, he will throw tantrums and whatnot…

For example, the rumor that because he was favoured by the Supreme King, he will always order people around, often blaming ‘this’, accusing ‘that’…

Anymore will just give him tears ah! Actually he really felt very ‘injusticed’, a’ight?! Even if he transmigrated into a demon, one should not be so racist! To think that he as a good young man, now became a little bewitching spirit in their mouth. It can’t be any more heart-breaking! Is there a limit in this parallel world?

If you want to spread a rumor, please create one a bit reliable. Don’t push all the bad things Yin Suye did onto his head. No one will be happy to bear ‘a black pot’4 for no reason, just like him carrying the black pot on Yin Suye’s behalf. But the only comfort was that Yin Suye and the secret guards were on his side. Even when the rumor has just started, Yin Suye wanted to take a strong measure to ‘kill these rumors in the cradle’5, but he stopped Yin Suye from doing so. His reputation is already not good. If Yin Suye disregard everything and issued a ban, he can imagine everyone will stop saying it but he(SRS) is not sure how these people will curse him in their heart! After all, things like rumors can’t be stopped, the more you try to stop it, the more powerful it will become!

Therefore, though Shui Ruoshan would feel uncomfortable for a while, he decided to stay away; ‘what remains unseen is deemed to be clean’6. So he did not go out, nor inquired anyone about the rumors, and quietly stayed in the Imperial City. But no matter where he goes, someone will look at him with various emotions like curiosity, scrutiny, condemnation, guarded defense, dissatisfaction…
In the end, Shui Ruoshan simply stopped strolling in the Imperial City, and followed Yin Suye around to let him(YSY) make up for his(SRS) emotional loss, because he found that as long as he is with Yin Suye, no one dared to talk about his right or wrong, no one dares to look at him with a meaningful look. Although knowing that this is just him deceiving himself, he does not want to go out and suffer from those gazes so he can only stay with Yin Suye for the time being. Hence whatever Yin Suye is doing, he followed the same. This is why he is now accompanying Yin Suye in the study.

“Bored?” Yin Suye patiently comforted.

Actually, he is very clear on how much humans rejected demons. That’s why he initiated the Fate Substitution for the little guy. But he did not expect that though the people doesn’t dare to do anything to the little guy, they set up various malicious rumors of the little guy. Due to Shui Ruoshan does not allow him to take strong measures, he(YSY) does not dare to make any big movement, and could only privately send some people to secretly arrest those who spread rumors and have them severely punished. Although this did controlled some of the rumors, it cannot be contained. Therefore, he can only inform his men to try not to let the little guy hear any bad rumors, and he(YSY) is prepared to solve this problem slowly in private.

On the other hand, Yin Suye didn’t expect this action would give him an unexpected result, that is the little guy took the initiative to be close to him, to the point that they were inseparable. Although he was very satisfied with the current moment of getting along, he will not let go those who dared to hurt the little guy.

“Still good.” As a stay-home nerd, Shui Ruoshan has a deep understanding of the stay-at-home culture, so staying in the Imperial City these few days was no problem at all.

“How about I take you out for a breather?”

Yin Suye felt a little overwhelmed by the little guy’s behavior but he didn’t know how to help with people’s boredom, he can only ask about it.

“That’s fine too.” Shui Ruoshan put down his book and stood up straight, ready to go out with Yin Suye.

Just before Shui Ruoshan and Yin Suye walked out of the door, Fox came over and stopped them.

“Is there something wrong?” Yin Suye coldly looked at Fox, seemed to be somewhat dissatisfied with him bothering his time with the little guy.

“Master, there are a lot of people who wanted to see you, but I have stopped them in the main hall.”

Fox has been following Yin Suye when he was a secret guard, so even though Yin Suye is now the Supreme King, he still habitually called Yin Suye as Master. Yin Suye somewhat acknowledged this to distinguish his secret guards from other people.

Now Fox has replaced Weiyi’s position and became the captain of the Supreme King’s personal guard. Actually, when Yin Suye became the King, not only Fox, the other secret guards who were loyal to Yin Suye were also switched from secret guard to personal guard, and began to hold important positions in the Imperial City.

“Why did you stop them?” Not waiting for Yin Suye to answer, Shui Ruoshan asked his question first.

Since there are people who wanted to see Yin Suye, it means those people should have something to report to Yin Suye, but Fox, who has always been very professional, decided to stop them from doing so. This is really unreasonable!

When he heard Shui Ruoshan’s question, Fox didn’t answer it right away. Instead, he hesitated and looked at his Master. He saw that his Master had no objections so Fox steeled himself and replied with a tone of fearless sacrifice.

“Because those people are here to persuade Master to hold a drafting ceremony!”

[Banana : Not sure what you call that in English, the raw is 选秀. It’s the ceremony where young ladies get into the Palace to be picked as royal concubines of various stages]

Raw Word Count : 2944

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