Way of Transmigration Chapter 112

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter one one two – Do not heal

“Great, you are finally mine!”

Yin Suye held Shui Ruoshan with no intention of letting go and became even more intimate.


Shui Ruoshan could only speechlessly roll his eyes. He seemed to have just promised that they could try to get familiar with each other first, and not promising a life together with Yin Suye forever. So, where did Yin Suye learn to be sneakily happy from1? However, the tactful Shui Ruoshan didn’t ask anything. It was definitely not because he saw Yin Suye’s miserable appearance that he couldn’t bear to rain on his parade, that he(SRS) generously prepared to sacrifice himself a bit to Yin Suye, to make him little happy for a while!

“Why did you suddenly liked me?”

Although he agreed to be nearer with Yin Suye for various reasons, he still couldn’t figure out when Yin Suye’s feelings for him started to change.

“Right in the beginning, you are already different!”

Yin Suye is not sure when he started to fall for the little guy, but he always knows that he will never let go of the little guy. His feelings for the little guy are definitely not sudden, but accumulated bit by bit. When the little guy said ‘You could trust me’ when they first met, he(SRS) has forcefully opened a hole in his heart. At that time, he really cared for the little guy like a child. But when he knew that the little guy was a transmigrator and not a real child, he began to see the little guy as an equal. Until that time when they returned to the Capital, and he saw Yin Wushuang looking at the little guy with filthy gaze. He couldn’t tolerate that someone dared to desire his little guy but on the other hand, he couldn’t help thinking if he too looked at the little guy with passionate eyes? He didn’t know if his strong possessiveness to the little guy can be considered love, but he was very clear that he would never let go of the little guy. Since he can’t do without the little guy, and he also wanted to proceed further with him(SRS), it’s natural to hold that person firmly in the palm of his hand.

It’s just this is first time he clearly expressed his love for one person. That is to say, there are many things that he doesn’t know how to do, so he easily agreed when the little guy proposed to try to get familiar first. He(YSY) also needs time to learn about love after all.

“In the beginning, you are not as friendly to me as you are now!”

Shui Ruoshan is obviously not a big-minded person. He still remembered Yin Suye being cold and arrogant when they first met. At that time, in order to survive better in the parallel world, he treated Yin Suye like a grandfather/ancestor! It was only after the two became familiar and he figured out Yin Suye’s character that he gradually loosened his attitude towards Yin Suye.

“You can retaliate back at me now.”

Apparently, Yin Suye remembered very clearly what he had done in the past as well. Knowing that his attitude toward the little guy was not very good at that time, he immediately admitted his mistake.


Shui Ruoshan felt that Yin Suye must have calculated that he(SRS) can’t bear to hurt the seriously injured him, so he deliberately revealed a sorry appearance and told him(SRS) to retaliate back. So, Shui Ruoshan arrogantly raised his head and decided not to be petty with Yin Suye in this matter. He is very clear of his own weight, he is certain that he can’t beat this wily old fox Yin Suye, and wisely decided not to continue on this topic; quickly changing the subject.

“I think you should treat your injuries now!”

Shui Ruoshan suddenly felt guilty as soon as he thought of Yin Suye’s scarred appearance. He(SRS) shouldn’t have focus on other stuff instead of paying attention to Yin Suye’s physical condition first!

“Do not heal.”

Although he was glad that the little guy cares about him, Yin Suye can’t let the little guy heal his injury now.

“Why?” Shui Ruoshan who originally prepared to get a pill out (from the space ring), instantly stopped and looked at Yin Suye in confusion.

“The Fate Substitution is not over yet.”

Although he used Fate Substitution to scheme against the little guy, his initial purpose for starting the Fate Substitution was to enable the little guy openly live in the midst of the human race. Therefore, before the Fate Substitution is over, he will never let his wounds which are the proof of his punishment to disappear. This is also the real reason why he obediently accepted the punishments.

“So the reason why you didn’t kill the guard right away was because the Fate Substitution has not been completed yet, that you still need the guard to continue the punishment?”

