There’s a Beauty Chapter 16

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Chapter 1.16 – Fourty Thousand

[WARNING: Descriptions of torture and character death.]

The Fourth Prince had first tricked Imperial Concubine Lan into the Cold Palace and then violated and strangled her to death. He then had bribed the Third Prince’s palace maid and ordered her to give him a drug. When he lost consciousness, he transported Imperial Concubine Lan’s corpse onto the Third Prince’s bed and stuffed the white silk wound around Imperial Concubine Lan’s neck into his hands.

Imperial Consort Xiao waited for her son to report that he had finished the trap and then led the Emperor to visit the Third Prince who was in pain from losing his mother. Once they entered the door, they saw the Third Prince and Imperial Concubine Lan’s corpse that was riddled with scars lying on the bed together. Imperial Concubine Lan was bleeding from her seven apertures and a purple line scar on her neck, her widened eyes filled with blood and tears, as if she wasn’t resigned to die. Her tongue stretched out long and was already completely cold. The Third Prince slowly turned around and woke up and stared blankly at the white silk in his hand.

Such a terrible scene made the Emperor almost spit out blood. He immediately ordered people to arrest the Third Prince and hurriedly laid Imperial Concubine Lan’s corpse in a coffin. A son raping his father’s concubine and even ruthlessly killed the concubine, this was the first scandal of the Imperial family in the past 100 years. The Emperor was angry and if it were not for the reason that the Imperial family’s reputation would be damaged if he publicised this, he would have publicly decapitated the Third Prince. After thinking thrice, he handed down the decree to banish the Third Prince forever and have him practice Buddhism.

After Imperial Concubine Lan had died, she became a ghost that remained in the world of the living. She wanted to see if the Emperor would personally take revenge for her. She saw that he punished the innocent Third Prince and although she felt some pity in her heart, she did not feel hate.  But not long after, when the Emperor slowed down from grief, he gradually discovered a lot of inconsistencies. He grabbed a few key witnesses that Imperial Concubine Lan’s death was actually Imperial Consort Xiao and Fourth Prince’s dirty plot.

Until this point, Imperial Concubine Lan had felt her waiting was not in vain. However, if she really did not have an enemy, she wouldn’t be a resentful, ferocious-looking ghost today. After the Emperor learned the truth, he ran to confront Imperial Consort Xiao and was dealt with by Imperial Consort Xiao’s weeping and wailing. Imperial Concubine Lan had only been a temporary target of the Emperor’s fascination. In reality, the person he truly loved was still Imperial Consort Xiao. For this mother and son pair, it can be said that he would do everything. He called the Fourth Prince over to rebuke him with a few sentences and punished him by ordering him to copy a few sheets of scriptures. This matter was considered settled. After he went back, all the palace maids involved with this matter were sentenced to death to wipe out any uncertainties.

Not only did the female ghost’s death not create any waves in Imperial Consort Xiao and the Fourth Prince’s influence, the two even made use of her death to remove the original di son. After 1 year, the Emperor actually titled the Fourth Prince as the heir to the throne despite the opposition of his courtiers, praising his moral quality as valuable with dragon constitution and phoenix disposition. Seeing the “family of three” sitting in Weiyang Palace drinking wine to celebrate, thinking of that murderer being titled and even being praised at great lengths – the female ghost’s grievances finally reached the peak.

She truly loved the Emperor and previously still fantasised of being an ordinary husband and wife with him, bearing and raising children. In the end, she had discovered that she was merely a plaything. Being raped and murdered by his son still failed to cause even a bit of mercy in him, not to mention that her belly conceived his child.

How deep her love is: is how deep her hate will be.

From then on, the female ghost was hell bent on killing the Emperor. The main culprit, the Fourth Prince and the accomplice, Imperial Consort Xiao were next on the list.

After he finished listening to the female ghost’s story, You Shu turned and looked at the sleeping youth, his heart feeling extreme pain. 11 years ago, the Master was only 14 years old, how sad must he have felt when suffered such slander, how isolated must he have felt when he was exiled?

Stroking his dully aching chest, You Shu firmly said, “I can help you, but you have to wash your grievances for my Master. Can you do this?”

