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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter one zero zero – Strategic retreat

Those who just rushed over to the Imperial City, although they have yet to figure out what has happened, but when they heard someone requesting to activate the special decree to substitute fate, they were all stunned. Everyone looked towards the Imperial City’s gate and started to discuss loudly about the one human and one demon who are facing the Supreme King.

“Who dares to be so bold to make trouble at the Imperial City’s gate?” Very obvious, the one who said this does not know Yin Suye.

“And to be so unafraid of death to initiate Fate Substitution? Are you hating your life for being too long?” This person knows a bit more clearly than others towards the cruelty of Fate Substitution, and he was not very optimistic about the final result.

“That young man seems to be the ‘Di’1 son of the Yin Family?”

Among the people who came, someone soon recognized Yin Suye’s identity.

“It really is Yin Suye ah!”

People who has seen Yin Suye before immediately affirmed.

“Why don’t I see Yin Ming around? His son is seeking death, and he as the father is not here to stop it?”

Someone asked in confusion when they couldn’t see Yin Ming’s figure.

“It’s no news that Yin Ming doesn’t admit Yin Suye as his son, he probably secretly hoped for him(YSY) to die early!”

Everyone in the Capital seemed to know Yin Ming’s dirty points very well.

“Everyone’s focus seemed to be a bit wrong, shouldn’t we pay more attention at the demon standing beside Yin Suye?”

Very quickly, someone noticed Shui Ruoshan and diverted the attention to him.

“Do you think Yin Suye activated the Fate Substitution because he wanted to cover this demon?”

Someone started to guess the current situation.

“Quite possible!”

Everyone nodded in agreement. One need to know, Fate Substitution is a special decree that no one would ever initiate unless it is absolutely necessary. And the demon who barged into the Imperial City obviously won’t have any good ending. From the way Yin Suye keep protecting the demon, everyone could see that this demon has a very important position in Yin Suye’s heart. People couldn’t help guessing it this way, especially when they can see this demon has a refined face, and snowy white skin. His eyes shimmering like the stars, moving people’s heart with its brilliance. Long black hair like a cloud of smoke scattering by his ear. Against the red diamond earring glowing red, people can’t help but secretly marvelled that there are actually such enchanting people in the world making them feel like they wanted to swallow the person directly into their stomach.

When the crowd finally woke up from the shock Shui Ruoshan gave them, they are even more convinced of their guess. Even these old foxes2 who are used to seeing handsome men and women can’t stand the charm of this demon, what more Yin Suye, a young man who has never experienced much! At the same time, they felt a slight sympathy for Yin Suye. They felt that this young man may have been cheated by this enchanting demon, that he irresponsibly did such a stupid thing like initiating Fate Substitution.


Shui Ruoshan felt that ever since he suddenly grown up, his hearing and sight sense has increased to a higher level. Now, even if he don’t pay special attention to his surrounding, he still could easily sense everyone’s movements and action. Naturally, he also heard their discussions about him and Yin Suye. Just that when he heard the crowd’s disdain, mocking, and gossipy attitude towards Yin Suye, Shui Ruoshan’s originally bad mood became worse.

“Yin Suye, I will never agree to initiatie Fate Substitution!”

Shui Ruoshan once again emphasized his stand to show his determination.
His heart would inexplicably feel hurt whenever he imagined how tragic Yin Suye looked like after accepting Fate Substitution. So no matter what, he must make Yin Suye avoid this plot!

“As long as I pass the trials, you will be able to live safely in the Capital.”

Very obviously, Yin Suye is also very persistent in this matter. In order to successfully convince Shui Ruoshan, he had to state the very reason why he did this. This is also why he used this mutually-damaging way to solve the problem. In their current situation, human race will never let go of Shui Ruoshan, the demon who accidentally barged into the Imperial City. He also does not want Shui Ruoshan to be unable to stay in the Capital because of his identity as a demon so Fate Substitution is undoubtedly the most appropriate method.

“If my peace is obtained at the expense of your injury, I rather leave!” Shui Ruoshan said very seriously.

At this moment, Shui Ruoshan understood why Yin Suye paved so much road in front of them. Everything was so that he as a demon can live openly in the midst of human race, just because someone has endured his sin on his behalf with Fate Substitution. This way, no one can do anything to hurt him in the future by using his identity as a demon as the excuse.

Previously, he wrote so much about this special decree in [The Strongest King in History] because he wanted to use this scene to let Yin Suye use his life to give Huang Beichen a guarantee. Then no one could use his identity as a demon to make it difficult for him, and he would be able to live in the Capital without restraint. After that, he would be able to ‘talk about love/flirt’ with all sorts of ‘sisters’3. Next, he will conquer countless ‘young brothers’ with his supreme charm. All this will pave his road to his future unification of all races.

But Shui Ruoshan thinks he himself is not the protagonist, and he doesn’t have the ambition to unify the continent. So, he doesn’t need to nurture/develop power in Capital at all. Which also means, he doesn’t necessarily need to stay with the humans at all.

Because Huang Beichen is a demon4, the thing he wrote the most was about the demons. So comparing the human side, he obviously has better understanding of the plot at the demon side. So as the last resort, he doesn’t mind abandoning the human world to roam within the demons.

