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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter one one zero – Take responsibility until the end

“The fact that I was unconscious for 48 days, was it also calculated by you?”

Shui Ruoshan felt that it is necessary for him view Yin Suye using a conspiracy-tinted glasses. After all, he figured out one thing through his(YSY) words just now, that is he has been unconsciously schemed many times by Yin Suye! The most helpless thing was that he knows nothing about it!

“Yes.” Yin Suye confirmed.

He is not those hero who won’t leave their name after doing a good deed. Since he did it, he should let the little guy know very clearly how good he was to him(SRS).

“If I didn’t come over at this moment, won’t your trick in ‘injuring oneself to gain the enemy’s confidence’ fail?”

Shui Ruoshan felt that if he didn’t choose to look for Yin Suye after waking up, Yin Suye’s 48 days of suffering will be completely wasted!

“No ‘if’ because you are already here.”

Yin Suye looked down, stared directly into Shui Ruoshan’s eyes. Little guy never let him down, so he believes that this time, the little guy will not let him down as well. He admitted that he was being quite despicable to take advantage of the little guy’s kindness for him, that he used it to scheme against the little guy.

“Alright, you won!”

Shui Ruoshan felt that being ruthless towards others is was not really ruthless. It’s when you are ruthless to yourself. that is the real ruthlessness! And very obviously, Yin Suye is such a person! But he(SRS) has to admit that by doing this, Yin Suye has completely caught his weakness1.

He was schemed by Yin Suye, and he should be very angry. But as soon as he saw Yin Suye’s bloody misery, he couldn’t raise his anger against Yin Suye.

“Ruo-er, you can be angry with me, hit me, reprimand me…”

Yin Suye buried his head in Shui Ruoshan’s neck and whispered in a low voice. He knew that by showing his dark side, and let the little guy see that he(YSY) has been scheming against him all the time, may cause Shui Ruoshan to repel him, but he can’t tolerate the little guy to always see only his fake self. He wants the little guy to put the real him in his heart.

“But I will definitely not allow you to hate me, reject me, leave me…” This is Yin Suye’s bottom line for Shui Ruoshan. “Because other than you, I don’t know what else I still have left!”

The little guy is his only redemption. He won’t let go, and it’s absolutely impossible for him to let go!


At the beginning when he encountered Yin Suye, Shui Ruoshan already knew exactly what kind of person Yin Suye was. Yin Suye is an extreme person, paranoid, cruel, crazy, dark and incurable… Because he knows about this, he has always been mentally prepared to face the blackened Yin Suye. Especially after he learned that Yin Suye was born again, he has already mentally prepared for Yin Suye’s dark side. If Yin Suye does not take the initiative to break the stable relationship between them, he will not ask for trouble to change the relationship between them. When Yin Suye finally revealed everything, Shui Ruoshan was not surprised or angry, but was relieved. This Yin Suye is the Yin Suye he knows.

It’s just that he didn’t think that Yin Suye would be afraid of him being angry. Using such a fragile tone to saying something, it made Shui Ruoshan’s heart hurt. Such a fragile and humble Yin Suye is something he has never seen before! At this moment, Shui Ruoshan opened his mouth and found that he couldn’t say any words of comfort. He couldn’t help but recalled back, the moment when he had just transmigrated over and saw Yin Suye’s body bloody red, standing alone on top of a bloody sea of countless corpses, seemed to be lonely and decisive.

Like a lone wolf, filled with a faint sorrow, it seems like if one is not being careful, then one will keep falling into the boundless darkness! In order to make the story more conflicting when he wrote [The Strongest King in History], although he arranged a good family background for Yin Suye, he did not arrange a happy life for him.

In order to make Yin Suye blacken even better, he make Yin Suye lose everything little by little until nothing is left…
If he didn’t transmigrated into the continent [Mowu Dalu], then Shui Ruoshan wouldn’t think that his previous setting has any problem at all. After all, in his mind, villains were created to be abused! But when the characters in his novel appeared in front of his eyes, he clearly felt how much endless pain he has brought unto some people from the mere typing of his words. As soon as he thought of Yin Suye finding himself utterly isolated and lost everything in the end, Shui Ruoshan’s guilt in mind became even stronger.

All this was caused by his ill-considered action!

If it weren’t for him insisting to set Yin Suye as a villain, with Yin Suye’s family background and talents, he(YSY) would have an endless bright future. In the end, he would be the true “Light of the Sun” instead of a ruined evil person!

At this time, Shui Ruoshan finally realized that as an author, he was actually being very unfair. He actually arranged all the good things to the protagonist Huang Beichen, and gave nothing to Yin Suye the villain! In fact, if one is to calculate carefully, he owed too much to Yin Suye! So, the reason why he will transmigrate into the continent [Mowu Dalu] and met Yin Suye at the beginning, was to let him see his unfairness, so that he will make up for what he owed Yin Suye?

This should be the meaning for his transmigration!

“Rest assured, I will give you everything you want!”