In the end, the female ghost owed the Third Prince and nodded, “En. So, your question is?”

“My question is how to absorb Dragon Qi.” You Shu made up his mind long ago. Even if the female ghost could not give him an answer that would satisfy him, he was willing to help her, even if he would be plagued by that malicious ghost, torn and eaten until nothing was left. These years, the Master had saved him hundreds and thousands of times, what regret was there to return this life to his Master?

The female ghost stared blankly and then smiled, “You asking like this, it may be assumed that you are thinking of absorbing the Third Prince’s Dragon Qi? Bengong absolutely did not foresee that the Third Prince actually had a purple Emperor heavenly body that descended from to the mortal world. Compared to him, Ji Zhengze’s Dragon Qi is considered nothing. The funny thing is……”

YOu Shu broke off her chattering, “Do you know how or not? If you know then directly say it, don’t talk nonsense.”

The female ghost was chocked to death and rolled her long tongue, “Naturally, I know. When Bengong died, the fetus in my belly changed into a stream of Dragon Qi and protected Bengong’s soul from scattering and also protected Bengong from Ji Zhengze’s Dragon Qi from devouring me. After becoming a ghost, I can see essence, Qi, and soul that mortals cannot see. This matter of absorbing Dragon Qi, it is not difficult but it also is not easy…..”

The female ghost was dead for so long, the desire to confide in someone was too strong but You Shu held no patience towards strangers and urged, “Say the key point.”

The female ghost glared at him and then unwillingly spoke, “There are two ways to suck in Dragon Qi. One is to directly suck in from the mouth and the second is to bear the essence of life.”

You Shu slanted his head, his round cat pupils filled with doubt, “Directly sucking from the mouth is by kissing? How would I bear the essense of life?” It can’t be what he’s thinking of, right?

The female ghost smiled, “You guessed the first one right, it certainly is by kissing. As for bearing the water of the essense of life, it is of course the bed matters between husband and wife. The Dragon Qi that is sucked in from the mouth would dissipate sooner or later, but once the Dragon Qi enters the body, its protection would last a long time, otherwise, why would the Empress and Imperial Concubines in the Palace contend and fight to climb onto Ji Zhengze’s bed? Once the Dragon Qi enters into the body and successfully conceives a Dragon child, the pregnant person then could possibly become a Phoenix and all evils would not approach from then on. Bengong originally thought that Imperial Consort Xiao had already became a Phoenix, but who would have foreseen that her good son’s body was merely enveloped by a thin layer of Dragon Qi. He should not think of climbing onto the throne in this lifetime. So funny ah, so funny, who would have expected that the detested and rejected Third Prince…..”

“Okay, you can go.” You Shu once again interrupted the female ghost’s speech.

“Can you finish listening to what Bengong wants to say?” The female ghost stomped her feet in a fit and then saw the window slowly close before her eyes. Only then did she thought of the main matter, “Ai (Sigh), wait wait, you said that you want to help Bengong get stronger, don’t tell me that you want to destroy the bridge after crossing the river?”

Right before You Shu firmly shut the window, he cut his fingertip in a split second and shot a drop of blood into the female ghost’s wide, open mouth.

The female ghost swallowed and the Yin Qi in her body seemed to rise and churn like boiling water, its power rushing into the skies.

“An other-worlder? A purple Emperor heavenly body and an other-worlder? Well, well, well, the Daming dynasty can finally be regarded as lively! Ji Zhengze, even if Bengong does not harm you, your fate is near!” The female ghost rose high into the air and went to plunder the Imeprial Palace, but halfway there she finally reacted. If she absorbed the other-worlder’s blood, then she could directly condense a human body, casting away the control of the Heavenly Law of Reincarnation and become an immortal existence.

She quickly turned back to return but she remembered that she had already told the boy how to absorb Dragon Qi. It should be too late and the boy may have already succeeded. The purple Heavenly body was the best of the numerous Heavenly bodies, the master of all manifestations of nature, controller of the longitude and latitudes of the Heavens, and using the numerous stars in the Heavens could control ghosts and thunder. Considering its strength, even the Jade Emperor would not dare to brush past its tip. She was just a very minor ghost, not even waiting for her to go close, her soul would be suppressed and scattered by the Heavenly Emperor body.

