Way of Transmigration Chapter 127

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter one two seven – The only belief

“Xiao Ruo, let’s go?” After Yin Suye is all dressed up, he turned and extended his hand to Shui Ruoshan behind him.

“Alright.” Shui Ruoshan cooperatively placed his hand in Yin Suye’s hand.

Today is the tenth day after Yin Suye woke up, and also the auspicious day he will be crowned as the Supreme King before the eyes of the world. Since he promised to accompany Yin Suye to attend the ceremony, he couldn’t break his promise. And so, he was woken up from bed early in the morning, got dressed up, and then went through all kinds of busy…

He only managed to be released from these when the enthronement ceremony is about to begin. Just that not waiting for Shui Ruoshan to take a breather at this moment, a loud voice sounded immediately outside the door.

“Congratulations to Supreme King!”

When he heard the sound, Yin Suye pulled Shui Ruoshan up, pushed the door and walked outside…

The moment they were out, Shui Ruoshan saw rows of people standing in the doorway. They immediately bowed to them and gave their greeting.

“Long live the Supreme King!”

With the loud voice from the crowd, the entourage that has already waiting by the side immediately stepped in. Walking in front are four girls dressed in white palace dresses with a ‘double flat bun’ hairstyle, walking by twos. The first two took their flower basket and sprinkled the petals while walking. The latter two carried an incense burner and paved a road with decoration flowers. Then soldiers wearing a silver armor and holding a long spear followed neatly behind. When the team was halfway through, Moqi and Ruixue, one black and one white beast ran out first, and then Yin Suye led Shui Ruoshan to follow. Next, neatly marching behind them were also a group soldiers just like the one at the beginning of the entourage.

Just like this, Shui Ruoshan followed Yin Suye and walked all the way from the secret base to the Imperial City under the escort of a large group of people…
Along the way, the dense crowds surrounding them keep looking at the person walking in the middle of the team, the one who is about to become their Supreme King! Just when they arrived at the gate of the Imperial City, Yin Suye took Shui Ruoshan with him and flew into the city…

The people at the scene could smell a fragrant breeze passing by them and saw their new King, who at a moment earlier was still standing in the middle of the team, suddenly carried someone. With just lightly tapping his toes on the petals flying in the air, their new Supreme King flew up to the top of the city gate. That understated and ethereal action let people feel that that move was something he can easily do, instead of needing good strength to make such an effect. Next, they saw the new Supreme King on the high platform at the highest point of the city gate. His long sleeves were slightly extended, his robes looked like water rippled when it fluttered with the wind, and then he slowly turned around…

His supple blond hair was gently tied up high on his head with a golden crown, and golden tassels hung from both sides of the crown. In the sun, that man’s handsome face looked so bright and beautiful that it looked surreal…
The golden royal attire was tightly covering his body, outlining a slender figure. And a golden silk of the same color tied snugly at his perfect waist…
At this moment, everyone could only think that they have seen a legendary god coming down to the world, and all they wanted to do was to lay by a God’s feet forever!

Shui Ruoshan did not expect that Yin Suye would bring him directly to the high platform of the city gate without asking him. However, the moment they reached the high platform, Shui Ruoshan consciously stayed a little distance away from Yin Suye. Today, Yin Suye is the protagonist, he(SRS) can’t grab his limelight, he just want to stand by and watch Yin Suye’s brilliance. He saw Yin Suye walking to the throne with a kingly aura and sat down, then looked down at the people under the gate. Those actions seems to possess a charm that can cause people to be fascinated, making them feel like this world should be placed within his hands! The crowd at this moment were suppressing the excitement in their hearts to prevent them from squealing out, because their King had not spoken yet.

Yin Suye knows very well that Shui Ruoshan might have something to say right now, and didn’t mind Shui Ruoshan standing some distance away from him. Shui Ruoshan can’t escape anyway, so he just put that matter aside now. He slowly got up and steadily walked to the front of the platform, looking down at the crowd below with expressionless eyes.