Shui Ruoshan who figured it out, reached out and hugged Yin Suye. Since he let Yin Suye lose his everything, then he should figure out how to let Yin Suye get everything back!

“I just want you!”

It seems that sometimes showing some weakness is also a good way. Yin Suye didn’t think that his occasional weakness would actually have such an unexpected result, and let his little guy say such a near-love words to him. Although he don’t understand why the little guy’s emotions changed so fast at this moment, and finally showed a face full of guilt, but this did not prevent Yin Suye from asking him again. Right from the beginning, his purpose was only this one!

“Well, I am here, by your side!” Shui Ruoshan comforted.

Shui Ruoshan believed that no matter what Yin Suye wanted to say at this moment, he will promise without hesitation.

“I am very happy, that I can meet you in this lifetime!”

At this moment, Yin Suye knew that he had firmly grasped this person who he wanted the most. Little guy probably never know how important he is to him! When everyone were questioning and condemning him, when he was disdained and abandoned by the world, when he was badly wounded, when he destroyed the Heaven and land in despair, if at that time, there is a person reaching out to him, even if that person only looks at him gently, he will surely grasp that hand tightly. There were no such person in his past life, so he seek his own death! But in this lifetime, he thanked God for letting him meet such a person, so that he would not return to the path of seeking death forever.

“Me too!”

Shui Ruoshan thanked God for giving him a chance to transmigrate and gave him the opportunity to make up for Yin Suye.

“Shui Ruoshan, since you have provoked me in this lifetime, you will have to take responsible until the end!”

Seeing only his figure reflected in Shui Ruoshan’s eyes, Yin Suye has an unprecedented sense of accomplishment.


Shui Ruoshan was stunned, not knowing how the topic suddenly became more complicated than just now. And he doesn’t seem to have taken advantage of Yin Suye at all. So, why do he need to be responsible until the end? This is too ambiguous, alright?! And how did this incomprehensible and completely illogical conclusion came about?

Was it the cultural difference between the Earth and [Mowu Dalu] that caused him think strangely? That actually, the ‘responsibility’ Yin Suye was saying is not the same ‘responsibility’ in his mind? Shui Ruoshan, who was immersed in his thinking, did not find out the ‘determination to obtain’ in Yin Suye’s tone. Before Shui Ruoshan could react, Yin Suye lifted Shui Ruoshan’s chin with his hand, forcing Shui Ruoshan to raise his head slightly. He gently stroke Shui Ruoshan’s lips, before leaning over and powerfully covered his lips….
Yin Suye’s kiss seems to have poured out all of his(YSY) feelings, madness and trembles, carrying the aura to press forward, exerting all of his strength as if he is not leaving any routes for Shui Ruoshan to back away.

Shui Ruoshan stared blankly at Yin Suye’s enlarged face in front of him, and his brain immediately crashed; his entire person was completely stunned! He did not respond, and could only be forced to open his mouth, letting Yin Suye’s tongue pry open his lips then do whatever he wants in his mouth…
After a while, Shui Ruoshan’s face was covered with a blush, and his breathing gradually became a little unstable.

Sensing the little guy unnaturalness in his arms, Yin Suye reluctantly let go of the person. He is afraid that if he continued to kiss Shui Ruoshan, the little guy will suffocate due to him unable to breathe.

So stupidly cute.

“You belonged to me!”

After that, Yin Suye did not forget to declare his ownership over Shui Ruoshan. At the same time, he stuck out his tongue and licked the corner of his own mouth, seemed to be saying that he haven’t have enough.

“You, you…”

Shui Ruoshan speechlessly looked at Yin Suye, apparently has yet to adjust his mood properly. His mind right now is full of the scene when Yin Suye had just kissed him! Who can tell him what kind of a script is being played right now? This development is totally wrong, a’ight?

“I said this before, I want you!”

Yin Suye at this time felt like he has discarded all of his gentle camouflage, revealing a ferocious beast with lethal fangs. His eyes were filled with strong possessive eyes, as if he wants to tear people into pieces and swallow them into his stomach; as if at the next second, he could eat people completely without any bones left!

“…” In an instant, Shui Ruoshan could feel the sinister malice from the world!

‘I want you’, the meaning of these three words is exactly the meaning that he knew? If it was before this when Yin Suye has kissed him (for the first time), Shui Ruoshan could still say that Yin Suye did that in order to feed him the medicine (to knock him out). But this time, Shui Ruoshan could no longer deceive himself that it was just an accident that Yin Suye has kissed him!

Yin Suye is really kissing him, what more a french kiss! In other words, Yin Suye really ‘wanted’ him! Shui Ruoshan was instantly scared by this realization! Fc*k! Who caused Yin Suye to turn bad?


It is impossible for his family villain to be bent! He definitely didn’t get forcefully confessed by the villain! He wrote a fantasy, YY leveling, smooth novel, it is impossible for it to become a BL!


So, the conclusion of this is not that he has not woken up yet, but he has gotten up the wrong way this morning! He felt that he needs to find a place so that he can make up for his sleep! After he wakes up, everything will surely return to normal!

En, let’s do that!

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