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Chapter 1.9 – Fourty Thousand

Although You Shu committed a small blunder on his first time as a manservant, his overall performance was still excellent. Outside, the night watchman’s drum resounded. It was already haishi. He saw the youth frequently blinking and seemed a little sleepy so he very thoughtfully suggested, “The time is already late, Master should go and rest?” 1

“En, you go to sleep earlier as well.” The youth put down the scrolls and kneaded his temples.

You Shu nodded, walked to the door and stopped, and asked with a milky voice, “The weather is cold, it will be more comfortable going to sleep after soaking your feet in hot water. Should I help Master get hot water?” When he said this, he didn’t feel like his pride was hurt. This is a feudal society, there was naturally a gap between the nobility and commoners that cannot be crossed. Since he has become a servant of the youth, naturally he had to do his job well. This was the most basic professionalism of a henchman. Oh no, said wrongly, should be confidant. 2

In the past life, You Shu would support the scientists in the research institute like ancestors just for a bite to eat. In this life, he will naturally wait upon the youth so that he was comfortable for the sake of his survival.  Don’t talk about getting hot water, even if the youth made him go and massage his feet, he cannot refuse.

Fortunately, the youth was magnanimous. He lightly smiled and waved, “There are people to do these kinds of heavy labour. You are still small. Even if your body grows, quickly go back and rest ba.”

You Shu was even more satisfied with this Master. Modest, gentle, thoughtful, understood how to be considerate of others, doing work for him was not considered a grievance. What’s more, he carries the air of a dragon and could maybe become the Emperor in the future? Don’t say about the Emperor’s confidant, even if it’s the Emperor’s eunuch the amount of gold is very high.

You Shu was very pleased with himself in his heart but his face was expressionless. He emulated a half-kneel salute and then withdrew out the door. Snow was still falling outside and the just swept courtyard became a vast expanse of white again. Only a few plum blossoms were blooming, the light and elegant fragrance of the flowers mixed with the cold air from the snow which was very refreshing. You Shu took a deep breath and stood still for a while, only then he lifted his foot high and returned to his room. Seeing that the little snowman he piled up was placed under a plum blossom tree, he waved and said “Goodnight.”

Now that he moved to the youth’s courtyard, he stayed in the east most room. The furniture and other things were well organized and tidy. It must have been the handiwork of those two bodyguards.

You Shu took the iron tongs to poke the fire brazier and found a few sparks that haven’t completely burnt out buried under the ash heap and hastily added charcoal. Some footsteps sounded from outside the courtyard, ‘kacha’, and then the door was pushed open. The youth’s bodyguards carried a kettle of hot water over and yelled, “You Shu, this was what Master asked me to send over. After you add some cold water, soak your feet and go to sleep after you warm up. Is the quilt thick enough? If it’s not, then I’ll add another layer.”

You Shu hurriedly expressed his thanks and finally cupped his hands in the direction of the youth’s bedroom, saying a lot of thanks.

The bodyguard really couldn’t stand his earnest and serious appearance. A three-foot tall little doll insisting on pretending to be an adult was very funny when you look at him. The corner of the bodyguard’s mouth twitched and put down the water. He used some strength to rub the little doll’s head and then left. After You Shu soaked his feet, he baked a sweet potato and used a willow branch to clean his teeth after he ate his fill. He bored into the thick and neat bedding and breathed out a long sigh of relief. His life is guaranteed and there was no shortage of food, the day peacefully passed. [foonote]He said Doll which can also mean baby and small child. Of course, I naturally chose doll because our You Shu is simply too precious!!![/footnote]

He was pleased with himself for a while and gradually fell into a half-asleep state. Right at this time, the temperature in the room plummeted and a cold air slowly entered the quilt, drilling into the skin.

“Not good, the evil spirit has come!” You Shu’s heart was fearful but he did not show it on his face at all. Lying stiffly and rigidly for a moment, he felt a pair of invisible hands touching his neck and bounced up like a cannonball, not even wearing his shoes as he pushed the door and ran out. Luckily, his room was not far from the youth’s and he quickly arrived after some corridors.

“Peng peng peng”, the sounds of knocks on the door reverberated in the night sky. The two bodyguards immediately came out from the next room. Their tidy clothes and alert expression showed that they haven’t gone to sleep. Before the two people could inquire, a door creaked open and the youth looked down with a cloak draped over his shoulders, “What’s the matter?”

Bursts of cold wind blew outside in the corridor. Don’t know which one of those the evil spirit had turned into and could snatch away his life in the blink of an eye. You Shu did not dare to stay outside and made his way into the room by sliding under the youth’s arm and urged, “Quickly close the door, quickly close the door.”

The youth gestured at the bodyguards and nodded towards the empty space to keep the people hidden in the dark calm. After tightly closing the door, the cold air from outside was cut off. He looked at the deathly pale child who was dripping in cold sweat and calmly asked, “Did you have a nightmare?”

“En.” You Shu nodded.  One moment he was putting his left foot on his right foot and then his right foot on his left the next. His whole person was shaking and in a sorry state. Can’t help it, the floor was too cold and his two feet can’t stand still.

The youth pressed his fist to his lips to resist and softly coughed. He then walked over and carried him onto a chair. After wrapping him up in a cloak, he warmly warned, “I will ask Ah Da to give you a basin of water to wash your feet. Sit still and don’t simply move.”

