There’s a Beauty Chapter 18

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Chapter 1.18 – Fourty Thousand

You Shu felt glad because he escaped from Wang jia – that wolf den. The boy child opened his mouth full of sharp teeth and walked over step by step. But he still lost and was bounced off by some invisible force a few feet away. The girl child was scared that he would drift away and quickly brought him back. The two ghosts surrounded the pavillion, anxiously encircling it while baring their fangs and brandishing their claws, punching and kicking but not daring to come near from start to finish.

What did Wang Tian You do to this elder sister and younger brother? To actually make them wish they could eat him raw? You Shu was very curious but didn’t plan to meddle in other people’s business. Although Wang jia abandoned him, he never had the thought to retaliate. One good turn deserves another, meet resentment with upright dealing. You Shu always paid particular attention to fairness when doing things. Wang jia tossed him aside,
he will also look at them like strangers. Growing old and dying without having any dealings with each other is even better. Supposing Wang jia insisted on killing him, only then would he deal with it.

While he was pondering, everyone in the pavillion had already started to recite poetry and paint. Wang Tian You could speak when he was 1 year old, could compose a poem when he was 3 and could pass the Imperial exam at 9. At 15, he had become the youngest person in the Daming dynasty to be a successful candidate in the Imperial provincial examinations. He is known as a peerless child prodigy in the Capital. When talking about painting and calligraphy, if he ranked second, then no one present would dare to climb to first place. Even those who were a few years older than him kept their mouths shut, only watching him.

Wang Tian You also did not humbly decline and ordered the servant girl to spread open a snowy white rice paper, casually writing an essay. The essay only showed a play with words and was limited in format with difficult to express and profound meanings and rich content. But the use of allusions and over-embellished flowery language was merely for the purpose of showing off. But the present literati seem to enjoy it. Whoever could put out such a splendid essay could become famous in the Capital in a moment.

Wang Tian You still hadn’t finished writing when the spectators were already full of praise. There were even people who were rhythmically shaking their heads , their expressions completely intoxicated. Finally the last word fell and he smiled and smirked, “Also invite everyone to comment.”

The two little ghosts got increasingly unreconciled and shouted and wailed. Tears of blood gradually streaming down from their eyes, clearing hating to the extreme. If people could see this frightening spectacle, could they still speak those flattering words? You Shu looked down and curled his lip.

Waiting for the ink to dry completely, everyone eagerly passed around the essay. After Duke Weiguo Shizi finished reading it, he passed it over to his good friend from former years and smiled, “In those years, Your Highness’s essays were also the top in the Capital, now 10 years have passed and should look at the younger generation’s standard.”

Ji Changye merely gave it a glance and waved, “Just so-so, not looking is also fine.” Not to mention the relationship between Wang jia and the Fourth Prince and regardless of Wang Tian You’s attitude towards him, he is Wang Xianggan’s only shu son and Wang Xianggan exerted himself to suppress You Shu and Song-shi for this pair of mother and son. Ji Changye did not have the least bit of a good impression of him.

Just so-so? Wang Tian You, who was able to move unhindered in the literary circle and had never received such a inferior judgement, suddenly sternly interrogated, “Your Highness you haven’t finished reading it and then subjectively spoke, isn’t it unfair? Still request Your Highness to carefully read and comment again.”

“Bendian had not returned to the Capital for a long time and the Capital’s people had already forgotten that Bendian has the ability to remember after one reading. Comment? You still do not have the qualifications. Bendian’s yidi can consult you a thing or two.” Ji Changye dragged the young boy standing behind him who was gnawing on pastries and warmly said, “You Shu, teach Wang gongzi well.” 1

You Shu promptly packed the pastry well, tucking it back into his sleeve and seriously promised, “Rest assured Master, I will definitely teach Wang gongzi how to conduct himself well.” For Master’s order, he would certainly spare no effort.

Ji Changye lighty wiped the pastry crumbs on the corner of his lips and smiled, “Spoken how many times, don’t call Bendian Master, call xiongzhang. “ 2

“Okay, Master.” You Shu pursed his lips and squeezed out two little dimples.

