Way of Transmigration Chapter 118

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter one one eight – Welcome back

The power of the Supreme King is strong, and the battle between the two Supreme Kings are absolutely shocking. Yin Suye and Wang Batian fought from the ground to the sky, from heaven to the ground, from underground to mid-air…

During the battle, lots of buildings were destroyed, causing various holes on the ground, awakening everyone, and accidentally injuring countless people…
Just when everyone thinks that the two will continue to fight like this, they burst into a stronger force in the air, clashing against each other until their power were exhausted and dispersed in the air…

The whole world suddenly became weirdly quiet. This extreme contrast let those who were fortunate enough to watch this worldly duel, to involuntarily hold their breath. They could only quietly looking up and paying attention to the two men standing in mid-air.

“Wang Batian, you tried to go against fate, you deserved to die!”

Yin Suye’s breathing was slightly unstable, but he still firmly stood in mid-air, not even being shaky. Then he raised his hand and casually wiped away the blood from the corner of his mouth. Even though he had suffered a serious internal injury this time, and the energy in his body was almost exhausted, Yin Suye did not show the slightly panic on the surface; acting terribly calm. However, he believes that Wang Batian’s situation at this moment will definitely not any better than him. Otherwise, Wang Batian’s move right now definitely will not be stopping his attacks like him, but proceed to kill the opponent while he’s weak. This shows that Wang Batian also has no more strength to continue their fight.

At the same time, Yin Suye has to admit that although the Wang Batian’s character is not very good, his strength was not fake at all, worthy to be called the old-timer type of Supreme King. Even if he(YSY) is in his peak form, he cannot guarantee that he would openly win against Wang Batian in a one-on-one battle. Right now, the reason why he can fight evenly with Wang Batian, was because he used a lot of petty tricks prepared by the little guy. Example, chili powder, itch powder, flash bomb, stink ball, tear gas bomb…

Whenever he is in a weak position, he would use those items as long as it can interfere with Wang Batian’s actions. Although those things don’t have much effects and they can’t play a decisive role, but they could cause a lot of trouble for Wang Batian and give him(YSY) a certain amount of buffer time.
Although Supreme King is very powerful, but in the end he is still human and human generally have no immunity against these things. He don’t know how the little guy came up with so many tactics in such a short period of time and helped him prepare so many weird things. However, Yin Suye knew that the current moment is not the best time to be curious about those things, his most important mission is to finish off Wang Batian.

“Wang Batian, your time is here!”

Looking at Wang Batian who stood in a distance away from him, the corner of Yin Suye’s mouth curved up sinisterly and his eyes were shining with excitement and madness. If the little guy only prepared mischievous gadgets for him, he won’t be able to raise his chances of winning over Wang Batian from 50% to 70% – 80%. It was because the little guy also prepared a very powerful killer move for him, and it has already been set up right at the beginning.

The moment Yin Suye finished his sentence, Wang Batian’s expression suddenly twisted in pain and the cold sweat flowed down from his forehead. Wang Batian reached over his chest and spat out a big mouthful of blood.

“You…” You used poison?!

Wang Batian pointed at Yin Suye for a long while but he couldn’t finish the sentence. At the same time, he realized that his current situation is very bad, but he never knows how he got set up.

“Everything ends here!”

Apparently, Yin Suye doesn’t intend to answer Wang Batian. His wrist turned, and the long sword he usually used instantly appeared in his hands. With a flash, he came to stand in front of Wang Batian, and while Wang Batian struggled to fight the toxins in his body, Yin Suye penetrated the sword directly into Wang Batian’s heart…


It’s not that Wang Batian didn’t want to fight back, but he couldn’t move at all. The poison in him was very special. Not only it aggravated his internal injuries, it also caused the hidden injuries in his body to worsen, which made a mess of his body’s state. His energy became uncontrollable so he can’t mobilize any strength, and he almost couldn’t maintain staying in the air. Coupled with the intense pain from his body, his reaction has become exceptionally slow. Due to all sorts of reasons, he could only watch as Yin Suye easily pierced his sword into his heart. His heart was mushed up by Yin Suye in the blink of an eye.

