Way of Transmigration Chapter 111

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter one one one – Not dislike

“You don’t hate me for kissing you.”

Yin Suye pinched Shui Ruoshan’s chin and prevented him from having any chance to escape, so that he(SRS) could only look directly at him. Yin Suye dared ‘to cut off his means of retreat’ and went all out to confess to Shui Ruoshan because he knew that the little guy didn’t dislike his closeness. Previously, he chose to feed the pill to the little guy with his mouth, this move was his way of testing the water. Kissing is definitely a good way to test a breakthrough as a person’s subconscious reaction is the most real reaction. At that time, though the little guy was shocked by his actions, there was no disgust and rejection in his eyes. This let Yin Suye know that the little guy did not reject his closeness. That’s why he kissed him again.

“But I don’t like you kissing me!”

Shui Ruoshan’s reaction was very quick this time. He stated his feelings right away, as if he is afraid that Yin Suye would come up with some ridiculous conclusions if he is a step slower. He is not an ignorant child who doesn’t know anything that would be deceived by Yin Suye with just a few words. This kind of scene happened too much in normal novels, so he will not be so easily deceived!

“You will like it.” Then, Yin Suye leaned over again and kissed Shui Ruoshan’s lips.

“What…” are you doing?

The later half of his words were blocked by Yin Suye and turned into ‘mhmm mhmm’ instead.

“You like it?” After kissing this person in his arms until he turned red again, Yin Suye generously released the person.

“No…ot dislike!” (不讨厌 / bu tǎo yàn)1

Shui Ruoshan gasped and raised his head, glaring at Yin Suye to express his strong dissatisfaction with Yin Suye’s behavior. Just that when he saw Yin Suye’s pair of heterochromatic eyes with a glint of strong possessiveness in it, Shui Ruoshan could clearly felt the threat. So, he subconsciously changed the word ‘dislike’ (不喜欢 / bu xǐ huan) into a not dislike (不讨厌 / bu tǎo yàn). But he didn’t lie, he indeed didn’t hate Yin Suye’s kiss. Else, he couldn’t possibly stay calm after being strongly/forcefully kissed by Yin Suye. As for whether he ‘likes’ it or not, it is not something that Shui Ruoshan can decide now.
No one can expect a stay-home nerd, who has never dated anyone nor any intimate exchange with anyone, to know what it is ‘like’ (喜欢 / xǐ huan). This is a very tall order. Obviously, Shui Ruoshan also knows his lacking in this area. But Shui Ruoshan felt that this does not prevent him from making correct judgments about things. With no practical experience as a reference, he has a wealth of theoretical knowledge to back himself instead! So, he began to think hard of what he read about things like falling in love. The book said that being kissed by someone you like will give people rapid heartbeats, feelings like they can not help but be addicted, feelings like they cannot extricate themselves from this…

And obviously, he(SRS) didn’t seem to feel these feelings. Even if there is, it’s probably a very weak one. He has no such strong feelings as what was written in the book, that’s why he ignored it. So this matter whether to like or not, it is still a long distance away from him! Shui Ruoshan who came to his own conclusion has completely forgotten how he only felt shocked when he was first kissed by Yin Suye. But where he has the time to pay attention to other emotions?! When he finally reacted, no matter how strong is the feeling, it has probably disappeared long time ago.

“That means you don’t like it?” Yin Suye’s eyes slightly squinted, covering the sharp lights in his eyes.

“…” Shui Ruoshan felt complicated all of a sudden..

It seems that no matter he answers yes or no, it doesn’t feel right! He believes that he doesn’t have any ‘like’ towards Yin Suye, but he didn’t dislike it either. So, how to answer this?

Seeing that ‘someone’ did not answer, Yin Suye went at his(SRS) lips again, not caring whether Shui Ruoshan is in the state2 or not, as if he won’t stop until someone suffocated.


Shui Ruoshan who was suddenly attacked again, only has one big word ‘FCUK’ in his mind! He didn’t think that Yin Suye would be so persistent in doing this kind of thing. And the saddest thing is as a man, he can’t shout ‘Sexual harassment’3! But he don’t understand, he didn’t seem to do anything just now? How did Yin Suye’s sensitive nerve gets struck? Can they still play together(get along) happily?

“I will kiss you until you like it.”

Looking at the dazed cute little thing, Yin Suye raised his eyebrow slightly and announced his decision. Communicating with such a dull person like this little guy, you can’t talk in riddles. Some words must be clearly stated so that the little guy can fully understand the reality. He(YSY) had so many tests before, and none of those were as effective as this straight up confession.


Shui Ruoshan has yet to express his opinion towards Yin Suye’s behavior, was shocked speechless by Yin Suye’s words!

What is ‘kiss him until he likes it’?

The Hell is that fcukery fcuk ah!

Has this decision been approved by him?

Yin Suye’s behavior is too tyrannic and extreme. Is this a robbery? Doesn’t the world need to pay attention to human rights and government law?

“Your answer?” Yin Suye is like a hunter waiting for the prey to be trapped, looking very patient.