Seeing Wei Shizi unable to withstand his laughter at one side, Ji Changye had quite a heavy impulse to support his head. In his heart, You Shu has long ceased to be a servant and was the closest person to him, but no matter how many times he reminded him, You Shu was unwilling to switch the form of address, as if he really like to call “Master”. Whatever, whatever, allow him ba.

Ji Changye exerted himself to suppress the impulse to poke the young boy’s dimples and stood up, personally spreading a rice paper for him and grinding the ink. If Wang Tian You was said to be a peerless child prodigy, then how should You Shu, who could do everything he learnt, be called? Today, he wanted to let these people see what was called “frog at the bottom of the well”, what was called “mountains beyond mountains”.  3

You Shu seemed to not need to think before dipping the brush in ink and starting to write. He had always accompanied Ji Changye by his side ever since he was young, his calligraphy style already long been subtly influenced by the other party. An essay with bold cursive calligraphy coupled with vigorous brush strokes served as a foil to the spring flowery expression, it could even be said that they added radiance and beauty to each other, maginificent and respectful.

“Creations are magificent, the Hea are precious, the dragon’s gaze fires the cow, fighting to ruins; illustrious hero, spirit of the place, gentle child lays on the luxurious couch…… good good good! The start has great momentum, the language of the article is wonderful! Good writing, something I have rarely seen all my life, you are without equal! The onlookers were still immersed and gasping with astonishment, Wei shizi was already slapping the table and shouting praise. [Footnote] Samui: i cried when i read this. To think of the essays we need to write for university these days ㅠㅠ [/footnote]

If Wang Tian You’s essay was said to be a masterpiece, then this composition was unrivaled under the skies for generations to come. Placing the two compositions side by side, which was superior and which was inferior was immediately seen. Everyone faltered in their speech and found it difficult to speak, in their hearts they said, Ten years have passed and the Third Prince had not fell the reputation of the di son of the Empress, even having hidden dragons and crouching tigers by his side, people of talent coming forth.

Wang Tian You’s cheeks turned red and looked at the composition on the table and then carelessly looked at the Third Prince and the young boy, directly flinging his sleeve and leaving.

“Not first in literature, not second in military. Did not expect the so-called Third Young Master of the Capital to take defeat with bad grace like this. Temperament truly somewhat narrow-minded. Anyway, let’s go You Shu.” Ji Changye led the young boy and unhurriedly walked away. He had long known that You Shu’s talent and learning were extraordinary, and was improving by the day, if not for him being unwilling to take part in the Imperial examinations, how could there be today’s Wang Tian You?

You Shu took out the pastry and continued gnawing, but his heart was lost in thought. Just now, the servant girl beside Wang Tian You kept staring at him and kept turning back to stare at him as she left, her face revealing surprise. Has she already discovered his past history? Because he had matters in his heart, he somewhat lost his appetite when eating the vegetarian dishes, hastily raking in two bowls of rice and the giving up. Ji Changye just thought that he was stirred up because of seeing Wang jia’s people. He spoke some soft tender words of comfort and hugged him to sleep.

When they got up again, You Shu was a lot more normal, making Ji Changye’s heart secretly burst into laughter. In these 15 years, he truly grew up pure. He still like when he was younger – as long as he ate enough, wore warm clothes, slept well, not irritated and not angry, simply cheerful. But it’s also good like this, as this is the You Shu he likes.

You Shu had just put on his clothes and did not have enough time to wear his shoes, his naked feet standing on the embrodered carpet, his ink-black hair hanging loosely from his head dangling down to his ankles, the moist and sleep blurry eyes contrasting with his skin, looking like a child who got lost. This visual was quite adept at provoking the urge to pamper him. Ji Changye hugged his slender waist with one hand and hooked his legs bent with the other, weighing him as he lifted him up and smiled, “Recently, my family’s You Shu seemed to have become thin. It seems like we should return earlier than expected to nourish you, otherwise you would get thinner from eating only vegetarian food.”

