Way of Transmigration Chapter 106

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter one zero six – The brutal reality

“Yin Suye is really being held here?”

Shui Ruoshan followed behind Fox, carefully avoiding the dungeon guards while using his spiritual power to voice questions to Fox. It was really because they have been turning round and round in the dungeon for a long time, and he don’t see Fox having the intention to stop walking. Coupled with the unreliable impression that Fox had left on him before, he can’t help to ask out worriedly. He was afraid in the case that they get busy here for half the day, only to find that they have gone the wrong direction, then it would be really funny!

Shui Ruoshan was able to keep talking random stuff in the midst of a heavily guarded dungeon absolutely because he depended on the fact that other people couldn’t find out of his existence; that’s why he dared to be so unscrupulous. Because he used the word ‘隐'(Hide) on himself, so if he doesn’t cancel the power of the incantation, others will never see him. Actually when he was writing the word ‘Hide’, he found out that his writing skill is higher than he thought. He could totally write Chinese characters below 20 strokes, which means that his scope no longer be restricted to 1 word but can write a phrase instead. This way, when he becomes more powerful in the future, he can use idioms or even sentences to achieve a more powerful effect.


Although Fox was very dissatisfied with other people’s doubts, but he doesn’t dare to make too many actions in the dungeon, so he could just nodded lightly. Unlike Shui Ruoshan who is using incantation to cheat, Fox can only rely on his professional secret guard’s skills to avoid the guards in the dungeon. Although he can’t see Shui Ruoshan right now, but through the words that keep entering his mind, he knows that Shui Ruoshan is following behind him.

He thought back of the time when they departed, Shui Ruoshan suddenly strongly ordered him to look for a variety of things. There were a variety of medicines, and a wide variety of small items. There were also valuable treasures, and weapons with huge destructive power…

He remember that Shui Ruoshan only gave him a sentence, ‘These things can help Yin Suye’. Fox then dispatched the secret guards to prepare these things in a very short time, though he cannot see how these items are any helpful.

The reason why the things they prepared were not completed was because some special items are not so easy to obtain, and they do not have that much time to prepare, so they can only set off first. One need to know, if the first 48 days are still within the limits that humans can bear, then the punishment of the last day is the most testing one on human, and the deadliest of all the punishments. This is one of the reasons why Fox agreed so easily to Shui Ruoshan’s request to break into the dungeon to visit his Master. Even if they can’t directly ‘jailbreak’ him out, at least they can secretly help his Master a bit, increasing his survival rate in the final trial of Fate Substitution.

“We have reached.”

Fox took Shui Ruoshan and went passed by one cell after another, then after multiple turns, he walked through a very narrow dark passage, then finally stopped in front of a cell in the innermost position of the dungeon. According to what the other secret guards told him, his Master should be accepting punishment here in the dungeon at this time.


Shui Ruoshan stopped as soon as he heard it. Looking at this big iron gate firmly locked in front of him, he didn’t know why he suddenly felt very nervous. He seemed to be afraid to see Yin Suye in his miserable state, and yet very worried about Yin Suye’s current situation. In short, his mood is very complicated!

“Can you open the door?” Shui Ruoshan took a deep breath and asked Fox.

Because not only the big iron gate has no windows, even the gaps were tightly closed. So Shui Ruoshan can’t see the inside of the cell from outside the door, nor hear any sounds. This made Shui Ruoshan’s originally uneasy heart become more anxious.

“Yes, just that…”

Even though the lock on the door is complicated, Fox has confidence that he could open it but he is more worried about what might happen after opening the lock. They couldn’t find out what is the situation in the dungeon, as he only knew that his Master was locked up here. That’s why he didn’t know that they won’t be able to see the inside of the cell from outside. If he knew about this earlier, he would never bring Shui Ruoshan along to take risks here. If there is someone else in the cell, and he opens the door in such a way, they will be discovered by other people very soon. To him and Shui Ruoshan, or his Master, it’s a very unfavorable thing! So he can’t act rashly!

“Open it!” Shui Ruoshan knew what Fox’s concerns were but since he has already arrived here, they have no reason to give up. And even if they are discovered, it doesn’t matter because he has a way to deal with it. As an author, he knows that the last day of Fate Substitution is the hardest. The reason why Yin Suye in the novel will have such serious consequences after enduring the Fate Substitution, basically came from both physical and mental abuse during the last day’s trial. Now that he has the opportunity to stop it, he naturally cannot watch Yin Suye suffer abuse! Even if he can’t convince Yin Suye to stop Fate Substitution, then at the very least he should tell Yin Suye how to counter it so that he can suffer lesser!


Seeing Shui Ruoshan’s determined gaze, Fox finally compromised because he was worried of his Master as well. As he replies, Fox took a professional tool bag out and started working on the iron door of the dungeon…

“It’s opened.” After a while, Fox unlocked the iron door. He turned around to Shui Ruoshan to ask what he should do next.

“Open it right away!”

Shui Ruoshan took a deep breath to calm his nerves a bit, then walked a few steps forward, reaching out and pushed the iron door…

Just as the door was slightly pushed open, Shui Ruoshan stood stupidly on the same spot like he was cursed. In his heart and his eyes, there were only the Yin Suye who was firmly bounded by a strong chain to the iron frame, who has his eyes closed; life or death unknown! At this moment, all of Shui Ruoshan’s psychological preparations have completely collapsed! He can’t believe his eyes!

Right now, Yin Suye doesn’t have any unmarred spot on his body. He was dyed into a ‘humanoid blood figure’ by his own blood, and his flesh were lacerated so horribly! His body was full of all kinds of injuries caused by various penal tools. The new wounds were still flowing with bright red blood. The old wounds have already scabbed, his bones can be seen from deep serious wounds, and the long wounds could be seen running through his whole body… …

Shui Ruoshan couldn’t described anymore of this, and he doesn’t know how to describe it too!
Right now, he hated Yin Suye. He hated Yin Suye for stubbornly initiating Fate Substitution even when knowing he(YSY) will face such a thing! He originally thought because Yin Suye was reborn, he should have s trump card. For him to insist on starting the Fate Substitution, he must be prepared not to get injured or something like that. As the result, ain’t Yin Suye not prepared for anything?! Is he(YSY) trying to pit himself to death?!

Actually, Shui Ruoshan felt that he hated himself even more. Why did he have to arrange such a cruel content to blacken the villain? The scene he saw in front of him right now was exactly the same scene he set in his novel! This makes it clear that this story didn’t change anything just because he transmigrated! And here he thought as the creator of this world, everything in this world should be within his hands. But reality after all, is not a story! It won’t change just because he wanted to change something!

At the beginning, he didn’t panic from being transmigrated due to the fact he was the one who wrote [The Strongest King in History]. He felt that this world is created by him so there is nothing to be afraid of! After that, even after he met Yin Suye and changed the trajectory of his(YSY) fate to a certain extent, him had the illusion that everything in the world is still in his hand, the author. As long as he wills it, he can change everything with his knowledge of this world and let the world work according to his intention.

But now, reality has given him a heavy blow! It completely woke him up from his previous delusions! From the moment he transmigrated, this world is no longer the same [The Strongest King in History] written by him, but a world that really exists! He is not a creator at all, but a ‘soy sauce’ buying person1 in a parallel world without a chance to play a part.

Therefore, no matter how hard he wanted to change, he could only change some minor details in the story! The general plot of story continues unswervingly according to the original route! It was as if he can’t stop Yin Suye from starting the Fate Substitution either way! At this moment, Shui Ruoshan can’t escape from facing this cruel reality!

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