Who told him to transmigrated badly, to arrive in a body of a demon instead! The more he thinks about it, the more Shui Ruoshan thinks that Yin Suye’s approach is too extreme. One need to know, with his and Yin Suye’s strength, although it is impossible to defeat everyone here,
they still can leave if they wanted to. They absolutely don’t need to fight to the end with this Supreme King who is representing the human race ah!

As long as he leaves the human territory, Yin Suye wouldn’t have to make such a sacrifice for him. Just wait for things to calm down, then two of them can communicate using secret code whatever, to secretly meet in a safe place. With this, it won’t be a problem. So he really doesn’t understand, why a person as smart as Yin Suye not choose this insured and safe method, but chose the desperate method like Fate Substitution instead?

“You forgot you promised me that you will stay with me all the time?”

As soon as Shui Ruoshan said he would leave, Yin Suye’s face becomes gloomy in an instant and his tone has also become malicious. Reaching out, he grabbed the exceptionally innocent-looking little guy and held him tightly in his arms.

“I’m not leaving, this is just a strategic retreat!”

Seeing the villain looking like he is turning evil, Shui Ruoshan immediately comforted him. Recently his ‘smoothing fur’5 skill has been practiced to the max already! He will never tell other people that what he really wanted to say to Yin Suye right now is ‘Please lightened your hold ah!’. He has a feeling that if Yin Suye is to use a little bit more force, his waist wouldn’t just issue a protesting sound but directly break into two! Suddenly, Shui Ruoshan was shocked by his own imagination and became distressed!

Villain, is it really alright to be so possessive?

He didn’t notice it previously but now with things happening, Shui Ruoshan found that Yin Suye’s behavior was really unreasonable. They are not conjoined twins that needs to stay together all the time! Plus he was casually mentioning it just now and not really intending to leave, but Yin Suye’s reaction was already that big. If one day he suddenly wanted to leave, he couldn’t imagine how much more extreme thing Yin Suye would do!

“It’s alright.”

Yin Suye felt that suffering a little bit is nothing comparing to letting the little guy leave his side! He managed to survive the trials from his past life without any experiences, not to mention repeating it again in this life! One need to know, in his past life when he said he wanted to initiate Fate Substitution, he remembered seeing Huo Ruyan breathing a sigh of relief at the time. As for Huang Beichen, he had an blank expression like he doesn’t understand what’s happening at all.
As for other people, they were either there to watch the commotion or sneered at him, some even tried to add salt to the wound…

No one really thought about him at all!

Now that Yin Suye think of it, he couldn’t help wanting to laugh at his past ignorance and stupidity for initiating Fate Substitution, for Huo Ruyan the woman who in the end betrayed him, for Huang Beichen the enemy who keep going against him later on, just because he couldn’t bear to see them in trouble. He cared for Huo Ruyan like a sister in the past and never let her suffer even a bit of grievances because he hoped one day, Huo Ruyan would treated and believed in him like a brother with all her heart. But what he received in the end was a betrayal. He has journeyed with Huang Beichen before, and gotten along very well. He then treated this friend with absolute trust, hoping to get a good friend who he can talk to. But what he received in the end was an enemy.
Because the him in his past life has expectations for others, that’s why he was betrayed again and again.

Fortunately, God gave him another chance. This time, he was lucky enough to meet the little guy. Comparing the experience from two lifetime let him know that the little guy really meant good for him. Only the little guy will worry about him after he knows that he(YSY) wants to initiate Fate Substitution, only he(SRS) would fear for him, care for him…
This feeling of being cared for is the reason why Yin Suye couldn’t really let Shui Ruoshan go. No matter what method is used, he has to tie the little guy firmly to him and not let him have a chance to even take a step away! He will arrange everything and solve all troubles, so that the little guy could stay with him without hesitation! He is willing to use everything he has to protect the little guy, just to keep him around!


“Are you sure you want to initiate Fate Substitution?”

Wang Batian impatiently asked after he watched Yin Suye and Shui Ruoshan not stopping their argument. Although he couldn’t wait to tie Yin Suye up and take him back to ask about the methods to extend lifespan, but there are too many people around so he could only follow along Yin Suye’s request for the sake of his own image.


Before Yin Suye replied, he has reached out to cover Shui Ruoshan’s mouth.

“Mhmm mhmm!”

Shui Ruoshan didn’t think that Yin Suye would make a sudden attack. By the time he reacted, he couldn’t make any sound. So he could only struggle in Yin Suye’s arms and strongly expressed his opposition.

“Guards, take Yin Suye to initiate Fate Substitution.”

Due to the special decree’s regulation, as long as someone voluntarily activated it, even Wang Batian as the Supreme King cannot openly oppose Yin Suye’s request. So he ordered the officials responsible for punishment to take Yin Suye away. At the same time, he started planning in his heart. He could secretly use the punishment of this Fate Substitution to teach Yin Suye a good lesson, and then use the hard means to force him(YSY) to reveal everything he knew.


Upon hearing Wang Batian’s command, a new team of soldiers immediately came out of the Imperial City, ready to grab Yin Suye…

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