Way of Transmigration Chapter 102

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter one zero two – That’s an order1

“Yin Suye, that’s an order, stop right there immediately!”

Shui Ruoshan threw the piece of cloth in his hand on the floor and shouted fiercely at Yin Suye.

“You are giving me an order?” Yin Suye stopped and turned back to face Shui Ruoshan again.

“Yes!” Shui Ruoshan stiffened.

He clenched his teeth then admitted it. At this moment, he broke his guarantee to Yin Suye that he will never make use of the master-servant contract. He is ordering Yin Suye right now, as the master, and forcing Yin Suye to listen to his orders. But Shui Ruoshan felt that he(YSY) cannot blame him on how things have developed to this point. Who asked Yin Suye to be so extreme? He had to make the best decision for Yin Suye’s safety.

“You want to violate your oath to me?” Yin Suye’s expression was calm, so calm that not a trace of emotional waves could be seen.

“I just don’t want to see you get hurt!” Shui Ruoshan couldn’t help but softened his voice.

What ‘violate oath’? That’s too serious, a’ight?! Even when knowing that Yin Suye hated people who don’t keep their word, and not only doing this will not give him(SRS) the slightest benefit, but may even destroy the relationship between him and Yin Suye, he will still do this; he have a clear conscience! In fact, if it was the him(SRS) in the past who was not familiar with Yin Suye, he would not dare to step on Yin Suye’s bottom line. Because he was afraid that in case he caused that person to be annoyed, the villain would simply wave his hand and kill him right away. This was also the real reason why he refused to use the master-servant contract during the time when he first encountered Yin Suye, and even in the face of the danger of the wolves.

But now, he already knows that Yin Suye is not the real cold-blooded villain in his novel. Yin Suye was so good to him that he dared to do whatever he wanted in front of Yin Suye, so good to him that he started to see Yin Suye as a good friend. So he couldn’t continue to watch coldly by the side as Yin Suye went down further and further on the wrong road…

“You…” Yin Suye subconsciously gripped his fist.

Actually, he should be angry at this time. After all, his most trusted person has blatantly violated the oath. But why is it not only he was unable to say a word of blame when he heard the little guy said ‘he didn’t want to see him hurt’ in a totally trusting tone, he even wanted to hold the person tightly in his arms, never letting go! This little guy who is wholeheartedly thinking about him, how can he be willing to blame him?! How can he be willing to let go?! Actually, what he really pursued in his two lifetimes was not a puppet who will only listens to his will, but a person who has his own will but will put him in heart!

“I know that you may be angry with my action now, but I felt very angry about your attitude that won’t listen to other people as well. So we are even now, okay?”

Shui Ruoshan did not think that Yin Suye was so mad at him that he(YSY) didn’t want to talk to him anymore, and became a little anxious. However, towards Yin Suye and his own decision-making behavior, he(SRS) has been feeling dissatisfied for a long time, so neither of them was better than anyone else.

“This time I am wrong, I will definitely apologize afterwards. I just ask you to listen to me right now for once!”

Obviously, Shui Ruoshan also knows that his calculative method is wrong, so he thought about it and thought it’s better to show weakness.

“We can be even.” Yin Suye quietly watched Shui Ruoshan anxiously blabbering for a while, and then slowly opened his mouth.

“What are your conditions?” In an instant, Shui Ruoshan raised his vigilance.

“You broke the oath, and I have deceived you before this, so we are even.” Yin Suye summed up the matter briefly.

At this moment, Yin Suye decided not to continue testing Shui Ruoshan anymore, so he uncovered the cards he had been hiding. Testing, not only it would be disrespectful to the little guy, but also a manifestation of his lack of confidence in himself.

“What do you mean?”

Shui Ruoshan had always felt that his IQ was high, but after being with Yin Suye, he had a sense of depression and anxiousness for his IQ. Why did he understand that Yin Suye’s every word, but he could not understand what it meant when they were connected?

“The one who signed the master-servant contract with you was not me.”

The experience of the last life made Yin Suye always habitually keep a few hands when doing things. If not, he would never live the last. When he was born again, he met Shui Ruoshan, a completely stranger, and he naturally is suspicious to him. Before he could figure out the other party, he naturally would not act rashly. He always liked to plan his moves well before taking actions. Especially when the other party offered to sign a contract, this caused Yin Suye to have a higher vigilance.

When signing the contract, he deliberately signed the contract with the other party in the form of a contract scroll, just to let the other party shift his attention onto the scroll so that he doesn’t notice where he(YSY) get his blood from. That is to say, he didn’t use his own blood when he signed the contract with Shui Ruoshan but used the blood from a beast pet from his space ring. No matter whether the other party will use the master-servant contract or not, the initiative is still in his hands.

