Way of Transmigration Chapter 105

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter one zero five – You managed to persuade me

“48 days.” Fox patiently repeated the answer again.


At this moment, Shui Ruoshan could no longer continue to deceive himself the fact that he woke up on the 48th days. As soon as he thought of it, his previous highest sleeping record was 20 hours. Comparing with this powerful experience of sleeping for 48 days, he has instantly completed the ultimate evolution from a human to a God; the level of a sleeping God!

Is it really okay for him to ‘to find joy in sorrows’ right now? Shouldn’t he sigh at this moment that Yin Suye is indeed Yin Suye, that he planned too well no matter what he does? Even the days for him to stay unconscious was calculated so accurately! When he wakes up, what has happened has already happened, and it is too late for him to stop it!

Wait until he sees Yin Suye, he must educate him well. Since he(YSY) has already ‘fainted’ him, why not just add a bit more medicine and let him sleep for one more day, which is just after forty-nine days? Ain’t it better for him to wake up at the moment when the Fate Substitution is completed? The more he thinks about it, the more he felt angry ah!

“Take me to see Yin Suye.”

Shui Ruoshan commanded Fox who is still blocking the door without any pleasantries. He has now a bellyful of anger with no place to vent, naturally he has to go to the culprit to interrogate him! Although he was very dissatisfied with Yin Suye making decisions all by himself, but in his heart he is still very worried of Yin Suye’s situation. The only thing that makes him glad is that Yin Suye will never die even if he initiated the Fate Substitution, but he(SRS) doesn’t know how much injuries he(YSY) will suffer this time.

Furthermore, Shui Ruoshan did not forget that Wang Batian was eyeing Yin Suye(for the method). With this thought, he gets even more worried about Yin Suye’s safety.

“It’s no use going right now,” Fox said realistically, “and the Fate Substitution will end in one more day. You just have to wait here for Master to return.” After a moment of thought, Fox couldn’t help but added a few more words.

When he was performing his duties in the dark, he knew how much Shui Ruoshan opposed to his Master regarding Fate Substitution. If he lets Shui Ruoshan runs out to stop him(YSY), then wouldn’t his Master’s 48 days of suffering become wasted? Therefore, in order to prevent his master’s efforts from being destroyed by Shui Ruoshan, it is necessary for him to prevent someone from going to add more chaos. They just need to stay in the shadows and wait for his Master’s good news..

“You seem to have made a mistake. I was ordering you, not discussing with you!”

Obviously, facing other people, Shui Ruoshan doesn’t have the same patience he has towards Yin Suye. And he is not in a good mood now, so he diverted all his anger to Fox.

His eyes were slightly squinted, as if there were endless frost, and his whole body exudes an otherworldly unreachable aloofness, so cold that people want to kneel and lick him1. This was the first time Shui Ruoshan managed to show his true coldness in the parallel world. It can be said that the reason why Shui Ruoshan can always maintain the appearance of his cold male god image on the Earth, was because of his natural cold temperament. And his perfect appearance right now enhanced this temperament even further.

“My mission is just to protect you!” Fox subconsciously shifted his eyes and loudly scolded Shui Ruoshan for being ‘devilish’ in his heart.

Actually he always knew that Shui Ruoshan is very good-looking, but he never felt as much pressure as he did now. The other party seems to have the deepest eyes in this world, his phoenix eyes were lightly raised up. Like limpid autumn waters reflecting cold starlight, like the clouds flowing in the sky. Like an ice peak that would not melt, or the unmelting snow at the bottom of the cliff all year round…

The words ‘ice’ and ‘snow’ seem to be specially made for this man in front of him; snow as the skin and ice as bone. His stray hair flew (from being blew by the wind), and he was clothed in white. This added two more points to his cold aloofness. There were no other extra ornaments on his body, other than a piece of ruby dangling from his forehead; distant and dazzling.

Fox felt that if he had not taken care of him for 48 days before, and had already built up some resistance to someone’s peerless appearance, he might need to flee in a sorry state right now. Such an appearance, he(SRS) would be invincible if he uses honey trap. It is a pity that with his Master’s concern towards Shui Ruoshan, he(YSY) will not agree with his suggestion. What a pity!

“So you just have follow behind me!” Shui Ruoshan waved at Fox, indicating that he(F) could move away from the door; he wants to go out.


