There’s a Beauty Chapter 31

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Chapter 31 – Fourty Thousand; A Debt Collector’s Story

You Shu could feel that Ji Changye was acting off and thought that his words had displeased him and thought he had delayed the other party’s time enough, so he pushed him out of the courtyard and urged,Master, go first then I will come later.” 


Song shi hurriedly pointing to the ground dustpan and corn, “Shu er, help your mother sweep the yard, and then feed the ducks.” Being able to keep him for even a moment longer is one moment longer together. 1er – added after someone’s name to express intimacy


You Shu nodded, picked up the broom to clean the courtyard. The yard was not big, but because they raised a group of chickens and ducks, the smell was a little bad, and a lot of feces had accumulated on the ground. It is not going to be easy to clean up. An ordinary gongzi would have long hid his nose to avoid it, but You Shu showed no discomfort. When he encountered hardened chicken dung and duck dung, he will carefully remove it with a shovel.


Song shi looked at her sensible and well-behaved son, she felt distressed yet proud.


After he finished sweeping the courtyard, You Shu herded the chickens and ducks that were running around everywhere back to their shed, threw some corn and vegetable leaves, then turned around to look at Song shi, “Is there anything else to do? “


Song shi promptly returned to her senses, pointed to the house, and pointed to the water jar, “Yes yes yes. The insides of the house have to be cleaned, especially the kitchen. there is no water in the water tank so it has to be filled. There is so much work to do, me, Song mama and Biashao can’t do it all ourselves.”


Song mama and Baishao hastily nodded, coincidentally shouting in the heart: Young Master ah, we need you so much ah, please stay!


You Shu was not afraid of the amount of work, but afraid that they would not let him leave. He just started heading over into the room carrying a broom.


Ji Changye who had been standing outside this whole time with an expressionless face finally moved. He took a few steps forward, clenched the slender wrist of the boy tightly, and said softly, “You Shu, you are sixteen years old, you should know how to avoid suspicion. Inside the house is Song Furen, Song mama, and Baishao’s boudoir. How can you just casually enter? If Song furen is lacking manpower, Bengong will send some servant maids over, is that fine?”


In ancient times, women had to pay special attention to their reputation and integrity. Song furen and Song mama are fine but Baishao is in the middle of growing up and should be avoided. Thinking about this, You Shu immediately returned and went to fetch water. Ji Changye took the barrel and the shoulder pole from his hand, and smiled slowly while pulling his sleeves slowly, “I will do it, lest you fall into the river later. Look at this thin palm, if it is blistered by the shoulder pole, then Bengong will be distressed.”


He held You Shu’s wrist, spread out his white tender palm before him and gently patted. This behavior is nothing more than telling Song shi that You Shu has never suffered, on the contrary, he is doing well, and he is never willing to let him do all the dirty, tiring work.


They want to use this kind of method to make You Shu stay. Very well, he would personally help them to do work and see if they can afford it.


Ji Changye was royalty, so Song shi and company naturally cannot afford to offend him with their chores. She quickly stepped forward and grabbed the barrel, continuously saying that she did not dare to trouble Wangye. Ji Changye asked again what other work could be done, and they shook their heads together, looking embarrassed.


“So, Benwang will bring You Shu away first.” Ji Changye smile waved.


Song shi had no choice. She could only nod, but pulled her son and pleaded, “Can Wangye let this lady say a few words to Shu er alone?”


You Shu looked helplessly at his Master.


Ji Changye’s heart was choked with panic, but showed nothing on his face and turned away, silently giving his consent.


Mother and son walked to the middle of the room. Song shi pried open her son’s hands and carefully touched them again. She determined that there were no calluses on it and not even half a scar was there. Then she sighed, “The Third Wangye really did not treat my son badly. Just now, it was mother who misunderstood. But mother has some things to explain. My son, don’t look at the Third Prince smiling all day and treat people kindly, he is the Di son of the first Empress. Not only did he grow up peacefully when his mother’s clan was almost wiped out, he also took back the Duke peerage, you can see that his scheming is very deep. Your origin is not simple. He treats you this way, but he may not be sincere. Mother is not sowing discord in the relationship between you and him. I just want to give you a piece of advice: Do not waste your life and wealth for one person. People have their own lives. Relying on others is not as good as relying on yourself.” 2Duke – She probably meant the position he just got when he returned to the Capital. (I forgot what it was uwu)/// People have their own lives – the underlying meaning is that people look after themselves first


Saying this, she hesitantly took a deep breath then said further, “Although mother does not understand the affairs of the state, but I know that with the Third Prince’s origin, he must contend. If he does not fight, it is a dead end. He may go to Jingzhou and prosper, or he may lose everything. If you can, find a way to stay in the Capital and live in peace and stability with your mother. No need to fight for the seat of the Di son.”


You Shu was not happy with Song shi slandering Master, but his face is not revealed. Was the Master treating him with sincerity or is he pretending? How can he not perceive him with his strong mental power? Moreover, even if he wanted to follow him to Jingzhou, the master would not agree. However, Song shi did say something that went straight to his heart. People have their own lives. Relying on others is not as good as relying on yourself. It is indeed a very risky act to depend his own life on others.


The You Shu of the previous life would not be this muddle-headed, but in this whole lifetime, he began to indulge in the gentle care of his master, and unknowingly became dependent. This habit is not good, it is better to change it as soon as possible, otherwise, after the two are separated, the master will not be affected much, but he is very likely to lose everything.


You Shu’s expression went cold, nodded and said, “Mother has misunderstood. Master is indeed treating me with sincerity. He does not wish to take me to Jingzhou and also purchased a house in the capital for us to settle in. Please do not mention those words from now on.”


