There’s a Beauty Chapter 24

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Chapter 1.24 – Fourty Thousand; A Debt Collector’s Story

Without any more excitement to watch, You Shu slid down the branch. As soon as he landed on the ground, he felt an evil wind attacking from behind his head. Naturally, it was that malicious spirit that hadn’t appeared for a long time. You Shu did not rush to evade like in the past, nor yelled for help, but turned around to face the dark fog.

Two sharp claws probing out of the black mist made a hissing sound as soon as they touched his neck, as if the palm was pressed against the hot red iron plate, immediately roasted black, and was set on fire by a purple flame.

“Ahhh!” The black mist disappeared instantly, revealing the ferocious looking debt-collector ghost. He shook his hands and took a few steps back, and the miserable howl continued, the flames spread from the palm to the arm, scorching and reducing them to ashes.

You Shu calmly stood there, admiring the other party’s sorry look. Suddenly, the  two cute little ghosts suddenly became fierce with red eyes and fangs, and darted over to bite. Ghosts can not only inhale Yang Qi 1, but also devour their own kind, which is how they become more and more powerful.

The debt collector didn’t expect this. He just left for 3 months and the prey that he had been playing with at the palm of his hands had become a fierce beast. He was also followed by two hundred-year-old ghosts. He rolled on the ground, begging hard, but failed to win the sympathy of the other side. On the contrary, they greatly enjoyed his pain.

Also, no matter the underworld or this world, the strong are respected and the fittest survive. When he is deliberately trying to kill the other party, he must be prepared to be killed.

The two little devils bit his leg, turning his resentment, which he had collected with much difficulty, for their own use. You Shu pinched his neck, slapped his face left and right, and scolded him, “Who told you to hurt me? WHO TOLD YOU TO HURT ME? Now do you feel satisfied? DO YOU FEEL SATISFIED?”

The sounds of slapping were endless, and the evil spirit’s blue-purple cheeks were continuously hit until they sent out sparks. The choked neck was also starting to smoke, appearing as if it was going to be burnt and broken. The two little ghosts worried that his soul would disperse the next moment, and quickly swallowed mouthfuls of resentment into their stomach.

The debt-collecting ghost regretted. After 15 years of entanglement, he has always thought that the boy is timid as a mouse and weak in nature. Except for hugging a big thigh, he couldn’t and didn’t dare to do anything. Therefore, he had no fear, and planned to slowly play him to death. Who would’ve expected that he was pretending. Looking at the person in front of him, the face is still that face, the expression is still that expression, but the contrasting eyes are gradually stained with strong killing intentions. This naive yet wicked look is even more terrifying than that of the ghost king.

“I’m satisfied, I’m satisfied, Lord You Shu!. I beg you, please forgive me. I won’t dare to come again in the future!” He felt like his soul was about to be scattered and the debt-collector ghost shed two lines of tears of blood. It’s said that honest people cannot be messed with, and this phrase is true! They’re usually quiet but when they’re ruthless, they simply want your life!

“Forgive you? Have you ever spared me?” You Shu’s tone was flat, but it is even more sinister. Two little ghosts howled and had eaten both of the debt-collector ghost’s legs and are now wrapped around his waist.

Right at this moment, a forceful Buddhist chant suddenly sounded, shocking the two little ghosts to holding their heads in their hands and howl, and You Shu unconsciously loosened his hand. Most of the ghosts who were destroyed by the chant quickly broke away from their control and fled into the ground.

“You guys go too.” Seeing the person coming in, You Shu immediately ordered.

The two little ghosts said, “Master, be careful”, and then drilled into the ground and fled..

“Benefactor You Shu, the Bodhi Temple is a clean place for Buddhism. We don’t welcome followers of evil spirits. This humble monk will open an altar tomorrow to hold worship to expel evil for benefactor Wang and ask the benefactor to leave as soon as possible.” Master Xuan Ming stamped the purple gold staff, his expression displeased.

