There’s a Beauty Chapter 30

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Chapter 30 – Fourty Thousand; A Debt Collector’s Story 

Even if Song shi had been retired by Wang Xianggan and sent to the temple, Lin shi still refused to let the other side go. She bribed a few nuns and planned to torture Song shi to death. Fortunately, Song mama and Baishao arrived in time to escape with Song shi, and she was secretly protected and temporarily settled down by Ji Changye in a remote village in the suburbs of the Capital.


Wang Xianggan and Lin shi originally did not care that they had gone, until You Shu appeared. The two people felt that the situation was far from good and sent people to search throughout the Capital, trying to catch up Song shi to exert control over the other. In their opinion, You Shu’s methods were absolutely dreadful. He could cling onto the Third Prince even when he was in such dire straits, it’s clear that he had other plans. Coincidentally, he had a confrontation with Wang Tianyou, and Wang Tianyou had an accident. Who would believe that he didn’t have a hand in it?


Therefore, Wang Xianggan intended to get rid of mother and son even more urgently. He originally planned to make a move after his son had his fun, but he didn’t expect things to not only go out of control, but grow into bigger issues, and was temporarily busy.


When You Shu saw Song shi, she was standing in the courtyard feeding chickens and ducks, sprinkle grated maize while giggling, attracting a crowd of fluffy chicks and ducks to come flying over. The scene is relaxed and warm. You Shu hasn’t seen Song shi before, but he saw a shadow of himself in the beautiful outline of the other person. Leaving the Wang family and evading the manhunt, she was obviously passing her days comfortably. Although she was a little thin, her cheeks were glowing with a healthy flush. Only, a two-inch long scar under the forehead was covered with a fringe.


In the past life, You Shu had begun to be independent when he was 9. In addition to feeding himself, he also occasionally searched for food for his parents. He was not the kind of child that needed care and protection. Therefore, although he was abandoned by Song shi when he was young and had never enjoyed the tenderness of a mother’s love, he had no resentment in his heart. On the contrary, he can understand that Song shi’s indifference to him is sometimes just a kind of protection.


Because he had never met his mother, he was unfamiliar with her. He stood in the doorway staring blankly at her.


It was unknown what state of mind he was in, but Ji Changye who was protecting You Shu from beside him did not urge him and also did not push him to go but silently observed the other party.


Song shi heard footsteps and looked back, suddenly covering her mouth and letting out a short cry, the wicker basket in her hands falling to the floor.

“Aren’t you, aren’t you You Shu? My son?” She quickly stepped forward, but hastily retreated, clearly urgently wanting to embrace the boy, but didn’t dare to draw close because of the guilt in her heart. When she learned little details about her son from Song mama, she looked forward to the day that they could meet. She was not a good mother. Not only had she never raised her son, she had not even given him a decent name.


He was called You Shu, and now look, the person himself was just like his name, a million times better than what she imagined. She burst into tears and stretched out her hand to the teenager for a moment; she covered her mouth for a moment so as not to let out a sad choke.


When both mother and child stared at each other in silence, Ji Changye unconsciously frowned. He had no feelings towards Song shi, and even hated her a little bit. As a mother, you can’t even protect your own child. What meaning is there to your life? Right now, seeing that the other party couldn’t wait to pounce on You Shu and hug him, he was even more upset and a strange, sour feeling churned in him. He wanted to bring back You Shu immediately.


He placed his hand on the youth’s shoulder and forcefully pressed, planning to speak, but he saw Song mama ran out from the house at the sound of activity and shouted with joy, “Aiya, it’s Young Master! Young Master is back!” She barely finished speaking when she came over in a hurry, not forgetting to pull along the timid Song Shi, “Furen, this is the young master, haven’t you been thinking about him every day, why aren’t you quickly going over! “


Song shi finally returned to her senses and ran to You Shu, hugged him, and then sobbed and was choked with tears, crying repeatedly, “Child, my unfortunate child, your mother finally saw you!”