“I am Yin Suye, and from now on I am officially your new Supreme King!”

Being a King does not mean that he must rule over the entire race himself. The King can also get someone to help them manage the race1, and let him be the master behind the scenes, and continue to be the pillar of the race. After all, every Supreme King has different personality and abilities. Not everyone is interested in power, and not everyone has management skills. Not everyone has the patience to handle government affairs as well…
However, it is clear that Yin Suye has chosen to announce his enthronement himself as the King and personally control everything in the human race. This is why he held such a grand ceremony to announce the news to the world.

When Yin Suye’s voice faded, red flags were raised, the drums rumbled, and tens of thousands of people began to scream.

“Supreme King! Supreme King! Supreme King! Supreme King…”

The people repeated the name Supreme King over and over again, because they don’t know what other words they can use apart from the title to express their infinite worship and admiration for the Supreme King. At this point, the sound was deafening, and it seems that the whole world can be shaken with the fierceness. Because in everyone’s heart, the Supreme King is the guide who can lead them to glory, their only belief!

Looking at the burning passion atmosphere in the scene, Shui Ruoshan who was standing on the high platform, his feelings were obviously more profound. He could feel the same honor from seeing everyone supporting Yin Suye. If it wasn’t for him wanting to keep his aloof image, he probably would get infected by the passion, and cheer together with the crowd. Just that when Shui Ruoshan turned to look at Yin Suye, he only see Yin Suye’s eyes were still indifferent, seemed like he was not affected by the passionate emotions from everyone.

His tightly pursed lips did not have a smile, and his eyes carried an icy glare, even his beautiful face was dyed with coldness. He just stood quietly on the high platform, overlooking everyone. In an instant, Shui Ruoshan understood why Yin Suye’s mood was not high at all. Because everyone’s unconditional support and deep emotion of trust was not for Yin Suye as a person, but for the specific position of a Supreme King. It was because the influence from generations of Supreme King has accumulated in everyone, that everyone had a firm belief in the Supreme King, and even transferred such feelings to Yin Suye. Therefore, those people were not cheering for Yin Suye, but at Yin Suye who is the Supreme King! At this point Shui Ruoshan can understand, and he believes that Yin Suye understands this even more, especially Yin Suye has already experienced being a Supreme King before this.

“No matter what other people think, I chose to stand by your side because of ‘Yin Suye’!”

Shui Ruoshan sensed a low mood from Yin Suye, so he took a few steps and stood next to Yin Suye. Then he reached out and held Yin Suye’s hand on both sides, comforting him by his own method. In his past life, Yin Suye fell to his end from rebellions and betrayals, but in this world, he stood next to Yin Suye, and he has the confidence to let Yin Suye avoid the tragedy from his past life. After all, his transmigration and Yin Suye’s reincarnation were unpredictable from the novel [The Strongest King in History]. One need to know, Yin Suye has became the Supreme King a full 10 years ahead of time!

What is the concept of 10 years? That is when the protagonist is still trying to upgrade himself and beating up monsters, Yin Suye the villain has already cultivated his own strength to the max level! Any people will know what kind of advantage this gap between the two represents! Therefore, he believes that Yin Suye could quickly expand his own strength with this advantage, and let everyone gradually regard Yin Suye as their only belief! Because Yin Suye is really a very attractive, very very attractive person! At the very least, this author has been completely charmed by Yin Suye to a certain extent!


Yin Suye tightly gripped Shui Ruoshan’s hand back and turned to look straight at Shui Ruoshan, as if he could look into his heart and engrave himself in it…

At this moment, looking at Yin Suye staring at him with his back against the light, Shui Ruoshan could only feel his mouth was a little thistry, his tongue was a little dry, and his heartbeats were somewhat uncontrollable…

There is a kind of person in this world, that when he looks at you, it will make you feel like you are his world! Therefore, very bewitching!


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