Way of Transmigration Chapter 119

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter one one nine – Sleeping Handsome

“Say Fox, when will Yin Suye wake up?”

Sitting by the bed, Shui Ruoshan asked with concern while looking at Yin Suye, who was lying in bed with his eyes closed.

Who ask Yin Suye to act mighty cool so happily! Now, he happily went to faint himself when things are over! Really makes people worry!

Previously, it was precisely that he afraid Yin Suye might not be Wang Batian’s opponent, so he tried his best to recall the plot and find a way to deal with Wang Batian, just so Yin Suye will have a few more chances to win. He clearly prepared a lot of things for Yin Suye, and carefully wrote down the instructions. As long as Yin Suye did according to his plan, he could just stall a little longer and wait for Wang Batian to die from the poison, easily and relaxingly obtains the victory.

Yin Suye did used his things, but it was totally different from what he imagined. Who would expect Yin Suye to consume the restricted pill right away and forcibly upgraded his strength to the Supreme stage, fighting seriously right from the start! The scene of the battle is more impressive than the 3D movies he watched before. It is a pity that Yin Suye’s strength was forcefully raised by pills so it is impossible for him to maintain peak strength.

The only thing that makes Shui Ruoshan feel relieved was that Yin Suye doesn’t have the habit like those villains who like to talk all sorts of nonsense in the novel. He(YSY) followed closely to the policy of ‘taking advantages when one is down’ so he finished Wang Batian straight off without even waiting for the poison to be fully activated, gaining the victory of this royal war.

In the past when he watched TV and read novels, he did not understand why, that not only the villain did not press on to win while he had the upper hand, he also answered every questions and doubts from the protagonist. Just like this, they wasted all the time and let the rescue team arrive, directly reversing the situation like a [Return of the Jedi]. How stupid are those villains anyway? Don’t they know that by giving enemies time, it means going against themselves ah? Fortunately, his family’s Big Villain Yin, still very reliable and make any mistakes at the critical moment! This is worthy of praise!

Although Yin Suye finally won, but the sequelae of consuming restricted pill is also huge. The serious injuries caused by the battle, as well as the sequelae from the pill caused Yin Suye to faint right after he returned to the secret base. He didn’t have time to explain, and left a huge mess behind. Once he fainted, he stayed unconscious for eight days! That’s right, from the end of the battle until now, it has been eight days already. During this period, they1 looked in various records to treat Yin Suye. After treating both his internal and external injuries, they only manage to conclude that Yin Suye would wake up after his own body finished regulating itself. However, no one can guarantee when he would wake up specifically.

Looking at Yin Suye sleeping so peacefully in bed, Shui Ruoshan’s mentality felt very unbalanced. He is worrying here and there but the concerned party is sleeping without any negative feeling, it is unfair!

“I don’t know.”

Fox weakly answered Shui Ruoshan’s question. It wasn’t that he is not nervous of his master’s physical condition. Just that Shui Ruoshan has asked him this exact question countless times during these past eight days. As soon as he thinks about it that he has been answering this question all the time for eight days, all of a sudden Fox felt so sad. Sometimes, he admired himself very much because he managed to persist so firmly and didn’t flip under Shui Ruoshan’s tireless questioning! However, can Shui Ruoshan understand the mood of this subordinates and ask other questions instead?

“Ai!” Shui Ruoshan gave a long sigh.

Actually, he didn’t expect to hear any answers from Fox’s mouth because he knew better than anyone regarding Yin Suye’s condition. As for why he keep asking questions, it is better to say that he was just bored and was talking to himself.

“If Yin Suye sleep anymore longer, he will become the Sleeping Handsome2!” Shui Ruoshan could not help saying when he looked at Yin Suye’s handsome and unparalleled face.

“Or, you can kiss Master and see if you can wake up him up with the power of love?” Fox answered quickly.

Finally, Shui Ruoshan did not continue to ask the same question. He naturally cannot let Shui Ruoshan have the opportunity to think of that question anymore.