Just then, Baishao who was carrying out the laundry tubs turned around and saw the two people hugging. She first froze, then ran over, pushing Ji Changye, Ah Da and Ah Er aside while giggling and wiping her tears like a lunatic.


Seeing the bewildered youth who had been pulled into a hug, Ji Changye wrinkled his brows even tighter, more and more want to go home. For fifteen years, they were not the least concerned about You Shu and he meticulously raised him, but they cried and laughed while holding him. Where did this put him? Fortunately, You Shu had a very good relationship with him and should not be coaxed by her in two or three sentences.


He just thought of this when he saw the youth hesitantly held out his hand and hugged Song shi’s waist. Ji Changye’s breathing stifled and his black eyes immediately sink. He brushed off Song mama and Baishao who were standing in front of him, and then unyieldingly peeled You Shu away from Song shi’s arms, half hugging him in his arm, and then he slowly said, “Mother and son meeting is a happy occasion, but why are you incessantly crying? Go in if you have anything to talk about. “


Song shi finally snapped out of it, promptly saluted him, then quickly cleaned out the main room, inviting them to have a seat.


You Shu spent ten months in Song Shu womb. Even though he had not seen her for 15 years, intimacy was still retained in his subconscious. Therefore, he who was always very alert calmed down very quickly and took the initiative to sit next to Song shi when he entered the house.


Ji Changye endured it, in the end did not hold back and pulled You Shu to his right and pointed to his left and warmly spoke, “Song Furen please. You and your son two finally meet, the both of you should sit down and talk about the old times.” Although the words were beautiful, he unhesitantly refused when Song mama and Baishao wanted to kill a chicken for a feast.


“There is no need to inconvenience everybody. 

 still has some matters to attend to. We will leave in a while.” 1

 – how royalty refer to themselves.


From the moment You Shu was hugged into people’s arms, his heart was like stuffed with hot stones, both suffocating and burning, and he felt an uncomfortable ache when pressing his chest.


Song shi looked at the son she was reluctantly to part with, and hastily prompted, “Do not dare to delay 

. Then, You Shu can just stay behind.” With the Third Prince here, the mother and son would inevitably be constrained when interacting, therefore she looked forward to the other party hurrying away and forgotten her etiquette. 2

 – Prince/ Marquis/ nobleman.


Ji Changye’s eyes gradually cooled but the tone was very gentle, “You Shu is Benwang’s right hand man, he cannot be absent from Benwang’s side. He cannot stay for long today and it is the same for the next he comes as well.”


Song shi opened her mouth to speak but cowered at the sight of Third Wangye’s bottomless eyes and could only force a smile and nod.


You Shu completely did not notice the surging undercurrents between his Master and mother. Seeing the clothes that were being mended placed in the wicker basket on the table, he took the initiative to thread a needle.


Although Ji Changye had quite some savings set aside and also had many secret contacts, Xiao Guifei sent a few spies to constantly monitor him, and therefore he did not dare to reveal his wealth. He could only use the silver bestowed by the Empress Dowager a few years ago. After a few years, they had to dress as though they were poor, and the days passed they acted as though money was more and more tight. Don’t mention the brocade clothing, shoes and socks that were patched repeatedly, that they couldn’t bear to throw, and having to wear them until they don’t fit. Not to mention the life skills that he had cultivated to the fullest point in his last life. When he was staying at Kaiyuan Temple, You Shu did plenty of these sewing tasks so he was very skilled.


Upon seeing this, Song shi felt more and more distressed. Her son, who was supposed to be a noble’s son, now does needlework which was supposed to be done by servant girls. It could be seen that he had suffered a lot of hardship since young. She blamed herself for being unable to protect her son. Fortunately, now that she has left the Wang family, she can finally make up for it.


Thinking of this, Song shi quickly grabbed the needle and thread and softly said, “Quickly put that down, you do not have these things. Now that you’re home, you are mother’s darling. It’s enough that you just sit.” Then she took out a rope from the basket and held it against the youth’s body, “Mother will measure you and make several sets of clothes. Summer is so close, you should change your autumn clothing.”


