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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter one zero one – It has to be him

“Wait a minute!”

Yin Ming was a little later than the rest because he had to deal with the mess left by Yin Suye at home. But he didn’t expect that the person who dared to make trouble in the Imperial City turned out to be his ‘good son’ Yin Suye? Especially after he arrived, the people around him couldn’t wait to tell him about their guesses about this matter; Yin Ming’s face became ugly right away. He did not expect Yin Suye would protect a demon, moreover going against the Supreme King at the gate of the Imperial City?!

At that moment, he really believed people’s guess that Yin Suye was charmed by a demon to the point of throwing his life away. He really wanted to go up and ruthlessly teach Yin Suye a lesson, but because Supreme King was present, he didn’t dare to go up. So he could just watch the development of the situation silently in the crowd. It was only when he saw Yin Suye was that ‘not afraid of death’ that he(YSY) wanted to start the Fate Substitution, he(YM) has to come out to stop him. No matter how much he disliked Yin Suye, he can’t really watch Yin Suye seeking his own death. After all, Yin Suye is his only son in his life now.

“Yin Suye, don’t be stubborn! Quickly apologize to the Supreme King and say that you are not going to initiate Fate Substitution!”

Yin Ming saw that the soldiers who came to catch Yin Suye didn’t listen to him at all, so he could only turn around and persuade Yin Suye instead. Just that after waiting for some time, Yin Ming don’t see Yin Suye listening to his persuasion, he became a little anxious.

“Yin Suye, although this demon in your arms is very charming, but it doesn’t worth it if you ruined yourself for a little demon!”

In Yin Ming’s eyes, other than looking pretty, this demon in Yin Suye’s arms doesn’t have any other good points. Especially when this demon used his appearance to deceive his Yin family’s heir, letting Yin Suye take risks on his behalf. This is an unforgivable sin!

“If you like men, no matter what kind of plaything you want, I can find one for you. As long as you don’t continue to get entangled with this demon!” Yin Ming seemed to be used to Yin Suye not answering his words, continuing his own talk. In order to appease Yin Suye and not let him do stupid things, Yin Ming made a big concession and pushed all the faults onto Shui Ruoshan.

“It has to be him!”

Yin Suye originally didn’t plan to pay attention to Yin Ming’s nonsense, but when he felt the little guy not well-behaving1 in his arms, he suddenly changed his mind. Even though Shui Ruoshan grew up in an instant but in his eyes, no matter how much Shui Ruoshan has changed, he(SRS) is still the simple, innocent and warm little guy that he first met! This five words were not to answer Yin Ming’s words, but to tell Shui Ruoshan that there is nothing in his heart that is more important than him(SRS)!


Feeling Yin Suye’s hot breath inadvertently blowing by his cheek when he(YSY) was talking, Shui Ruoshan didn’t know why he suddenly felt his face became hot. He don’t know if this body he transmigrated into is someone easy to blush or not. If this body is very easy to blush, then the aloof image that he has been trying to maintain will be destroyed. But all this must blame Yin Suye, why he has to say such ambiguous words in front of so many people ah? This can easily make people think it the other way alright?! If not for Shui Ruoshan knowing that his relationship with Yin Suye is pure, he will also get the impression that he is being confessed to. Both of them were obviously guys, so why did he have such a strange impression? Could it be the parallel world’s culture is different from Earth, so such corny words like ‘it has to be him’ doesn’t really mean love talk between lovers?


“Yin Suye, do you know what the meaning of your words?”

Yin Ming valued the family’s bloodline. And because Yin Ming was too concerned about the continuation of the family’s blood, the moment he suspected that Yin Suye might not be his own son, he ignored him(YSY) for so many years. In his eyes, he felt that as long as Yin Suye can get married and give him a grandson, he can close his eyes and see nothing even if Yin Suye wants to play with a man. However, he didn’t expect Yin Suye to be serious this time, which made Yin Ming angry and also panicked. He only has this son, Yin Suye in this lifetime and Yin Suye liked the demon in his arms. That is to say he(YSY) will not marry a woman and pass on the bloodline. It also means that the Yin family will be ended in his generation.

“Yin Suye, you are now the only heir of the Yin Family. It is unwise to give up the Yin Family’s power for a small male pet!” Yin Ming decided to persuade Yin Suye from the point of interest.

“…” Shui Ruoshan turned his head and glared at Yin Ming who keep devaluing him.