Wang Batian only felt his blood rushing out from his chest like a fountain, instantly dyeing his clothes red. In an instant, Wang Batian’s nose was filled with the scent of his own blood, and he could clearly detect his life force flowing away.

At this moment, a huge unspeakable fear filled his heart. Is he going to die? Dying in the hands of a young man who he never put in his eyes?!

After confirming that Wang Batian’s life force has completely disappeared, Yin Suye pulled out his sword and let Wang Batian’s body fall directly from the sky…

Wang Batian’s death was unable to cause any changes in Yin Suye’s mood. His cold, arrogant eyes were bottomless deep, and a blood-red light was reflected in his pupil, adding a hint of bloody madness to him. Yin Suye was completely unscrupulous when facing his enemies, he did use poison to win the battle. This poison was made by the little guy, specially configured for Wang Batian.

When Wang Batian has yet to become the Supreme King, he was inflicted with a very powerful and overbearing poison. Although he has forcefully suppressed it, he didn’t really detoxified his body, which left a big hidden danger in his body. But when Wang Batian later advanced to become the Supreme King, he had the opportunity to reshape his body. However, he had no experience and did not know how to effectively use that opportunity to cure the hidden dangers and old injuries in his body. But then at that time, the poison has penetrated into his bone marrow, so even if his body is remodeled, it can’t completely remove the toxins from his body, unless Wang Batian change a new body. This is also why Wang Batian is particularly short-lived compared with other Supreme King despite being a Supreme King.

The poison that the little guy gave him was actually the same kind of poison that Wang Batian had before. He slowly dropped the poison onto Wang Batian when he was fighting him earlier. The reason why the result only showing now is because the Supreme King’s resistance is relatively strong. But also because the Supreme King’s resistance is strong, general poison was ineffective to him, which is why Wang Batian wasn’t particularly guarded, and became so easy to get trapped. One can say that this poisoning has reactivated the original toxins in Wang Batian’s body. The same poison became layered in his body, and the effect of the poison exploding in him is definitely greater than 1+1=21. This is the main reason why Yin Suye can remove Wang Batian in one fell swoop.

Everyone who was watching the battle between Wang Batian and Yin Suye was completely stunned when they saw Wang Batian falling from the sky. If the Double King Phenomenon caused them to be shocked and disbelief, then Wang Batian’s death right now simply shocked everyone senseless. In their eyes, the Supreme King is not only the strongest person amongst them, he is also a living god. They never thought that the capricious Supreme King could be killed. However, Wang Batian really did died in front of them, and this impact on them is no less than feeling the world getting destroyed.

At this moment, everyone looked at the tall and slender figure standing still mid-air. There were deep fear and submission in their eyes, almost wanted to kneel down and pledge their loyalty.

Yin Suye can be seen raising his head slightly and looking into the distance. He looked outstanding, and his golden hair floated into a beautiful arc in the air. With a perfect face like a god, and a golden glow around his body, it was as if the true God has descended to the world.


Shui Ruoshan stood in the yard of the secret base. When he saw Yin Suye managed to kill Wang Batian, he finally could put his worries down. Seeing Yin Suye looking down at him, Shui Ruoshan curved his eyes slightly at Yin Suye.

So nice!

Yin Suye won the battle!

Then, Shui Ruoshan watched as Yin Suye walked straightly in the air, crossing countless landscapes, stepped on countless stars, step by step like a dazzling god2, and walked towards him…

Shui Ruoshan don’t know why but he felt his heartbeat is somewhat uncontrollable at this moment…

“I’m back.”

The person himself has yet to arrive, but his voice has already reached Shui Ruoshan’s ear.
At the next second, Yin Suye’s figure appeared directly above the secret base. He descended from the sky and went straight to Shui Ruoshan.

“Welcome back!”

Shui Ruoshan expressed his gratitude that Yin Suye could come back alive. But just before Shui Ruoshan could open his hands to give Yin Suye a big hug to celebrate his victory, Yin Suye closed his eyes and fainted on Shui Ruoshan……

Raw Word Count : 2980


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