You Shu reflexively hid, somewhat unused to Song shi’s intimacy. Seeing this, Song mama quickly mediated, “Young Master, don’t blame Furen, Furen is thinking about you all the time. From your clothes to shoes and socks since childhood, she estimated the size and made it, but hated Lin shi’s cruelty, not letting Furen bring even half a piece of clothing, setting everything on fire! “


You Shu no longer hid and took the initiative to stretch his arm to let Song shi measure. This is a mother’s heart, he cannot and is unwilling to let her down. Seeing the scar on the other party’s forehead, he could not help but touch gently with his fingertips, and asked, “How did this happen?”


“It’s nothing. I just knocked into something when I was careless.” Song shi quickly held her son’s fingertips, not letting go for a long time before touching his slender wrist,” You are too skinny, you need to make up for it. Mother is best at medicinal cuisine, sooner or later I will make you white and plump.”


You Shu struggled but couldn’t break away and could only go with her. The two held hands and talked about each other’s situation.


Ji Changye quietly drank tea. His drooping eyes were shrouded in elegance. As soon as they met, they hugged and embraced, kneaded and pinched. And now, they even said “mother’s darling”. If she really thought of him as her darling, how can she turn a blind eye towards You Shu for 15 years? If she really thought of him as her darling, how could she not look for her son as soon as she left Wang family? All of her actions right now were simply a joke!


I raised You Shu with such care, afraid he was cold, afraid he was hungry, afraid that he will hurt his future. I planned everything for him, and even properly paved the road under him. I only wish he could live a safe and healthy life after I left. If you really want to talk about it, he should be MY darling, what right does Song shi have to be distressed? The more he thought about it, the more turbulent Ji Changye’s mood got. He put down the cup and asked, “What is the hour?”


“Replying to the master, it is weishi (1-3 pm) and 3 quarters.” Ah Da who was standing in the doorway and looked in the shadow of the tree in the courtyard.


“Seventh imperial younger brother is still waiting for Bengong at Tingyu 3 Pavillion, we should go.” Ji Changye didn’t want to stay a moment longer.


Wasn’t the meeting with Seventh Wangye tomorrow? Ah Da and Ah Er were puzzled in their hearts, but they didn’t reveal anything on their faces, and immediately went outside to pull over the horses.


You Shu didn’t know how he should interact with Song shi so he was unnaturally tense. At this moment, he couldn’t up but sigh in relief and quickly grabbed the young man’s sleeves and blindly followed him. Since the day he was born, he had never met Song shi. If he is an ordinary teenager, he may cling to maternal love, but he has memories of his previous life and is extremely nostalgic for his past parents. At the first meeting, he was not really excited or reluctant to part.


He is willing to take care of Song shi, but cultivating real feelings between mother and son requires a lot of time.


Seeing that her son was leaving, Song shi immediately burst into tears. However, she knew that she was not qualified to block him from leaving. Where would there be a mother who would throw her son out for a full 15 years because of an absurd dream? Even if there were other reasons, she wouldn’t be able to explain it. She sent them to the door, wanting to say something but hesitated.


When Ji Changye was grabbed by You Shu, it felt as if spring rain had come in his heart. It was moist but also snuggly. His gloomy face slowly smoothened and speculated: After all, it was me who personally raised the child. Even when he saw his relatives, he would still side with me. 4


He didn’t expect that when they reached the entrance, You Shu would turn back and roll up his sleeves, “Master, is it possible to wait a moment? I want to help, help mother finish the chores in the courtyard. It’s not easy for a few women to take care of a courtyard. If Master is in a hurry, you can go on ahead. I can go back by myself at night. “


This time, Song shi did not raise the matter of letting her son sit quietly and pulled him. 5


Ji Changye’s slightly raised mouth pulled downwards, his gaze dreadfully cold.

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