Right now, Shui Ruoshan thinks that he should say ‘As expected of Yin Suye’? Before starting a little Fate Substitution, he has already calculated everything and the people in it.


Because he almost died under Fate Substitution’s punishment in his past life, he specifically looked through the Fate Substitution in detailed to find out the loopholes after he became the Supreme King. Hence, when he started Fate Substitution this time round, he used the loophole to completely suppressed his power in order to protect himself better. Therefore, although he appeared to be seriously hurt on the surface, he actually suffered only a skin injury; not serious at all. This is also the reason why he can break free from the restraint and save Shui Ruoshan when the guard attacked him.

“Do you know that the last day of Fate Substitution is the most dangerous trial ah?” Obviously, Shui Ruoshan doesn’t agree with Yin Suye’s decision to continue the Fate Substitution.

“Do you want me to waste my 48 days of suffering?” Yin Suye faintly asked .

He will not do a loss-making business, and since his plan has begun, there is no reason to stop.

“I have already made arrangements, nothing will go wrong.” But considering that the little guy doesn’t understand his plan, Yin Suye can only whisper some comforting words.

“How about Wang Batian?”

Shui Ruoshan did not forget that Yin Suye has deliberately provoked Wang Batian and also Wang Batian’s evil intention towards Yin Suye. However, the actual situation is better than he imagined, so Shui Ruoshan, who has already prepared for the worst, which is to directly face Wang Batian quietly breathed a sigh of relief.

“He should appear tomorrow.”

Yin Suye said very confidently. Actually, what he didn’t say was Wang Batian would come to interrogate him every now and then. Until he gets the method to extend his life, he will not do anything to harm his(YSY) life. At most, he(WBT) would let him suffer more. But, Yin Suye won’t inform Shui Ruoshan about these.

“Then you are still going to stay here?”

If it was just a Fate Substitution, Shui Ruoshan would only 50% worried about Yin Suye. But with a Wang Batian added in the mix, his worries immediately became 100%..

“I want to take this opportunity to settle a danger called Wang Batian.”

A hint of sharpness flashed through Yin Suye’s eyes. Wang Batian is waiting until the last day to pry open his mouth, but he(YSY) is also the same; waiting for the last day to scheme back against Wang Batian!

“What are you planning to do?” Looking at the ever calm Yin Suye, Shui Ruoshan felt like he would go mad from the anxiousness. Yin Suye did not look anxious at all towards the danger that might come tomorrow. This is really an example of ‘the emperor is not worried, but his eunuch is worried to death’ ah2!

“I want to eradicate the Supreme King!” Yin Suye casually said that but his tone has a kind of fierce and murderousness intent in it, pressing onto people with a kind of imposing manner.


At this moment, Shui Ruoshan seemed to see a bloodied sword aura from Yin Suye, like a sword that will be unsheathed and gets blood-stained anytime; revealing a peerless edge at any time! But right now, Shui Ruoshan only wanted to rant at Yin Suye, that one shouldn’t act handsome at a moment like this!

“Eradicating the Supreme King is too dangerous!”

It was not that Shui Ruoshan wants to praise other people and destroy his(YSY) prestige, it was just that Yin Suye’s current strength is slightly lower than Wang Batian.

There are two ways for one to become a Supreme King. One is to kill the original Supreme King and replace him. The second is to wait for until the Supreme King dies his natural death, then advance to that stage. Shui Ruoshan felt that Yin Suye could totally wait patiently for 10 years. Then after Wang Batian died naturally, Yin Suye could directly become the Supreme King without wasting his power.

“Right now, Wang Batian is the one who wanted to deal with us, not that we wanted to target him.”

And he didn’t have much time to wait for Wang Batian’s death. Yin Suye remembers very clearly that after he became the human Supreme King in his past life, Huang Beichen also became the demon Supreme King, which has always gave him a sense of crisis.


