There’s a Beauty Chapter 33

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Chapter 33 – Fourty Thousand; A Debt Collector’s Story 

Wang Tianyou’s body was placed at the gate of Wang family’s house, which once again attracted many passersby to watch.


Before leaving, he still shouted that he will cut down the yamen runners but less than two shichen later his face was blue and his breath cut short, which made people sigh. 1shichen – 2 hrs


“Retribution ah, this is!” Someone sighed. 2


After hearing the news, Wang Lao Taiye and Wang Xianggan hurried to them. They grabbed the yamen runners and questioned them closely while they ordered people to cover the body with a white cloth and carry it into the house.


“Why is it like this? My child was fine just now, how can he suddenly die?” Wang Xianggan’s face was set in an angry scowl, his voice heavy.


“How would we know? One moment he was shouting for water, the next moment his eyes closed.” The yamen runner felt very wronged.


“The doctor said that although my son was seriously injured, it was not till the point he would not be able to bear a few bumps. Did someone bribe you to kill my son? Was it the Third Wangye? Was it that evil beast?” Wang Xianggan’s eyes turned red, as if he was possessed.


Wang Lao Taiye saw that the more he spoke, the more outrageous he became, to actually put this on the Third Wangye. Although he wasn’t favored, he was still a Prince and he had a big fief, which meant that even when the Wang family was in their heyday, they had to think it over let alone now? He struck his son on the back with a cane and snapped sharply, “Unfilial son, isn’t it shameful enough? Hurry up and return for me!”


The blow was not heavy, but unexpectedly Wang Xianggan fell down while covering his back, his limbs began to twitch violently as white foam spewed from his mouth.


“Aiya, did he get hit to death or did he have a seizure?” Someone exclaimed.


“It seems like he is having a seizure.”


“I didn’t expect that the grand high official of the Ministry of War had this kind of mental illness. I heard that seizures will be passed on to the next generation. Is that how Wang Tianyou twitched to death?”


“Move forward a bit, I can’t see clearly!”


Passersby stepped forward and surrounded the gate of Wang family.


Wang Lao Taiye was startled and hurried forward to check on his son’s condition, but saw that his naked-exposed skin began to form huge blisters, which broke and ulcerated within a few breaths, forming extremely sinister faces of ghosts. It looked extremely frightening.


“What, what is this disease?” Lao Taiye’s legs went soft and sat on the ground.


“Not good, it’s actually Ghost Face Sores!” The yamen runner who had been previously grabbed by Wang Xianggan glanced back and immediately took a few steps back, showing a look of horror and contempt.


“Oh my god, it’s Ghost Face Sores!” A few passersby who had extensive experience pushed people to run away from the crowd.


“What is Ghost Face Sores? Let me see.” The people in the dark were more curious and moved nearer again.


“Don’t go! The “Ghost Face Sores” is a type of karma disease. Legend has it that if a person is too malicious, the person killed by him will become a ghost and penetrate into his body, forming a ghost face sore. This kind of sore can’t be treated with medicine, and the person who caught it needs to bear the pain of scraping bones every day, and will breathe his last when the sores spread to his whole body. Five years ago, I saw a person with a ghost face sore who had rotted into a skeleton and was still moaning and groaning. Seriously, he couldn’t live nor die even if he wanted to. In the end, his family could not bear to see it so they sent him over to a slaughterer. That scene can be called tragic! “


“I’ve also heard of this. Ghost facial sores are not simple. You need a ghost to transform because of its resentment and be fully integrated with their enemy to trigger it. When the enemy dies, the malicious spirit will also lose his soul. Think about it, how much hatred and resentment will make him suffer from this disease? “


Passersby were in uproar, and they quickly reversed, fearing that they would get bad luck. Some retreated anxiously, and fell onto others, and the scene was chaotic again.