“How do you know about the story of Sleeping Beauty? Are you also…” a transmigrator?

“Too much brain hole is a disease, needs treatment!”

Without waiting for Shui Ruoshan to finish his sentence, Fox quickly cut off Shui Ruoshan’s speculation. Through this period of time, Fox understood that Shui Ruoshan has a lot of secrets, but he has no intention to delve in. No matter what secrets Shui Ruoshan has, he should just share it with Master and don’t share it with him. He is just a little secret guard. It is not good to know too much. It would be unfortunate for him if he accidentally gets eliminated by Master from this.

“A few days ago, when you told Master about bedtime fairy tale story, I was listening beside you.”

Although Fox was worried about staying near to Shui Ruoshan, he still could get some benefits. At the very least, he managed to learn a lot of new words from Shui Ruoshan. For example, just Sleeping Beauty and brain hole. The moment he thought of how he can take the knowledge he learned from Shui Ruoshan to fool people, and let others direct a little admiring gaze at him, he felt a bit excited.


Being reminded by Fox, Shui Ruoshan immediately remembered what he had done. That day, he didn’t know which nerve went wrong3. Seeing that Yin Suye in a coma, he thought of the action sleeping. Then he thought of a little story before going to bed, so he told a fairy tale story to Yin Suye.

Alright, he honestly confesses. Actually that day, he suddenly thought of a scene. What if Yin Suye suddenly opened his eyes, just in time to hear him(SRS) telling a fairy tale by his(YSY) ear with a low voice? Then he probably will be confused and dazed, then will start to listen attentively. Next, the more he(YSY) listened, the more he(YSY) gets charmed…

Anyway, the moment he thinks of Yin Suye’s face who may like to listen to fairy tales, especially when he(YSY) shows various dissatisfied expression from not getting enough stories, he(SRS) shamefully felt moe4! So he immediately told a fairy tale to the unconscious Yin Suye.

Turns out that telling a story to a comatose person is quite unreliable. Even if he finished telling all the fairy tales he knew, nothing came up like what he imagined and Yin Suye didn’t even look like he is waking up. Shui Ruoshan was hit by the reality again and could only helplessly give up his unrealistic fantasy. Other than that, he suddenly remembered that bedtime stories are for people to sleep better. Telling that to the unconscious Yin Suye is not suitable! Perhaps the real reason why Yin Suye has been unconscious was that he was lured by the bedtime stories? Then, he would never dare to tell any bedtime story anymore!

“Actually, you can really try to wake Master up!”

The more Fox thinks of this option, the more he felt it’s right. This method is absolutely non-poisonous, harmless, non-toxic, and has no side effects…
The reason why Fox suggested this was mainly because he will never forget that day when his Master kissed Shui Ruoshan at the Imperial City’s gate.
No one will knows how shocking and unbelievable for him that time!

As Yin Suye’s secret guard, he knows how much his Master hated touching other people, but such a Master suddenly changed his indifference attitude one day. Not only he became closer to other people, he also took the initiative to get close to other people5. This made Fox realize that Shui Ruoshan is absolutely important to his Master! This is why all of them secret guards will listen to Shui Ruoshan’s orders so easily. Therefore, as a good subordinate, not only he must know how to carry out tasks, he must also know how to seek benefits for his Master!


If his eyes can kill, Shui Ruoshan must have killed Fox 10,000 times, 10,000 times ah!
Isn’t Fox deliberately mentioning ‘the pot that doesn’t boil’6? What fairy tale, that is absolutely a black history! Can’t you not ask about it?

“If you are shy, I can go out first!” Fox was completely immune to Shui Ruoshan’s eye attack and continued to persuade relentlessly.


Suddenly, Shui Ruoshan understood very well why people who don’t have mountains(backers) were grasses(lowlife)!

Xiao Yeye, wake up soon! Your family’s secret guard is bullying me!

Just before Shui Ruoshan could brew his emotions and prepared to fight with Fox 300 rounds, Rabbit Qiqi(77) came in from outside.

“Yiyi(11)7, Weiyi is coming again!”

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