You Shu didn’t answer, but just looked at his feet. There was a little novice Buddhist monk who was bare naked and covered with bruises. He had a round head and round eyes with skin as white as a lotus, looking very cute. He was pulling the monk’s hem and kept calling out “Master”, but unfortunately he was already dead and his Master couldn’t hear anything.

You Shu frowned and asked, “Can you see ghosts?”

Master Xuanming’s face became more severe, thinking that the young man was intentionally changing the subject, and deeply said, “This humble monk doesn’t touch evil things, so naturally cannot see ghosts.” The reason he can find this place was because of the Buddhist staff in his hand. This staff has been blessed by previous monks of Bodhi Temple, which can drive away evil spirits and dispel evil spirits.

You Shu nodded and asked, “Are you going to open an altar for Wang Tianyou tomorrow?”

“Exactly. This humble monk does not care what grievances you have with the Wang family, just hope that you can let go of everything and repent and be saved.” Buddhism was the state religion of the Daming Dynasty. Up to the royal kinsmen and nobles, and down to the common people, most of them believed in this religion. As one of the most prestigious Masters of the Daming Dynasty, Xuan Ming had a very transcendent status. He walked between the upper society and the lower people, and promoted Buddhism everywhere, and naturally knew many secrets. He was very clear on the relationship between the youth and the Wang family but he kept it a secret.

But now it is different. The boy actually used ghosts to harm people in his temple so he has the responsibility to expel him.

“I didn’t think of harming Wang Tianyou. It was he who harmed himself. You are a monk. You should have compassion. Why are you indulging a bad person?” You Shu was very confused.

“The Buddha said that all living things are equal and that all things have spirits. There is no distinction between good and bad in this world. In the eyes of this humble monk, all people are the same, and if they can be saved, they can be saved. The Bodhisattva of the Great Vow threw himself into the underworld to save the living creatures who were suffering. This humble monk did much less than that. ” After his words fell, Xuan Ming put his palms together and said a chant.

This turned out to be a holy father. You Shu suddenly realized and nodded. With a sympathetic gaze, he looked at the little novice Buddhist monk, who was crying “Master” at his feet with bloody tears.

“Since you want to save Wang Tianyou, then save him. I’m still saying that, I didn’t harm him. He harmed himself. After you finish the ritual tomorrow, I will leave.” You Shu slightly nodded and strolled away.

Because the other party was the adopted brother of the Third Prince, Master Xuanming didn’t plan to make things difficult, so he took two steps back and softly prayed to Buddha. The little novice monk, who was holding his clothes tightly, called out “Master” two more times. Seeing that Xuan Ming was indifferent, the little monk also disappeared.

You Shu did not walk far before he saw two little ghosts coming out of the ground. They regretfully spoke, “Sir, we lost it. But rest assured, next time he comes back, we will certainly tear him apart.”

“It’s okay, I’ll tear him apart myself.” You Shu waved slightly.

One person and two ghosts strolled to the west courtyard, and the little novice monk followed not far behind. The little novice monk was only three or four years old when he died. Probably because he was influenced by Buddhist teachings from a young age, his resentment was not heavy even though he was tortured when he was alive. He was reluctant to leave because he was reluctant to leave the master and all his brothers.

You Shu didn’t want to take him in and waved at him from a distance. “You go away.”

The two little ghosts also bared their fangs to threaten him, “Hurry up or eat you!”

The little novice monk was frightened till he shuddered, but refused to leave. After seeing him perseveringly following him, You Shu ran two steps quickly, and the little novice monk also rushed on his short legs; when You Shu stopped, he also quickly stopped; when You Shu crouched, he also crouched; when You Shu stood up, he still stood up and completely copied the other party’s movements. 2

He’s dead set on following me! You Shu pursed his lips and helplessly spoke, “What do you want to do?”

“I want to report a few things to Master, but he can’t see me.” This was the little novice monk’s only wish. He was raised by Master Xuan Ming from an early age, so his heart was pure and clear and had no thoughts of ​​revenge.

You Shu can see ghosts because of his strong mental strength, but he had no clue on how to let others see it. It may be feasible to lend out a little bit of your own mental power, but you need to rely on some medium to release your mental power outside your body. You Shu looked down at his palm and whispered, “I’ll try it, but it won’t necessarily succeed.”