Must not go! Absolutely must not go! What a sly child, no wonder he wanted Bengong to first answer his question then would he be willing to trade! The female ghost turned a few circles in the air and had no choice but to continue flying towards the Imperial Palace.

You Shu shut the window and walked to the bedside, staring at the young man’s beautiful face for a long time. Kissing and the matters between husband and wife, he’s never done this before so what should he do? Realising that his cheeks were burning hot, he promptly used both his hands to cover his face and opened a crack between his fingers to continue peeping at the youth.

In order to eat his fill in the previous life, he had worked everywhere to earn crystal nuclei. Don’t speak about seeing someone romantically, he has never even held a female’s hand. Of course, he also did not disdain men being together with other men. The environment in the end of the world was vile. Tender and weak women gradually became rare and two men becoming partners and passing their days together was nothing new.

However, even if he was not disgusted, it did not mean that other people were not disgusted. This place was not the end of the world, here harmony between men and women was the right way. The way of male homosexuals would be rejected by most people. At least, he frequently heard Ah Da and Ah Er urge Master to quickly take a wife and have children.

If he rashly kissed, Master would probably feel disgusted? Even if he didn’t feel disgusted, he would feel awkward and thus alienate him? Kissing would be difficult, let alone, let alone……You Shu covered his eyes and dug into the quilt. Because his emotions were too agitated, he couldn’t help but to roll two laps.

“Blown by the cold wind for half a night but you still can’t fall asleep because of the heat?” Ji Changye had woken up long ago. Seeing You Shu staring blankly as he leaned on the windowsill, he thought that he was enjoying the cool air so he didn’t get up to check it out.

You Shu was shocked and immediately teared open he quilt, stammering “En, it’s too hot.” At the same time, his heart secretly felt glad: Luckily he didn’t steal a kiss just now, otherwise he probably would have been kicked out?

“Sleep closer a bit, I’ll help fan you.” Ji Changye picked up a circular fan and gently waved.

You Shu shifted to the youth’s side and slept on the same pillow. Feeling the cool gentle breeze blowing on his face, dispersing the restless thoughts in his mind and body, he unconsciously pondered: Master is truly gentle and considerate. right now he wants to kiss him even more, what to do?

Thinking of this odd thought, the young boy slowly sunk into sleep.


Ji Changye just returned to the Capital and his status still had not been reinstated so he did not need to go to morning court and was momentarily leisurely and carefree. He pitied You Shu because he had been staying with him in a deserted and dilapidated temple since he was a child and had never seen the bustling outside, and thought of bringing him around for a tour. It is the middle of summer and the nobles mostly liked to go to Mogan mountain to void the summer heat. After the two of them strolled through the entire Capital, they got into a carriage. You Shu actually wanted to go to Ganye Temple to have a look at his mother in this lifetime, but he still hadn’t successfully obtained the Dragon Qi yet so he feared for his life if he were to go alone and was forced to put the plan on hold.

Mogan mountain really was a sea of trees, the cool wind gently blowing, very comfortable. Various sizes of mansions were distributed from the foot of the mountain to halfway up the mountain, each and every one belonging rich and powerful families. At the top of the mountain was a Bodhi Temple, the incense there was abundant and its vegetarian dishes were the best. 1 Every day, many people would visit due to its reputation.

Ji Changye knew that You Shu was a foodie and planned to bring him to Bodhi Temple right after. The two people walked halfway up the mountain when they came across a luxuriously decorated group of carriages. All the doors of the carriages were stamped with the word “King”. A 14-15 year old youth was riding on top of a big horse suddenly rushed in front to crane his neck to look into the distance and then went back and leaned down to speak to the women in the carriage. His appearance was brilliant, his temperament outstanding and on his head, he wore a purple gold crown inlaid with jewels. On his body, he wore a big red gown sewn with white butterflies. At a glance, you could see that he had an illustrious background, his appearance filled with arrogance and seemed domineering and bossy, considering himself the best in the world.

You Shu merely gave a glance and shifted his gaze, but Ji Changye suddenly put on a stern expression.


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