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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter one two eight – Sharing life and death together

Yin Suye held Shui Ruoshan’s hand tightly and led the person a step forward. He grabbed Shui Ruoshan with one hand and slowly raised his other hand. With a slight pressure, all the audience became silent.

“This is Shui Ruoshan, the person of my Fate Substitution.”

Yin Suye loudly announced his relationship with Shui Ruoshan just like that to the crowd..


As the other protagonist of this matter, Shui Ruoshan was not calm at all. One need to know, Yin Suye’s enthronement ceremony is not over yet ah! Now, Yin Suye ignored the incomplete rituals, and forcefully changed the arrangement of the ceremony. Then he(YSY) pushed him out to the limelight and began to talk about the matter regarding Fate Substitution. Isn’t this a bit too messy? Is it really fine to be so direct? He(SRS) is actually not in a hurry! Requesting to stay a bit longer in an inconspicuous place ah, can’t he? Under the eyes of so many people, he will be nervous, a’ight?!

But since Yin Suye has already introduced his existence to the world at this time, for himself and for Yin Suye, he can’t back out now.

“I am Shui Ruoshan, the person from your new Supreme King’s Fate Substitution.”

Shui Ruoshan’s cold voice was neither high or low. He felt that it was fortunate that he has an innate talent to hold the scene and has special facial control skills, so he can display his aloof image anytime anywhere, so easy! From now on, he no longer has to worry about ruining his image when in a crowd!


After Yin Suye and Shui Ruoshan said what their part, the quiet crowd immediately exploded into a cacophony of voices under the gate. At this moment, the people who can come to the Imperial City to attend the new King’s enthronement ceremony are basically people from the Imperial Capital and those who lived closer to the Capital. That is to say, this group of people are all well-informed people. Therefore, they naturally know about Yin Suye initiating Fate Substitution just so that a demon can live along with the human race, which later on, was successful. It’s just that they didn’t think that Yin Suye would choose to announce this news to all of the people at such an important moment, the day of his enthronement, to name Shui Ruoshan! Such an unexpected development, instantly hit everyone in a surprise. At the same time, they came to understand one more thing, that is, the demon standing side by side with the new Supreme King has a position higher in Yin Suye’s heart than anyone else can imagine, which is even higher than the glory of a King! What right does a little demon have to make the Supreme King sacrifice like this?

Suddenly, their gaze when looking at Shui Ruoshan became complicated, envious, ambiguous, worried, dissatisfied…
Some at the extreme even complained in their heart, why the one being taken care by the Supreme King is not them? However, no matter how dissatisfied they are, they cannot expressed it out at this moment, especially after the Fate Substitution is a success. They have no position to blame the other for being a demon, because their new Supreme King has used his everything to clean up his(SRS) sins as a demon. Actually, though everyone disapproved of the fact that a demon is standing next to their new Supreme King, they had to admit that the two people on the stage who were equally amazing and dazzling seemed to be exceptionally fitting together, just by standing there. It was as if they should be standing together like this. This made the people who originally wanted to argue about this demon standing stand next to Supreme King very sad because they could not find a reason why they should not be together!



Yin Suye looked coldly at the clamor in the crowd, and there weren’t any changes in his expression. He was very clear that in his past life, after he became the Supreme King, he launched a series of attacks on the demons, which caused the conflict between the two races even more intense. However in this lifetime, he wants to change so that everyone will look at the little guy with a different view. He wants the little guy to stand tall before the people, and be respected by thousands of people. Therefore, though he has always disliked to stand in the limelight, he still agreed to hold such a grand ceremony to officially introduce the little guy at such a solemn moment. He wants everyone to know that this little guy is very important to him, and to be disrespectful to the little guy means to disrespect him.

After confirming that everyone has silent down, Yin Suye announced what he decided to do. His firm tone has a toughness that does not allow anyone to question him.

“I am here to announce that I have signed a soul contract with Shui Ruoshan, and will share both glory and bitterness with him!”

Yin Suye ignored their reactions after hearing this sentence, but turned around and faced Shui Ruoshan. He lets go of the hand he has been holding and gently pointed his finger at Shui Ruoshan’s forehead.

“Shui Ruoshan, I am willing to share my best with you, and die together with you, are you willing to sign a soul contract with me?”

Yin Suye seemed to be asking for Shui Ruoshan’s opinion, but his other hand was pulling his(SRS) hand, directing his(SRS) finger to point at his own forehead.


Looking at the serious and solemn Yin Suye with his back against the light, Shui Ruoshan subconsciously agreed. In the next second, Shui Ruoshan felt his head hurt, like something has been pulled away from his mind, and then transferred to Yin Suye through his fingers…
Next, he could feel something from Yin Suye being transferred to him from Yin Suye’s mind to his…
In an instant, a dazzling golden light burst out and surrounded the two completely…
When the light disappeared, Shui Ruoshan lost a part of his spiritual power, but in place of the missing part, there was a group of light representing Yin Suye’s spiritual power, which means the soul contract has been signed.