“Thank you!” The little novice monk put his palms together and bowed deeply.

The group of children ghosts has grown again. You Shu walks in front, feeling like a nanny who looked after children. 3


In the West Courtyard, Ji Changye frowned at a table full of vegetarian food. He walked to the window with his hands clasped behind his back, and asked lowly asked, “Where did You Shu go?”

“Reporting to the master, he has been sitting on the tree in the east to watch the liveliness of the Wang family.” Ah Da seemed to think of something and chuckled.

“It’s so late and he still hasn’t returned. Truly a wild child.” Ji Changye shook his head and sat back at the table and picked up his chopsticks. Although there was a smile in his tone, there seems to be a hint of bitter taste on his tongue. For the first time in ten years, this is the first time You Shu hasn’t eaten with him. It turns out that eating alone is so difficult, and everything was tasteless.

Casually eating some dishes, Ji Changye ordered people to remove the dishes and sit at the table and meditate. The sunset outside the window slowly fell into the mountain range, and at the same time took away the light of the world. Ah Da felt worried, and quickly went to find You Shu. Ah Er went into the house and took out a flintstone to light the oil lamp on the table. The wick made a crackling sound, which woke Ji Changye. He rubbed his temples and asked, “What time is it?

“Reporting to the master, it is xushi (7-9pm) and three quarters.” Ah Er whispered back. 4

“You Shu haven’t come back yet?”

“I haven’t seen anyone. This is the first time that he has gone out to play, he will naturally feel it is very novel. He will calm down in the future.” Ah Er comforted.

Ji Changye nodded first, then shook her head with a bitter smile after a while, “Perhaps he played so much that he didn’t want to come back.” ‘Gone to never return’? Really ‘gone to never return’! Thinking of this, he was inexplicably furious and sneered, “Go, clean the room next door, and when the unruly boy returns, ask him to sleep alone in the future.” 5

Knowing that the Master was angry, Ah Er restrained his smile, “Okay, subordinate will go and clean it up.”

Under the guidance of the little novice monk, You Shu stole a roasted chicken and shochu hidden by a certain rogue monk 6. After eating till his tummy was round, You Shu gave out a burp and walked back. When he reached the courtyard, he saw that the door of Master’s room was shut tight and the lights were out. He had fallen asleep. You Shu quickly walked two steps to push the door, but was stopped by Ah Er. Ah Da also just came back from the outside, and when he saw You Shu, he complained, “Where did I go, I had to look for you so hard.”

“Ran to pilfer food.” You Shu confessed honestly, making Ah Da and Ah Er not know whether to laugh or cry

“The Master said, you have to sleep alone in the future, don’t stick to him all day, it’s not like you haven’t grown up.” Ah Er poked the teenager’s smooth forehead.

You Shu just got the Dragon Qi and taught the debt-collecting ghost a good lesson. He was in a bright mood like never before. After hearing this, he didn’t cry and shamelessly stir up trouble like he used to, but obediently nodded, “Okay, I’ll sleep alone.” It’s fine to steal another mouthful when the Dragon Qi is about to dissipate. It’s strange that a 15-year-old still squeezes a bed with someone every day.

His straightforward attitude made Ah Da and Ah Er very surprised. Only after You Shu entered and locked the door did Ah Da and Ah Er returned to their senses. In their hearts, they thought ‘He really grew up’.

Ji Changye did not go to bed, but stood in the dark room and looked out. He heard a few people’s conversations, his eyes darkened quickly.

After a long time, Ah Er lightly pushed the door open and entered and laughed, “Reporting to the master, since You Shu is not noisy and didn’t stir up trouble, very well-behaved, now he is probably asleep. When we go to Jingzhou in the future, we don’t have to worry about him everyday. ”

Ji Changye sighed after a long silence, but he did not feel relieved in his heart. On the contrary, it felt ever heavier. He didn’t understand what was happening to him. He couldn’t hold him tight but he also couldn’t let go. The more obediently You Shu followed his plan of creating distance, the more uneasy he became.

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