What do you mean by ‘Wang Batian wanted to deal with them’? It was obvious that Yin Suye is the one who provoked Wang Batian first! No, it seems to be because he accidentally exposed his identity as a demon and met Wang Batian, then matter gradually developed to this unbelievable point! In a way, he is actually the culprit of this series of incidents?!

“I have grasped some of Wang Batian’s weaknesses, I won’t lose.”

In order to make the little guy feel at ease, Yin Suye thought for a while and stated his reasons. Although he didn’t cross roads with Wang Batian in his past life, he has heard a lot of rumors about Wang Batian afterwards, so he knows a little of his weaknesses.

“If you really decided to deal with Wang Batian now, you must count me in!”

Shui Ruoshan also knows Wang Batian’s weaknesses. He felt that he should brief Yin Suye with a summary later. With this, their winning chance should be very big, that’s why he agreed to do this. However, before he agreed (to let YSY continue FS), he didn’t forget to state his request too.

“Alright, but you have to follow my orders!” Yin Suye knows that if he doesn’t agree with the little guy’s request, he(SRS) will not be willing to give up.

“Good.” Shui Ruoshan promised very quickly for fear that Yin Suye would regret and take his words back if he(SRS) spokes too slowly.

“Fox, come in with the guard.” Yin Suye ordered Fox who was outside the prison door.

“Yes.” Hearing the order, Fox immediately walked back in the unconscious guard.

“Wait a minute, I will make the guard forget about what happened just now. You will tie me back to the restraint and leave.”

Although Yin Suye was ordering Fox, his eyes were looking at Shui Ruoshan.

“What should I do?” Shui Ruoshan also knows that it’s not a good choice for him to stay longer. At the very least, he couldn’t watch as Yin Suye suffers so it’s better to not see it.

“Tomorrow, you take the secret guards to free the experiment’s staff who are secretly held by Wang Batian.”

Thinking of this, Yin Suye paused and seemed to be recalling the place when the staffs are being held.

This story was created by him after all, so Shui Ruoshan knew it very clearly and understood Yin Suye’s purpose for doing so, so he(SRS) agreed right away.

“Protect Ruo-er’s safety properly.” Upon seeing the little guy didn’t object, Yin Suye began to order Fox.

“Yes.” Fox nodded solemnly.

“…” Shui Ruoshan who was at the side has long been stunned speechless by this ‘Ruo-er’ way of address.

Ruo-er? Such a feminine name is actually for him? He remembered that he and Yin Suye have come out with some nicknames before. His nickname was obviously Xiao Ruo, so where did Ruo-er came from? Did he(SRS) gave his consent to change the nickname so casually? Shui Ruoshan ranted in his heart but he knew that it was not the time to worry about this minor problem with Yin Suye, so he will wait until everything is resolved before discussing it with Yin Suye.

“Yin Suye, your situation is very dangerous here, isn’t it better for me to leave you with my magic clothing?”

Shui Ruoshan thought about it, but still worried of Yin Suye’s safety. The only tool in his hand with the most defense power is the magic clothing he is wearing. And the most important thing is that the magic clothing could change itself according to the wearer’s will. In other words, Yin Suye just have to imagine the magic clothing as a rag, just like the clothes he(YSY) is wearing now. No one will ever think that he is wearing a defensive clothing instead of a normal rag.

“Take it off to give me?” Yin Suye began to look up and down at Shui Ruoshan’s clothes on his body.


Shui Ruoshan felt that Yin Suye’s question is definitely an useless question. If he don’t take it off, how would he give the magic clothing to Yin Suye? Just that at the next second, Shui Ruoshan immediately realized that something is wrong! ‘Taking off’ sounds too ambiguous! It’s too easy for other people to think strangely! Especially when Yin Suye looked at his body with a hot gaze, as if Yin Suye could see directly through his clothes at his naked body!

All of a sudden, Shui Ruoshan’s face turned red!

Is Yin Suye taking advantage of him? Or taking advantage of him? Or really taking advantage of him?!

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