But there are also the bold ones who not only did not retreat, but also took a few steps forward and counted the faces on Wang Xianggan, exclaimed, “Good lord, one, two, three, four, five,

six, seven … There are dozens of faces exposed outside to the sun, there’s no need to mention the places covered by clothes. How many people did this Wang Xianggan kill in the end ah? “


“It’s said that if the upper beam is not straight, then the lower beam will be crooked. No wonder Wang Tianyou was so perverse! It turned out that it was handed down from his father! With so many ghost face sores, he probably can’t last even for a day.” 3if the upper beam is not straight, then the lower beam will be crooked – When those above behave unworthily, those below will do the same. Samui: some of y’all gonna hate me, but you all knowing what I was thinking when reading ‘beam’


The passersby both wanted to see what the excitement was about, but was also afraid of being entangled with the malicious ghost. In the end, the thought of ​​looking after their own hide prevailed, and they left one after another while pinching their nose.


From this day on, the reputation of the Wang family was completely ruined, and Wang Xianggan was also awarded the title of “The Most Wicked Man in the World”. The descendants of the Wang family were scolded and spat on wherever they went. They were unable to participate in the Imperial Examination to obtain scholarly honor, and they didn’t even have enough land to stick an awl into. In the end, they had to sneak out and move away from the Capital. Of course, these are things that will happen later and will not be mentioned for now. 4didn’t even have enough land to stick an awl into – very poor


Originally, Wang Lao Taiye didn’t know what disease his son contracted. Hearing everyone’s discussion, he immediately became anxious and angry, and quickly ordered the servants to drive away the crowd, and then carried his son and grandson in. Everyone rushed to do the job of chasing away the onlookers but when it was their turn to lift the corpse, they shrank back and they didn’t dare to even touch it.


They only got the job done after Wang Lao Taiye offered a hefty reward. He anxiously waited for the doctor, and the first sentence completely chilled his heart.


Laoyezi, this is Ghost Face Sores ah! If you find Master Xuanming or the living Buddha of Wu Sizang, you might still be able to save him. I am unable to do anything about this.” The doctor spoke while using a stick to lift up Wang Xianggan’s clothes and was immediately alarmed, “How did so much grow? This, this this this … Laoyezi forgive me, humble servant is of humble talent and shallow learning, I really cannot cure him. This is goodbye. Please, please please please…” 5Laoyezi – polite address for an elderly male


He cupped his hands while retreating, running as soon as he stepped out of the threshold, and he was gone in a moment. It’s terrible enough for one ghost face sore to grow and he had never seen a person with a body full of them. How many evils did Wang daren do in this life? There is something he did not dare to tell Laoyezi, and that is; for this kind of devilish human, Master Xuan Ming and the living Buddha of Wu Sizang will never save this kind of person, but they will chant scriptures to release his soul from suffering.


Lao Taiye had the same worry: His grandson had killed Master Xuanming’s beloved disciple, would he even be willing to come? Wu Sizang was thousands of miles away from the Capital, and it takes several years to make a round trip. How can his son afford to delay? But he was reluctant to resign to his fate, so he invited several famous doctors for consultation.


With only a quick glance, the doctors waved their hands back and forth, telling them that they couldn’t heal him, and they even pointed out that Wang Xianggan will not live after one shichen, and asked Laotaizi to quickly make funeral arrangements.


YOUR MOTHER’S FART! GET OUT! ALL OF YOU GET OUT! GO AND INVITE OTHER DOCTORS!” The old man waved his cane and shouted. 6your mother’s fart (放你娘的屁// fàng nǐ niáng de pì) is a curse phrase. It’s like stringing random words together when you’re cursing in anger. I left it in because it was funny. I even left the chinese characters and pinyin if any of you guys wanna learn the curse XD


It was useless no matter how many doctors they invited. Only being tormented after half a shichen, Wang Xianggan rotted to his core and died in great pain. The mattress on which he was lying on was soaked with pus, it gave off an unbearable stink, and the servants were unwilling to come closer than 3 feet let alone willing to help him take care of the remains.


Wang Laotaiye was paralyzed sitting next to the bed, his old face was like a dried rock, stiff and grey. Wang Lao Furen stood outside the door, weeping while beating her chest and stamping her feet. Her wails resounded over 2 li. When Lin shi heard that her husband had died after waking from her coma, but she couldn’t even drop a tear and just blankly stared at the pestle, sinking into her thoughts.


In the later half of her life, she relied on her husband and her son. Overnight, the two were gone, how could she survive? She knew that it was impossible to live so it’s better to die! As soon as she was woken up by her daughter, she slammed her head onto the door post, but was pulled away by the wet nurse, only hurting her forehead.