If the master-servant contract is successfully signed, it means that the other party will become the servant of his beast pet, which indirectly equals to his servant. If the master-servant contract failed, at worst he will just lose a beast pet. This was why he agreed so quickly to sign the contract; with the master-servant contract he will have the method to test the other party. So, he used a variety of different ways to continually test Shui Ruoshan, just to see if this person is as harmless as he appears on the surface, or just pretending to approach him to achieve his ulterior goal.

It turned out that Shui Ruoshan is really worthy of his trust!

“Do you mean that I don’t have the qualifications to order you at all?!”

Shui Ruoshan felt like the nerve called ‘reasoning’ was snapped. I evened your sister ah! He really wanted to swear out now! Anyone who thinks that he is holding a winning chip suddenly gets informed that what you have is just an illusion and is useless, you won’t be able to keep your calm. If it wasn’t for Shui Ruoshan’s clear understanding that his martial skill would not be Yin Suye’s opponent at all, he would definitely beat the man into a pig’s head to relieve his anger.

No wonder when he ordered Yin Suye to stop just now, Yin Suye had thought for a moment before stopping. If Yin Suye is really his servant, then the moment he(YSY) heard the order, he should stop without any hesitation. He(SRS) was just too careless. And here he was thinking could it be that it was his first time using the master-servant contract and didn’t use it correctly, that it caused his(YSY) reaction to be slow. Turns out he was overthinking it!

So who actually signed the master-servant contract with him? Don’t tell him that the blood drop is from one of the many wolves killed by Yin Suye at that time, he will definitely cry until he faints in the toilet! Wait a minute, his thoughts seemed to be a bit out of topic. He clearly should be immersed in the anger of being deceived by Yin Suye, instead of worrying about random stuff!

“Yes.” Yin Suye nodded seriously and affirmed Shui Ruoshan’s words.

If it wasn’t for the little guy who suddenly wanted to use the power of the master servant contract to order him, he might be able to continue hiding the secret forever. But since the little guy mentioned it, he won’t continue to conceal it. He will use this opportunity to make things clear.

“That’s very good of you!” Shui Ruoshan felt that he got so angered by Yin suye that his temper is gone!

Yin Suye, don’t think that being a villain and he can bully him with without care! Be careful that he(SRS) might just rage quit!

“Be good, don’t be angry. Wait for me to come back.” Yin Suye appeased Shui Ruoshan.

Although he knows that the little guy may be unhappy now, but he doesn’t have time to comfort him at the moment. So he can only deeply looked at Shui Ruoshan, then turned around and signalled that the soldiers can take him away.

“Even if the master-servant contract is useless, I won’t let you initiate that damn Fate Substitution!” Shui Ruoshan slammed the foot in the place, then ran and chased after him…

As soon as he caught up with Yin Suye, having learned the painful lesson from the last time he pulled Yin Suye’s clothes, he reached out directly and hugged Yin Suye tightly from behind.

“If you must start the Fate Substitution, then I rather endure it with you!”

It was too late for Shui Ruoshan to get angry. The thing he wants to do most now is to stop Yin Suye from seeking death. If he really can’t stop Yin Suye, then he will just endure it together, consider it as ‘To enjoy blessings and endure misfortune together’! In an instant, Shui Ruoshan felt like he is going to be moved by his own Holy Father’s compassion! He obviously is afraid of the Fate Substitution’s punishment to death, but his hands still could hold Yin Suye firmly.

Ain’t that amazing?! How can he be so selfless? He obviously afraid of pain the most, but he can’t watch Yin Suye suffer, so he could only suffer himself? It felt so tyrannical2 just by thinking about it!

“Little guy…” Yin Suye thinks that his feelings are very complicated at this moment. There are helplessness, pampering, gratified, and moved…

Just that there are no negative emotions at all.

The person holding onto him was obviously trembling, but still hugging him tightly. He could not refuse such gentleness, and don’t want to refuse either. But he will never allow the little guy to take risks!

“Be obedient!” Yin Suye turned around, and took the person into his arms.

“I just won’t, what can you do to me?” Shui Ruoshan looked up and stared arrogantly at Yin Suye.

He wanted Yin Suye to know that he is still angry right now. Want him to cooperate? Don’t talk about the ‘door’, not even the windows are there!3

Looking at the little guy’s tempting thin lips opening and closing in front of him, revealing the words of arrogance, Yin Suye’s eyes became slightly dark. He reached up and lifted Shui Ruoshan’s chin so that they could see each other; eyes to eyes, nose to nose, mouth to mouth…
In the next second, Yin Suye suddenly lowered his head and fiercely kissed onto Shui Ruoshan’s thin lips…

Raw Word Count : 3167


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