Shui Ruoshan acted like he had not heard anything. He is now trying to play dead, please don’t bother him!


Seeing the little guy wanted to escape, Yin Suye uttered an ‘En’, not too light nor heavy. At the same time, he started planning in his heart; where should he kiss this time? Although little guy’s lips were delicious, he wanted to taste other places on the little guy.


Seeing Yin Suye had the intention to continue his actions, Shui Ruoshan smartly learned from his mistake and told Yin Suye what he wanted to hear. Because he knows very well that if he remained silent or gave other answers, Yin Suye will really kiss him.

It was just that he felt himself really has no standpoint/stance. Because he compromised right away just because he was threatened. Is it really what an upright man should do? So weak, do your mom knows about this?


Does Yin Suye think that people will like this kind of action if he did it a few more times?

Facing the Yin Suye who intended to do this until the end, Shui Ruoshan can’t say it even if he still have a lot of explanation in his heart! Because Yin Suye will not give him the opportunity to explain it! So, he shamefully compromised!

This kind of helpless forced plot, can’t you not put so much abuse!

“Are you sure you like me?” Yin Suye’s eyes flashed and he asked again.

Just by changing the way of asking, the meaning of the question has become entirely different from the previous question.

“En!” Shui Ruoshan rolled his eyes at Yin Suye.

This person really should not be too insatiable! Already he said ‘liked’ earlier, but he(YSY) still wanted him repeat it. Is Yin Suye trying to show off to him?

“Since you liked me and I liked you, we should be together forever!” Yin Suye quite naturally arrived to the conclusion he wanted.

Little guy’s compromise came faster than he imagined. This means that his position in his(SRS) heart is higher than he imagined. Otherwise, it is not possible for him(SRS) to change his stand so easily, just because of a few words of coercion. He experienced it before, the little guy’s stubbornness. Maybe little guy himself didn’t notice it, when the little guy faced him, he(SRS) always compromised very quickly. His compromise was not those kind of weak helplessness but an indulgent consent. At this moment, Yin Suye finally experienced the real feeling that he has grasped this person that he wanted, firmly in his hands!

“Be together? Is this development a bit too fast?”

At this moment, Shui Ruoshan won’t be that naive to think that ‘be together’ from Yin Suye’s words means two people simply staying together. And just because he understood, he felt that this development is a bit unbelievable!

“En?” It was clear that Yin Suye’s mood is still good, so he doesn’t care how the little guy struggled for the last time.

“I mean, for the process of a normal love, shouldn’t it be two people took liking of each other first? Then they will try to date, and when they felt like they are ready to be together, they then finally will talk about marriage?”

Shui Ruoshan thinks that the general process of love could be summarized as such, probably. Yin Suye and him at most should be still at the first stage where two people starting to like each other. How could they skip the dating period and the ‘getting familiar with each other’ period, right to getting together? This obviously does not conform to the law of development ah!


Yin Suye apparently knew that they shouldn’t rush it. He nodded and could be considered agreed to Shui Ruoshan’s theory. As long as the little guy admits the change in their relationship, he doesn’t mind spending more time on him, for him(SRS) to accept him. Whether it is by deceiving or force, as long as he can tie this person firmly around him, he does not mind the means used in the process, he only needs the final result. Silently looking down at the little guy who still felt complicated in his arms, Yin Suye’s eyes were hot with passion and madness.


Shui Ruoshan only felt that Yin Suye’s eyes were exceptionally scary. His(YSY) eyes were filled of him, which gave him an illusion that he(SRS) could have the whole world just by being watched with such eyes!4

Suddenly, Shui Ruoshan awkwardly bowed his head. But at the next second, he immediately woke up from this state of shyness, and repeatedly warned himself in his heart that he must not be deceived by Yin Suye’s appearance again!

Yin Suye usually looked harmless, but his nature is a hungry wolf who eats people without leaving any bones! Otherwise, he won’t get fooled just by one word from Yin Suye and completely sold away himself!

Don’t look at the world ‘friend’ and ‘boyfriend’ only has one word of difference, a friend will only need you to be there when he needed help, but a boyfriend will have to accompany him to eat, play, and sleep ah! This gap of difference is not any normal ‘large’ gap! Felt like crying to say more!

Raw Word Count : 3032


Banana: Note for the word ‘like’.

喜欢 / xi huan = Like
不喜欢 / bu xi huan = Dislike

讨厌 / tao yan = Dislike/ Hate
不讨厌 / bu tao yan = Don’t dislike/Not dislike

It’s kinda hard for me to make it relatable in English because it doesn’t convert very well to English _(;3/

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  1. SRS doesn’t dislike the kiss. but he doesn’t know if he like it or not. and he can’t refuse YSY feelings, cause he feels bad for making his life difficult.

    Lit a candle for SRS chrysanthemum

  2. Yesssss it good that SRS doesn’t have any prejudice (besides some things like the sexual harassment), now they just have to kill that horrible human king and live happily ever after.

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