“This is for you.”

At the moment the contract was completed, Yin Suye put down his hand from Shui Ruoshan’s forehead and took his hand. Then, he took out a golden delicate token from his body and handed it to Shui Ruoshan.

“What is this?”

Shui Ruoshan took the golden token and inspected it in his hand. The token was engraved with a complex magical enchantment. The four corners of the token were written with the word Fate Substitution. The front side wrote Human Yin Suye, while the back wrote Demon Shui Ruoshan. Such obvious words, it caused Shui Ruoshan to immediately suspect that he might have wrongly thought of something before this?!

“Proof of a successful Fate Substitution.” Yin Suye succinctly stated.

“Then the soul contract we just signed, what with that?”

Yin Suye’s answer instantly let Shui Ruoshan to understand what he thought wrong now. He has been thinking that since Fate Substitution is such a big event, the proof would be very big as well. And now, reality is telling him that the problem has been solved with such a small token, he suddenly felt it was unacceptable. Such a huge difference between imagination and reality! No wonder the protagonist Huang Beichen could still walk freely in the midst of the humans when Yin Suye is still unconscious after he completed his Fate Substitution. Turns out that he has the token! In other words, as long as he has the token to prove his innocence, he can walk freely in the human race as well even if he is a demon. It can’t be more convenient!


If this token can be used as a proof of Fate Substitution, then why did they signed a soul contract just now?! In an instant, Shui Ruoshan had a very bad feeling in his heart.

“Just in case.” Yin Suye explained in all righteousness.


Shui Ruoshan need to explain that the reason why he didn’t think twice about it and stupidly agreed to sign the contract with Yin Suye is definitely not because the sun just now was too beautiful that it enhanced Yin Suye’s appearance even better, that he got tempted by his beauty, and his head became hot, that he agreed with Yin Suye’s proposal. As expected, beauty is a mistake ah!

“Which soul contract did you signed with me?”

Shui Ruoshan now remembers that soul contract is also divided into many types, and the effect is also very different. Due to the initiator of the contract was Yin Suye, Shui Ruoshan as the passive recipient was not clear of what kind of contract they signed.

“The contract is Sharing Life and Death.”

Now that Yin Suye has successfully signed the contract with the little guy, he does not worry that the little guy will regret it later upon knowing the truth, so he didn’t hide anything with his answer. After knowing that the little guy is not from this world, he always has a strong sense of crisis, afraid that one day he won’t be able to find him. Because the body that the little guy is using now is not his own, only the soul contract can guarantee that the contract signed with him is with the little guy himself, not a shell. Therefore, he did not discuss with the little guy beforehand, and when he(SRS) was completely unprepared, he(YSY) asked for a soul contract. As it turned out, the little guy never have any precautions against him, and didn’t even know which kind of contract they signed. The co-death contract is the most overbearing contract among all the soul contracts. After the two parties signed it, they would be completely bound together, ‘you live, I’ll live; you die and I’ll die’. This is what it means to share life and death together. The most satisfying thing to Yin Suye was that this contract is the only contract among all contracts that cannot be reversed because of its special effects.


Shui Ruoshan has an urge to press Yin Suye down and beat the Hell out of him, what to do?
Being completely bonded together without reasons, he can’t be more depressed! One must know that in [The Strongest King in History], their contract has another name called the Partner contract. If two people signing the contract don’t trust the other party or have confidence in the other party, they will never sign the contract. After all, they have to share both honor and disgrace together. Especially when the contract is signed, it’s impossible to reverse it for a lifetime. He remembers that he specifically introduced this special domineering contract in the novel because the protagonist Huang Beichen was seriously injured in an adventure. Then, the heroine came forward and signed the Partner… no, the Sharing Life and Death contract with the protagonist without caring for her own life. The contract shares half of the protagonist’s injury with the heroine, which allowed the protagonist to successfully pass a life crisis. After that, the protagonist and the heroine began a great show of flirty love. However, when the person who signed the co-death contract became him and Yin Suye, Shui Ruoshan felt that there won’t be any deeper pit than this!

Yin Suye’s action, if did on Earth, is called deceptive wedding act!

The most important thing is if the couple is not satisfied with the marriage on Earth, they can still get divorce. But on the continent [Mowu Dalu], so sorry, both sides have no chance to regret once they signed the contract. In other words, in this lifetime, he can only hang himself on a tree called Yin Suye! He felt very unresigned when he thinks about it ah! Not long ago, he has said yes to Yin Suye to try falling in love. And now, not only they didn’t start going out yet, they skipped the entire thing and became partners. This progress is really too damned fast! This kind of incomprehensible feeling of being cheated into marriage, who can understand? Perhaps, from now on during his time in the continent, other than guarding against theft and fire, he should also start to guard against Yin Suye?


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