Way of Transmigration Chapter 126

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter one two six – Too easy

Shui Ruoshan realized that his plan to make Yin Suye confess his wrongs that day was a failure! No, it was a failure that can’t fail any lower! Not only he did not get any compensation from Yin Suye, he also somewhat sold himself to Yin Suye?! It’s a pit no matter how you looked at it ah! In the end, Shui Ruoshan could only helplessly sigh. It was not that he didn’t give his best, but the enemy was too slippery. That’s why he would compromise to Yin Suye, stepping back further each time, until he made an unprofitable decision for himself! At this moment, should he learn from Ruixue and look sadly at the sky at a 45 degree angle? No, how can someone aloof like him learn from a silly cute Ruixue? It’s like lowering down his style!

Moreover, Ruixue probably has no time to pay attention to its master, because it is having fun with Moqi at the moment. As for can competing for positions between the two spiritual pets be really counted as playing, Shui Ruoshan expressed that it has nothing to do with him. He can’t even solve his own problems, how can he do anything between Ruixue and Moqi ah?

Although he got restrained by Yin Suye in every way, it does not mean that he is not doing well. In fact, Shui Ruoshan was living so well that that he couldn’t be any more comfortable! Just that he felt that material satisfaction doesn’t mean he was not depressed, especially the depression whenever he lost to Yin Suye. Actually, under Yin Suye’s care, Shui Ruoshan’s life is too good, there is nothing else to worry other than eating and drinking every day. So he became bored, and began to imagine nonsense! You can’t blame him for this, all he could say was ever since Yin Suye woke up, the level of respect from the people around him have improved n-th times from usual!

Fox, who usually don’t pay much respect to him didn’t dare to go against him now. At most, he only say a few words to him. As for the other secret guards, that cautious look when they saw him, it was as if they are regarding him as a peerless treasure, for fear that they might accidentally cause any accidents and harmed him; completely treating him like a fragile item.

As for Yin Suye, he(YSY) is even more meticulous when taking care of him now. His clothes, food and shelter, were all under Yin Suye’s arrangement, and were the best of quality. Or, it can be said if it’s not the best, Yin Suye will never give it to him. And if Yin Suye has the time, he will still prefer to personally do everything for him(SRS). As long as it’s something he(YSY) could do, he will definitely help him to do it, changing him from a good young man with functionable limbs to little young master who would only stretch out his hand to be put on his clothes! Therefore, under Yin Suye’s indulgence, together with the cooperation from everyone, Shui Ruoshan felt that he is increasingly developing into a ‘rice weevil’1. If there are computers around, he believed that he can enter his otaku mode in minutes and be completely turned into a rice weevil.

Actually sometimes Shui Ruoshan felt unbelievable, that Yin Suye, a Supreme King, would do things to this extend for him. Also, Yin Suye said that he(YSY) likes him and said that he wants to pursue him, but Shui Ruoshan still thinks Yin Suye is too good for him! However, Shui Ruoshan decided not to continue thinking about such profound matter for the time being. He only needs to know that Yin Suye is good to him. When time comes, he will be good to Yin Suye as well. Then everything will be fine! And so Shui Ruoshan, who has lived as a rice weevil for a while, came to this conclusion.

It’s just that Shui Ruoshan seems to have forgotten that whenever he treats Yin Suye well, Yin Suye will step up and treats him better. When he thinks that Yin Suye is being too good for him, he will want to be better towards Yin Suye. Then Yin Suye will treats him even more better…
This is an infinite loop with no solution ah!


“Xiao Ruo, will you go with me tomorrow?” Yin Suye gently looked at Shui Ruoshan, who was sitting leisurely under a tree.

“You are inviting me to participate in your Supreme King’s enthronement ceremony?” Shui Ruoshan blinked and woke up from his own thoughts.

When he saw Yin Suye, he came to realize that this person is the soon-to-be Supreme King for the human race. He does not know how long it takes for others to take the place of the present Supreme King. How long does it take for others to dominate the control over a race? He also doesn’t know. But he knew that Yin Suye only took 9 days to completely control all the humans in his hands. Yes, you didn’t see this wrongly. Not 9998 days, not 998 days, not 98 days, but 9 days! It really took only 9 days! And this was counted from the day Yin Suye woke up.

On the first day, after Yin Suye killed Weiyi and his group of people in his secret base, he spent the rest of the time being interrogated by Shui Ruoshan. Other than discussing the matter of master-servant contract with Yin Suye, he also accused Yin Suye of all kinds of bad behaviors. Yin Suye showed a good attitude of admitting his mistakes, but unfortunately there is no substantive performance to prove that he really understood his wrongs. Not to mention, this has ruined his dream to have Yin Suye lower his head and confess in a submissive tone. That can’t be anymore depressing!

The next day, Yin Suye was still staying in the secret base. In addition to accompanying him to eat, drink and play, the rest of the time was spent on cultivation to stabilize his Supreme King stage. At the same time, everyone has received the news that Yin Suye has woken up.

On the third day, Yin Suye was still cultivating and taking care of him. However, Yin Ming immediately brought his people with him upon hearing that Yin Suye has woken up and expressed his wish to recognize Yin Suye back as his son. It is a pity that the Yin Suye in the past would not have bothered with Yin Ming, what more the Yin Suye right now and refused Yin Ming directly and mercilessly. At the same time, he spread out the news listing all kinds of bad thing Yin Ming did to him in the past and stated that they have already broken their father-son relationship, making Yin Ming and the Yin family instantly became the laughing stock in the Capital. When his son was a nobody, he as the father abandoned him. Now that his son has achieved glory, he wants to take Yin Suye back as his son. How can there be such a cheap2 thing in the world?!