For a moment, Fox couldn’t put together this person in front of him who emitted a faint elegant aura like a celestial being, and the child who ‘sells meng’ that he had seen before beside his Master! The gap was too big! If Fox could live in the 21st century, then he will know a one word called ‘zhuang-bi'(show-off), and another word called ‘jingfen'(schizophrenia)2!

It is used to describe Shui Ruoshan, whose ‘outside appearance and inner reality differ’, someone who likes to pretend. Although the shock Shui Ruoshan gave him was quite a lot, almost overwriting Fox’s previous impressions of him, but Fox didn’t move even a bit, still stubbornly guarding the door.

“Don’t tell me Yin Suye asked you to protect me with imprisonment?”

Shui Ruoshan is now feeling indecisive whether he should talk reasonably with Fox, or straightforwardly make a move against Fox? It’s hard to decide ah!

“No,” Fox honestly replied. It’s just that he felt that it is safest to leave Shui Ruoshan in the shadows.

“Then just do what I said!”

Seeing Fox not moving as he wished, Shui Ruoshan changed his spiritual power into a pressure, and released it onto Fox…
Since they couldn’t come to an agreement, then let’s talk with strength! Let Fox know clearly that if he(SRS) really wants to leave, he(F) can’t stop him. Just that don’t see how Shui Ruoshan say those words with full confidence, he actually doesn’t have not much confidence in his heart. Because he used to watch Yin Suye in the battle, and saw that he(YSY) liked to release spiritual pressure to suppress other people. So Shui Ruoshan also had a certain understanding towards pressure release.

To put it bluntly, releasing pressure is a way to make use of spiritual power. Although Shui Ruoshan’s actual combat ability is very weak, his mental strength happened to be the aspect he is good at. And as his body grown bigger, his spiritual power instantly increased by multiple folds.
If he can only write words in six strokes previously, then the him right now can at least write words with twelve strokes, which means the type of spells he can use has become a lot more. It could be said that to some extent, he no longer can be limited by the number of strokes.

However, it is undeniable that in terms of releasing pressures, he is still a newbie. He can’t guarantee that nothing will go wrong when releasing the pressure, so he can only keep doing it through practicing and improving. Fortunately, his face can hold his expressions well and his cold aloof image is kind of deceptive, so people can’t see his shortcomings.

In an instant, Fox only felt an endless pressure pushing against him…

Fox did not counterattack, but took a passive defense. Not only because of his Master’s command but he also wanted to see how is the strength of this demon who his Master placed in his heart! At first, Fox could still be able to move freely under the pressure, but with the subsequent wave of fierce pressure, he gradually felt a certain pressure…
Until the moment he became completely suppressed by the pressure, he seemed to be able to see his Master standing in front of him, unfolding his ruthless crushing pressure!

“Alright then, you managed to persuade me!” Fox raised his hands and tactfully expressed that he is willing to give in.

At this moment, Fox doesn’t know that Shui Ruoshan’s pressure actually came from mimicking Yin Suye. That’s why he(SRS) give him a familiar feeling, instead of his(SRS) strength reaching the same level with Yin Suye.

“But let me say it first, I can bring you to see Master. But if Master wants to put down the blame, you must bear all the responsibilities!”

For the sake of his happy life in the future, Fox felt that it is necessary for him to lay down the terms first with Shui Ruoshan.

“Alright.” Shui Ruoshan agreed without hesitation towards Fox’s request.

Not only he is not afraid of Yin Suye at all, he is also prepared to look for ‘someone’ to settle the debt right now! So, in order for Fox to assist his ‘work’ even better, it’s a piece of cake for him to take responsibility for Fox!

“Let’s go!”

With that satisfactory answer, Fox immediately opened the door and couldn’t wait to take Shui Ruoshan to find his Master. He won’t tell Shui Ruoshan that he was actually worried of his master’s safety as well. It was due to his Master’s orders that he had to stay in the shadow to protect Shui Ruoshan. But now that Shui Ruoshan offered to take him to see his Master, he naturally won’t disagree. Hence, after confirming that Shui Ruoshan has a certain degree of ability to protect himself, he quickly agreed to Shui Ruoshan’s proposal.


Shui Ruoshan glanced at Fox, who looked more anxious than he was. That makes him wondered if this person has forgotten to take his medicine in the morning, that’s why he acted unhinged? Sure enough, he really don’t understand all those weird things in this parallel world!

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