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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter one zero four – 48 days

Shui Ruoshan opened his eyes slightly, and there were still some daze in it like he haven’t sleep enough. Just that at the next second, he was completely awakened by the white fox face that suddenly appeared in front of him! Especially when his eyes met with the slightly squinting fox eyes, the feeling was even more shocking!

“Are you a man? Or a ghost?”

Shui Ruoshan vigilantly stared at the young man dressed in black and wearing a fox mask. If it wasn’t for him being so sure that he is wearing that magic clothing(tool) he was so familiar with, he will seriously thought that he went into the wrong (movie) set, transmigrating directly from a fantasy world to the world of eccentricity! It is really because that fox mask dude appeared too quietly, it is easy to let people feel strange!

“This subordinate naturally is a human being!”

When Fox saw that Shui Ruoshan is fully awake, he retreated to the side and replied respectfully. He knows very well how much his Master cares about this demon called Shui Ruoshan. He naturally doesn’t dare to be too arrogant in front of him.

“Do you know that it’s very easy for people to scare other people to death?”

Obviously, Shui Ruoshan is still dissatisfied with the fact that he got surprised by other people. He should educate properly the people from the parallel world and let them know that it is a very wrong thing to use their own skills to scare people.

“Don’t know.”

While Fox was talking, he subconsciously touched the mask on his face, a bit confused. He can see that Shui Ruoshan seemed to have an opinion about his fox mask. Just that he doesn’t understand it. His mask clearly combined all the best features of a fox and was specially made. Why would Shui Ruoshan hate this mask that much? It must be that Shui Ruoshan as a demon doesn’t have much aesthetic sense, that’s why he can’t appreciate this kind of beauty!

“You are Fox?”

Upon confirming that he is still in the continent(Mowu Dalu), Shui Ruoshan felt that this person is quite familiar the more he looked at him.

Then, he instantly remember who is this person. When Yin Suye accumulated some power, he secretly cultivated 50 secret guards. These secret guards were not named by numbers, but coded by animal’s name instead.

Fox is Yin Suye’s No. 1 secret guard. He could be considered one of the secret guards with a relatively high exposure in the story. Fox is also a rare loyal guard to Yin Suye. Unfortunately, in order blacken Yin Suye even more for later progress, Shui Ruoshan straight away put those who are loyal to him(YSY), those who support him, those who are friendly to him… to an early death! Not only this will cause no one left to help Yin Suye when he is in various dangers, but it also highlight his sorrow and misery. Moreover, this will agitate Yin Suye to become darker!

And obviously, Fox is one of the characters that he has set to be the cannonfodders. He remembered that he set it like this in [The Strongest King in History] – after completing the trials of the Fate Substitution, Yin Suye’s lifeforce became very weak, and his strength also fell sharply. After a few days, he even fell into a coma.

From the doctor’s diagnosis, if Yin Suye doesn’t have Xuhun Grass to brew his medicine, no need to think about restoring strength, even his life cannot be guaranteed. However, Xuhun Grass as a sacred treasure of the world, it is very rare, almost doesn’t exist.

In order to save his Master, Fox sent the entire secret guards to go inquire for news. Finally he received the news that there might be Xuhun Grass growing nearby the center of the Death Swamp. And so, Fox left 10 secret guards to protect the unconscious Yin Suye, while he heads to the Death Swamp with the rest of the secret guards. Going along with them was the Huang Beichen who got the news and wanted to make it up for Yin Suye.

Fox saw that his Master accepted the trials for Huang Beichen’s sake so he felt that their relationship must be very good. He accepted Huang Beichen to follow them without any hesitation. It was a pity that the Death Swamp is more dangerous than they thought. They paid the price with the death of more than half of the secret guards and finally reached the center of the Death Swamp. Moreover, with Huang Beichen’s protagonist halo, they finally found some Xuhun Grass that are about to mature.

Sacred treasures of the world have always been guarded by powerful magical beast. Fox and his team immediately launched a fierce battle with the guardian magical beast…

They managed to win the battle with much difficulties, but found that because of the energy emitted by the mature Xuhun Grass, more magical beasts were attracted over to them. Due to their battle before this, their group of people has long left with no fighting power left. Facing such unfavorable situation, Fox decided to give the Xuhun Grass to the currently most powerful person amongst them, Huang Beichen, asking him(HBC) find a chance to break through the surrounding magical beasts and bring the Xuhun Grass back to the Capital to Yin Suye, while they took the initiative to stay back to attract the magical beasts’ attention.