On the fourth day after Yin Ming got humiliated, the people who came to meet Yin Suye to make contact were obviously more fawning, but this time Yin Suye refuse to meet anyone at all.

On the fifth day, Yin Suye finally stabilized his cultivation at the Supreme King stage. Then, he finally went out of his secret base under everyone’s pleading to manage the overall situation in the Capital.

On the sixth day, Yin Suye announced the evil deeds that Wang Batian has done to the people of the world. At the same time, he boost the Double King Phenomenon to them to justify his advance as their Supreme King. In addition to that, Yin Suye also announced that Weiyi has offended him to the citizens, but compared to the previous two major events, Weiyi’s matter were not worth mentioning and were quickly ignored.

On the seventh day, Yin Suye took down Wang Batian’s remaining party in one fell swoop, and announced their crimes to the world, so that they no longer have the possibility to rise back up for revenge. However, Shui Ruoshan privately knew that Yin Suye is actually more likely to settling his personal grudges with those people. With Wang Batian’s ugly reputation, he can just use that as the reason to get back to those people who wronged him in the past.

On the eighth day, Yin Suye began to officially deal with the affairs in the Capital, and then executed a group of people with various crimes, and at the same time promoted some capable people to improve the Capital’s management. On the other side, this let the people of the Imperial Capital realize Yin Suye’s superior ability and begin to truly see Yin Suye as a young and extraordinary person.

On the ninth day, Yin Suye was still working diligently to deal with the affairs of the Imperial Capital in order to settle the internal and external troubles caused by Wang Batian’s death. Shui Ruoshan didn’t know if he summed up this nine-day of Yin Suye’s experience correctly. After all, these summaries were fragments of news he heard somewhere, and he summed pieced them up. In such a sensitive period, with his identity as a demon he naturally is not suitable to stay beside Yin Suye, and Yin Suye is particularly busy during these few days. He(YSY) has no time to take care of him, so he honestly stayed in the secret base, and didn’t participate in anything regarding to Yin Suye in the Imperial Capital.

Therefore, he did not know about Yin Suye’s sinister and bloody ways of handling things. He believed that even if he asks, Yin Suye will not let him know any possible danger3. Moreover, his brain has limited capacity and is not suitable to participate in inner court battle for power, it’s better to be a rice weevil instead. Anyway, he don’t think he can help Yin Suye with anything, he just hoped not to ‘drag his hind leg‘ instead. To say nicely, he is self-aware of his own ability. To say it brutally honest, he is just not ambitious.

The reason why he is so reassured4 was because he knew that the Supreme Kings in [The Strongest King in History] are actually held by the Supreme King of various races5. No matter how much abilities other people have, the people will not approve of those people. So, Yin Suye’s position as the Supreme King for humans is very much secured, and he didn’t have to worry about it at all. He couldn’t be more assured!

Shui Ruoshan admits that his setting for the most powerful person is actually flawed and unreasonable. Who told him when he first started the novel, everything he wrote was to give the protagonist golden fingers, so that readers will refreshed from reading it. Plus his Capital has people with Duke rank, and including the Forbidden City in the novel as well. He did not feel anything wrong with this kind of merger between China and the Western. After all, it’s just a novel, not need to be too serious. But he is somewhat grateful now, that he was irresponsible with his novel setting. Because of this setting, Yin Suye can use only a short 9 days to easily conquer the human race, obtained the position of the Supreme King, without worrying for possible situations like rebellion, civil strife, and mind games. Too easy right?!


“Not ‘attending’, but ‘participating together’.” Yin Suye corrected

What he wanted is to stand beside the little guy, instead of letting him hiding in the corner to watch him silently.

“If the others don’t mind my identity as a demon, I don’t mind accompanying you.”

Shui Ruoshan helplessly gestured. Yin Suye doesn’t mind his identity as a demon, but he can’t help thinking for Yin Suye. After all, there is some truth in what Weiyi said. At the same time, Shui Ruoshan felt that Yin Suye, as the Supreme King, didn’t do a good job at all, because right now in the afternoon of the ninth day, Yin Suye is here in the secret base just to discuss this matter with him.

“Don’t worry about your identity as a demon. Tomorrow I will announce to the people that I have completed the Fate Substitution for you and complete the final enthronement ceremony at the same time.”

Yin Suye knows that although the people from the Imperial City know that he has initiated Fate Substitution for the little guy, not all of the human knows about this. It is just right that he will start his enthronement ceremony tomorrow, and he can take this opportunity to resolve the little guy’s identity. On the other hand, he wants to let everyone know that the little guy has been completely tied to him, and they won’t separate from each other.


Shui Ruoshan nodded and agreed to Yin Suye’s arrangement. He did wondered before why isn’t there any reactions after Yin Suye completed his Fate Substitution. How would other people know that Yin Suye has completed the trial? Turns out that a ceremony needs to be held to be truly completed! When he wrote the novel, Yin Suye completed the Fate Substitution for protagonist Huang Beichen, but he fainted right after he came out, so he(SRS) did not write anything about what happens after a Fate Substitution is completed. Hence he have no idea such ceremony existed.

Does that means this world will automatically fill in the parts that have not be written in the novel because of a BUG?!

Raw Word Count : 3567


Raw : 他之所以那么安心的原因,是因为他知道《史上最强皇者》中的皇者,其实就是由各种族的皇者来担任的,其他人就算再有才华再有能力,人民群众也是不会认同的。

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