Hearing that her son was going to stay in the Capital with her, gave Song shi a complete peace of mind, she nodded and promised.


Ji Changye waited until he couldn’t bear it any more and was about to ask Ah Da and Ah Er to call him but he saw the mother and son hold hands, their expression relieved. Song shi handed over the parcel in her hand and said sincerely, “This lady has heard from Shu er that Wangye has helped him buy a house and this lady is very grateful. But one should not get a reward if it is not deserved. Shu er has received Wangye’s care since he was a child and is a lot lacking compared to Wangye, how can he keep receiving Wangye’s grace? These are the private savings that this lady has accumulated over the years, and asks Wangye to please kindly accept.”


Ji Changye smiled but was very angry in his heart. He bought property for You Shu because it was his duty. How did it become a favor that was bestowed when Song shi said it? This attitude is tantamount to separating himself from You Shu. Just now, I don’t know what she said. Will it drive a wedge between the feelings between him and You Shu?


Ji Changye regretted endlessly, he deeply felt that bringing You Shu to meet Song shi was a big mistake. However, he was unwilling to reach out to pick it up, and You Shu was the first to take the package in his arms and slowly said, “Mother will pay for the silvers used to buy the courtyard in my stead first and I will work hard to make up the rest.”


“Good, good, good. My Shu er is ambitious!” The son is not estranged with her, Song shi is overjoyed. She touches the hair behind his head, and laughs, “You are not that young, you should save some money to get a wife. Mother here will help you find one or two, and you must remember to come back and have a look. We don’t need a lady of a noble house. It is fine as long as her background is clean and she has good morals. 


You Shu felt that he was not yet of age and should not be married, but it is not good to refuse right in her face. He blinked his big eyes and said yes, but he thought of dragging it on in his heart until he was 20 years old.


He agreed here without hesitation. Ji Changye, who originally also wanted to find candidates for You Shu was startled and angry, almost unable to maintain his gentle mask. Although he said that You Shu should start a family and career as soon as possible, that thought disappeared without a trace and naturally it was not deep. However, after all, Song shi was You Shu’s mother and as the saying goes “command of parents and a good matchmaker is the proper way of contracting a marriage”. Once Song shi picks someone, You Shu could only obey.


The child that he meticulously cared for quickly became someone else’s in the blink of an eye, and was also being wantonly ordered about. Although Song shi’s plans were consistent with his own ideas, Ji Changye felt that it was unacceptable. He was so angry in his heart but he had no good reason to flare up. The expression on his face was still so mild, but his eyes were cold and terrifying.


He determined again, that bringing You Shu to meet Song shi, really was the most stupid decision.


“You Shu is still young, too early to talk about marriage. Bengong has already contributed a scholarly honor for You Shu, next spring will be able to participate in the imperial examination. To get married, it should only be discussed after maturity”, his voice was bland but his mind was turbulent.


Hearing that her son is going to participate in the imperial examination, Song shi was very happy and no longer brought up the matter of finding a wife. It would be bad if she distracted her son.


Participating in the imperial examinations is equal to an evaluation exam. After passing, they can have good jobs, and with good work you can eat delicacies. You Shu had no reasons to reject and squeezed out a small dimple to express his thanks to the master.


“Grasp the reins.” Ji Changye tugged lips and lifted the frail teen onto the horse’s back, then firmly whipped it. Soon, one man and one horse disappeared at the end of the village road. Only then did he give Song shi give a little nod, “Song furen, Bengong bids you goodbye.”


Poor Song furen was still thinking of asking when her son will come again. When she just opened her mouth, he was whisked away, and she could only force a smile and salute.




When returning to the Capital, You Shu ate a mouthful of sand. He didn’t know why the master was in a bad mood. He galloped along the way and didn’t say a word. He wanted to say something and was glared at several times. He felt aggrieved in his heart, and his mouth began to pout unknowingly.


A group of people entered the city gates then dismounted, so as to avoid colliding into people on both sides of the road. After walking slowly for a while, Ji Changye finally calmed down. He turned around to find You Shu’s mouth in a big pout and his cold heart immediately softened.


“There are fried dough sticks and ear-hole fried cake over there, do you want some?” he pointed ahead.


“Want.” You Shu threw aside his distractions in an instant and ran toward the stalls.


Ji Changye shook his head and laughed in spite of himself, he pulled out a few copper coins from the pouch and quickly caught up. If there is something to eat, You Shu wouldn’t let his imagination run wild anymore. He chewed while carelessly speaking. “Master, let’s go and see the courtyard you bought for me. If it can be lived in, I will bring back my mother, Song mama, and Baishao back.”


Ji Changye’s mouth frowned and said, “It had been mostly repaired, it is still inadequate to live in, but do not hurry. Wait for Wang family’s matters to thoroughly settle before saying it again to avoid implicating your mother.” If it’s like this, then I can drag it out till I leave the Capital.


You Shu thought so as well but insisted on going to see.


Ji Changye had no choice but to bring him over. He once again doubted the decision he made in his heart. Was it right or was it wrong? Seeing You Shu like this, actually planning to settle down, why didn’t he feel relaxed at all, but more depressed?


Although he had deliberately slowed down the pace, the house was right around the corner and they would arrive after passing two alleys. This is where the imperial family lived together, the environment is very quiet, and the abandoned houses on both sides are also beautiful and majestic, giving off an imposing air. However, as soon as they turned around the corner, they heard a heartbreaking wailing. The group looked up and saw a lot of yamen runners blocking the front door of a high-ranking official’s house. The plaque on the door beam was written with two awe-inspiring big gold letters— Wang Fu. 3yamen runners – yamen is a place akin to a police station and it’s runners are their odd-job men


This is Wang Xianggan’s home? Seeing a few familiar faces, he inwardly frowned.


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