All of Fox’s secret guards used their death and succeeded in capturing the magical beast’s attention, letting Huang Beichen leave safely with the Xuhun Grass. Afterwards, although Huang Beichen managed to treat Yin Suye with the Xuhun Grass, but Yin Suye’s power suffered a devastating shock from this trial. It can be said that other than the Secret Guards left by Fox to protect Yin Suye, other secret guards including Fox have all perished in the Death Swamp.



Fox has nothing to hide regarding his identity. His master had already informed them before this that they should treat Shui Ruoshan with respect like they do to their Master.

“Where’s Yin Suye?”

Figuring out the identity of the person in front of him, Shui Ruoshan immediately remembered Yin Suye, the main culprit for his unconsciousness. Just that when asking about Yin Suye, Shui Ruoshan’s eyes seemed to be burning with raging fire! He didn’t think that Yin Suye would dare to drug him to unconsciousness without his consent! If this happened on Earth, it will be absolutely a crime. Worst outcome is one would be sentenced to jail!

At the same time, Shui Ruoshan decided in his heart that this time he should never forgive Yin Suye so easily. He wants Yin Suye to know that it is a very scary thing if he(SRS) gets angry!

“He should be still undergoing the punishment ba?”

Fox’s answer was somewhat uncertain. After all, he had been with Shui Ruoshan all the time, protecting his safety without taking a step away, so he was not clear of his Master’s situation. However, he gets news of his Master from other people every day; he won’t take the initiative to say this to Shui Ruoshan though. Because he knows one thing, his Master does not want Shui Ruoshan to know of those bloody descriptions, so it shouldn’t be any problem for him to answer the question like this?

“He really dared to initiate the Fate Substitution like this?!”

Shui Ruoshan has yet to feel angry with Yin Suye’s behavior, when the feeling was replaced by deep fear. He jumped out of bed without any hesitation and ran to the door. He has only one thought in his mind, that is he wants to go to look for Yin Suye right away!

At a moment like this, should he sigh at the convenience of having the magic clothing? In this race against time, it is definitely a big advantage to have no need to change clothes. Just that at the next second, Shui Ruoshan fiercely shoved away this illness of his that likes to think rubbish at random times! How can he not worried of Yin Suye’s safety at this moment but opened a hole in his mind with random stuff? Really has no sense of nervousness!

“Where are you going?”

When he saw that Shui Ruoshan wanted to go out, Fox’s reaction was a step faster. He immediately flashed to the door and stood firmly in front of the door, not letting Shui Ruoshan any chances to go out.

“Of course to stop Yin Suye from doing stupid things!” Obviously, in Shui Ruoshan’s eyes, starting the Fate Substitution is something stupider than doing stupid things.

“It’s too late!” Fox doesn’t have any intention to move away.

He did not forget that his mission was to protect Shui Ruoshan’s safety, and also not to let him go out to take risks.

“What do you mean?”

Shui Ruoshan originally has quite some good feeling towards the Fox who died to save Yin Suye. That slightest positive feeling instantly disappeared because of that one sentence.

What is too late?

If you didn’t do anything and said you can’t do it, this kind of subordinate who don’t think for their Master is a neglect of duty!

Must give a bad review ah!

“Do you know how long have you been unconscious?”

Fox was very pleased that Shui Ruoshan was thinking about his Master, but he was not willing to be misunderstood in vain, so some necessary explanation is still needed.

“A few days?”

Shui Ruoshan was slightly stunned and asked back subconsciously. He had thought that he should only be out for a short while but being asked by Fox like this, he became somewhat uncertain. He started to have a very bad feeling in his heart.

“48 days.”

Fox reached out, one hand signalling the number 4, while the one hand signalled 8, very accurately stating the time to him.

“How many days you said that I was unconscious?”

For a moment, Shui Ruoshan felt that he must have an auditory hallucination. Else, how could he hear such an unbelievable answer?

He must not have fully woken up yet that he made such an unrealistic dream! Right now he really wanted to coldly laugh at other people’s face! On the other hand, he cursed out in his heart, FCUK!!!


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  1. Heh, 48 days… What convenient time skip XD thanks for the chapter! This Fox guy reminds me of Earth is Online OwO huehue tho his codename is Fly… And Fox is a woman… Hmmhmm :3:3:3 idk if this is spoiler I don’t think so so I’mma say it here huehue XD anyways, 48 days reminds me of that zombie apocalypse movie (tho I forgot the title, something days) I watched halfway with my big sis and she was like, nope I can’t stand the Gore 🙁 and I was like nuuu it was getting to the best part 🙁 oof, shoulda known to watch it alone 🙁

    1. I read Earth is Online too~ but stopped somewhere near the end because no time to continue reading. Totally forgot about their codename 😛

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