You Shu let out an ‘En’ and waited as the youth and then immediately stretched his neck to look outside. There was nothing else outside besides the night sky, snowflakes and plum blossom trees. He concentrated his spirit powers to his eyes to repeatedly investigated and finally confirmed that the evil spirit had indeed left. It seems that staying at the youth’s side was the safest.

The hot water was quickly fetched and the guard also brought his shoes over. You Shu hastily washed his feet clean and took on a loyal form, “Master, how about I help you keep night watch tonight?”

“Are you thinking of helping me keep night watch or do you not dare to sleep alone?” The youth smiled and took out a quilt from a baggage. He placed it by his pillow and waved, “Come over ba, sleep with me.” A five-year old child not daring to sleep alone was understandable. Even the degenerate people at the end of the world would take more care.

You Shu’s brightened, slipped out of his shoes and ran to the bedside, cupping has hands, “Thank you, Master!” When his voice fell, his hands and feet simultaneously crawled to the innermost side and waved his small arms to stress, “I am small, won’t take up space and absolutely won’t bump into Master. My sleep posture is very good, whatever posture I lie down in is the posture I will wake up in.”

He was afraid of being disliked by the other person so when he got into the quilt, he shrunk himself into a small ball and only showed his eyes looking at the youth.

The youth shook his head and softly smiled. He followed and got into the quilt, reassuringly saying, “We are covered by two different bed quilts, so even if you bump into me there is no harm. Quickly sleep ba, it’s late.”

You Shu nodded and hesitantly spoke, “Can I help you keep watch every night? Not sleeping on the bed and sleeping at the foot of the bed or even the floor for a night is fine.” Once he was alone, the bitter evil spirit will kill him. For the past month, he didn’t know how much Yang qi he breathed in. In the past it was just a strand of cold air, but now it can make his entire room into an ice cave. He got stronger again! 3

The youth patted the young child’s exposed head and softly said, “Depends on your performance ba.”

You Shu no longer worried. He pulled the quilt over his head and slowly closed his eyes. A few charcoal braziers were burning in the room. The temperature was not high nor low, just warm and the youth’s clear and light breathes came through to his ears from time to time like a lullaby, making his heart calm down. With no need to worry about the sudden arrival of evil spirits and not incessantly pestered by nightmares, this was the most sound and smooth night that You Shu ever had. In a daze, he faintly though: Fortunately, fortunately he met this person in his most desperate time.

A night without words. The next day, as soon as the youth opened his eyes he saw a small dumpling shrunk in the corner. Truly sleep in whatever posture, wake up the next morning in whatever posture. He originally thought that children this age would move a lot when dreaming, or stretch their arms and legs, or keep getting up at night 4, but You Shu was completely quiet and lovely, and did not cross the border at all.

The youth shook his head and laughed in spite of himself. When he opened the quilt, the young child concealed in the quilt suddenly shot up. The big and black eyes were on full alert without the dazed feeling from sleeping at all. Clearly seeing the face before him, he thought of what happened last night. He chaotically shook his head and the alert expression was immediately replaced with a charmingly naïve one.

“Master, I will wait upon you to wash your face and change your clothes.” He slipped off from the corner of the bed onto his feet, hurriedly dressed himself with his clothes and shoes, and went out to draw water.

Interesting, only a young child but can show such a fierce expression. The youth secretly speculated in his heart and urged with a dull expression on his face, “You do not need to do heavy jobs. A monk will naturally come to send hot water later. Come over, wait upon me to change clothes.”

You Shu followed his orders. He took out the clothes from the lowest drawer of the cabinet and walked to the youth’s side. The youth was very well developed. He was only 14 or 15 years old and was five or six feet tall. Right now, he was stretching his arms, waiting for the young child to help him dress.

You Shu raised his head to look up and his self-confidence once again received a serious hit and had no choice but to move a chair over. However, even when he stood on a chair it was not enough to reach the youth. He tiptoed hard and could finally put the clothes on the youth’s body. When he had to tie the belt, he had tiptoed for too long and staggered, almost falling over.

“Should I carry you?” While the youth spoke, he inserted his hands under the child’s armpits and raised him up high. He could obviously dress himself and tie his own belt, but he let the insistent 3-foot little bean do so. Not only to enjoy the sight of his short arms and legs, but also the sight of his ears reddening when he was in a dilemma.

Since being exiled, teasing a young child is the only life’s joy that he can experience. His happiness was built on the suffering of others, but in a short day, he was infected with such a bad taste without any ideas of correcting it.

You Shu didn’t know that he was being teased but instead felt that his boss was extremely considerate. Nimbly tying the belt well, he still seriously enquired after he was put down onto the ground, “Master see if that belt is suitable? How about choosing this blue one, it’s more suitable.”

“Okay.” The youth’s expression was calm but his eyes were full of smiles. Seeing the child tiptoeing to help him fasted the belt, he couldn’t help but to extend his hands and press down on his head with his finger.

You Shu stumbled and shot the youth an odd glance, but he had no intention of doing it so he continued tying the belt on tiptoes and was immediately pressed down again. After being pressed down a few times in a row like hitting a rat, even if You Shu had a strong mentality, he would also realize that the youth was teasing him. He opened his big round eyes to complain. He wanted to use spirit power to influence the other party and make the other party ware of his mistakes.

The youth bent over and stared the pair of piercingly clear black eyes. He slowly hooked up his lips and silently laughed. Accompanied by one more little doll was also quite fun.

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