Goddamned it! How can someone so noble and glamorous like him be a male pet? This can only be said that Yin Ming’s eyesight is not the normal kind of bad, it was so bad that he can be compared with a blind man! No wonder Yin Ming will make foolish action like abandoning his true son to support and pamper other people’s children!

“Shui Ruoshan is my most important person. If you dare to insult him with the word ‘male pet’ again, I don’t mind ruining the Yin Family right now!”

Yin Suye’s original good feeling from seeing the little guy being shy and embarrassed from his words was instantly destroyed by one sentence from Yin Ming. Sensing the dissatisfaction from the little guy, Yin Suye no longer has the slightest good attitude towards Yin Ming. The reason why he didn’t immediately destroy the Yin Family was to let Yin Ming witness the family slowly disappearing and let Yin Ming regret it more painfully. However, he did not think that Yin Ming would dared to say such a thing to the little guy. He suddenly felt that his original plan was too long, it is better to directly eliminate the Yin Family right now.


Shui Ruoshan felt that his habit of ‘thinking random stuff’ at anytime and anywhere is not good, but he can’t help an author’s occupational illness ah! From Yin Suye’s words just now, it really reminded him of the classic phrases that often appear in some president/CEO romance novel : It’s cold, just let the XX group directly go bankrupt ba!

Isn’t it very similar between the two? Just that Yin Suye, what happened to you today? Why do you keep talking about stuff that could cause misunderstandings? He(SRS) understood what Yin Suye really wanted to express, but what he afraid was that others will not understand the true meaning. What Yin Suye said was really too ambiguous. If he didn’t understand Yin Suye’s character, he would definitely be misled as well. Shouldn’t he at least ‘find joy in sorrow’ because from Yin Suye’s words just now, his(SRS) identity in other people’s eyes has been upgraded from a male pet to a lover, isn’t this a qualitative leap?

Shui Ruoshan had an intuition in an instant, that even though he and Yin Suye were originally innocent, but after today, the relationship between them probably won’t be so innocent anymore. But he can’t explain it, this thing is really heartbreaking!


“Are you taking revenge against me?”

Sensing intense killing intent from Yin Suye, Yin Ming was forced to take a small step back. At the same time, he also understood that Yin Suye didn’t see him as his father, just like how he never see Yin Suye as his son. Because of his past behavior, he has completely lost Yin Suye as his son. He is not likely to have any grandson or granddaughter either. The Yin Family is destined to end in his generation!

So ironic, the only bloodline of his life hated him and hated the Yin Family, to the point of being hostile and wanted to destroy them! This is retribution ah! Yin Ming who just realized the reality seemed to have aged ten years older, and his body became trembling weak.

“Yes.” Yin Suye frankly replied.

Not wanting to marry a wife and have children, it was not to take revenge against Yin Ming because one little Yin Ming is not worthy of such sacrifice2. But due to him experiencing countless betrayal from his past life, he can no longer trust anyone. It is impossible to have feelings anymore, moreover the feeling of love! Because in his current life, all of his emotions have been given to Shui Ruoshan alone! Only the little guy alone in this world is qualified to get all his feelings!

“Reminiscence is over, go to accept the Fate Substitution ba!”

In order to maintain his usual image in front of the crowd, Wang Batian patiently waited for some time when he saw Yin Ming have something to say to Yin Suye. When the two finally ended their talk, he reminded them about the Fate Substitution.

The first 7 days of the Fate Substitution is an open session so he can’t do anything. But for the next 42 days, the things he could do are too much. As long as he could get the method to extend his life right before the moment that Yin Suye would die, it’s fine.


Yin Ming opened his mouth and wanted to say something, but he couldn’t say anything. So he just stood there quietly, watching the situation develops.


Yin Suye was just about to turn around to follow the soldiers to leave, he found his clothes were being gripped tightly.

“Yin Suye, did I agreed to let you go to initiate Fate Substitution?”

The moment Shui Ruoshan was released by Yin Suye, he seized Yin Suye’s clothes tightly and not letting him to have any chance to leave.

“Be good, don’t throw tantrum!”

Yin Suye didn’t plan to pull his clothes from Shui Ruoshan. He simply reached out and gently grazed the cloth. That piece of clothing caught by Shui Ruoshan was accurately cut out…

Shui Ruoshan didn’t think that Yin Suye was so resolute. After leaving him with a cut piece of cloth, he simply turned around and prepared to leave with the soldiers…

But the next moment, Shui Ruoshan’s gaze became firm. If soft approach doesn’t work, then he doesn’t mind being hard on Yin Suye!

Raw Word Count : 2955


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