Although You Shu was simple-minded, Ji Changye did not dare to let the young boy stay together with the Wang jia’s people for long. After all, he was the child who he raised and seeing him absent-minded, moody made Ji Changye felt terribly distressed. If it were not for an old friend being here, he almost wished he could immediately return home.

You Shu reflexively hugged the youth’s neck, without a smile on his face, his cheek faintly revealing two small dimples, and habitually leaned close, using the tip of his nose to rub the youth’s smooth chin. The two people had been associated closely for 10 years and didn’t think this anything unusual. But in other people’s eyes, such behaviour was somewhat overly intimate. In particular, the youth had a face that was bright like a magnificient spring and clear like the autumn moon, and an umproperly dressed appearance, making it very easy for people to be lost in wild and fanciful thoughts.

The host of Bodhi Temple, Master Xuan Ming, and the Third Prince were good friends despite the age difference, so he did not pay a courtesy call and directly came to the door. When he saw the scene in the room, he hurriedly moved away his line of sight and said, “It seems like this monk had come at a bad time?”

“”Not at all, Master please enter.” Ji Changye immediately put You Shu down and apologetically said, “Please wait for a short moment, Master.” While he spoke he helped the young boy wear his socks and shoes, and tied his hair.

Master Xuan Ming felt even more embarrassed. He can’t go, but he also can’t stay so he could only put his palms together and recite a scripture. Fortunately, Ji Changye was very experienced with looking after a child and very quickly tidied You Shu up and let him out the door to play. How could You Shu dare to go? He pushed open the room window and pointed at the rock table outside in the courtyard, “I’ll be eating snacks outside, Master can see me as soon as you raise your eyes.”

The youth liked to stick together since young and couldn’t even be chased away. This one point always made Ji Changye vexed but also always made him feel moved. Having experienced the pain of losing his mother and suffered the betrayal of his loved ones, he has long lost any expectations towards human feelings. He could use the most gentle mask to do the most cruel things, but repeatedly fail in front of You Shu’s careless words, or accidental hugs.

Perhaps others would be fed up with the young boy’s uncomplying and unyielding’s pestering, but Ji Changye was not one of them. Actually, he really likes You Shu’s dependence on him. Because of this overwhelming dependence, Ji Changye, who had sunk into an abyss of self-denial, could regain his confidence. While the entire land under the Heavens was trying to wipe out his existence, a person who could only depend on him to survive suddenly appeared. That feeling was like a passerby numb with cold coming across a ball of fire – except for impatiently pouncing on it, there was no other viable choice.

He tapped on the young boy’s nose and pamperingly said, “Go, don’t eat too much, be careful or else you’ll have an upset stomach.”

You Shu recalled the precious time he had eaten the wrong thing and vomited, troubling the youth to take care of him all night. His ears somewhat turned red.

“I know.” He nodded and stepped out of the room. Ah Da and Ah Er immediately carried a few plates of pastries and laid them on the stone table.

Master Xuan Ming very rarely showed interest in ordinary affairs. Although he felt the two people’s relationship was not very normal, he treated it like nothing and stretched out his hand to invite his little friend to play weiqi. The two people sat by the window and slowly arranged the pieces. You Shu refined his spirit powers while gnawing on a walnut cake.4

A moment later, a middle-aged pufu walked back and forth outside the courtyard entrance, seeming unintentional, her gaze looking at the youth’s face from time to time. After walking 7-8 trips, her expression became solemn as if she determined something and then she dashed off. After half a cup of tea’s time passed, a middle-aged pufu came again who waved and called out, “Little brother, My family’s Furen sends a basket of fruits and vegetables to the Third Prince, all just picked from the village, very fresh, come over and pick it.”5

Hearing that there’s something to eat, You Shu immediately stood up and calculated the distance between the courtyard entrance and his family’s Master. It obviously exceeded 20 metres, so he hesitated.

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