Recalling that Song shi also slammed her head onto the doorpost on the same day she was caught committing adultery, leaving a few inches of ugly scars on her forehead, Lin shi covered her wound and muttered, “Retribution, this is all retribution! If I knew this would happen, I would never have made so many sins! I regret it, I regret it ah … “


Wang Lao Taiye was equally regretful. Earlier at noon, he told You Shu that he would never tolerate such an unworthy descendant. Less than two shichen later, the Wang family was without offspring. This is the legendary “Buddhism karma”. The retribution really came too fast!


Wang Lao Taiye was the son of a concubine. He killed the elder Di brother and chased out the younger Shu brothers and then seized the family property. If his family has no heir, then what was the meaning of the hardship he went through all his life? In the end, not only will the family property be divided among the younger brothers who had long fallen-out, they will also be ridiculed. 7di – children of official wife /// shu – children of concubines


Thinking of the consequences, Wang Lao Taiye felt his blood surge up into his mouth. He reluctantly swallowed the fishy sweet blood in his throat, and hoarsely spoke, “Hang a white banner, buy a coffin, and hold a funeral.”


The servants who crowded at the door and did not dare to come in appeared like they’ve received amnesty and ran away in a hurry, for fear that they would be caught and made to clean up the corpse if they were any slower.


The old man paused for a moment and said, “Wait! Send a death notice to the Third Wangye’s Fu, and let that unworthy son return to wear mourning clothes for Xianggan. If he asks, you say this was what I said, he is my Wang family’s true and dignified Di son and I acknowledge it.”


The servant who was at the end of the crowd was frightened. He was relieved when he heard this. He was about to go on his mission but was stopped again. “Also, if he refuses, you tell him that my Wang family is willing to annul his mother’s letter of divorce and will even welcome her back. If he is not filial again, can he still ignore Song shi? An abandoned woman can only be buried in the mass grave post and becomes a lonely ghost, you ask him if he has the heart to let his mother end up like this.”


“Yes, little one remembers.” The servant agreed and hurriedly left.


Wang Lao Furen also did not dare to enter the house and sobbingly choked, leaning on the door frame, “Will he come back? If I had known this before, I would have stopped Xiangxiang. The Taoist was clearly scamming us, saying that the child was a debt collecting ghost and he would die after paying the 42 silver. As a result, fifteen or six years later, the forty-two silvers have already been paid but he is still alive. Look at his character, looks, manners, talent. He possesses style and literary grace, and among the people in the Capital, no one can surpass him. Only the Third Prince who was still the Di Prince in the past could compete with him.”


Speaking of this, she became more regretful, and chattered nonstop, “If only we didn’t abandon him at the beginning, Lin shi wouldn’t have the evil thought to attempt to frame Song shi to win the position of the main wife; Lin shi wouldn’t have been raised to the status of wife, son wouldn’t have no concubines; if he had concubines, then there would be more sons in the family; if there were more sons in the home, then Tianyou wouldn’t have been blindly doted on; if Tianyou wasn’t blindly doted on, he wouldn’t have grown up like that; if he hadn’t grown up like that, he wouldn’t have done such a sin; if he hadn’t done such a sin, he will not have been exiled, and Xianggan wouldn’t have been dismissed. The Wang family will still be fine now, and nothing will have happened … “


Wang Lao Taiye listened until he had a headache and yelled, “Shut up! What’s the use of talking about this now? In the beginning, it was YOU who was moved by Lin shi. Frequently running to persuade me. If you did not praise her for her outstanding performance, talking about how a flourishing husband will lead to a flourishing family, would I have agreed to let a lowly concubine  sit in the position of a wife? You still boasted that Tianyou was so clever and his character was precious. In the end what happened?? You better go back and freshen up. If that vile spawn refuses to come back, you will personally go and invite him back!! “


Wang Lao Furen did not dare to delay and quickly returned to the room to freshen up. Thinking of the culprit Lin shi, she asked people to tie her up. If the grandson was unwilling to recognize his ancestors and return to the clan, she would punish Lin shi in front of him, it might give them a way out of such an embarrassing situation.

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