There’s a Beauty Chapter 14

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Chapter 1.14 – Fourty Thousand

The two people hadn’t sat in their chairs for long, before a eunuch came to proclaim an Imperial edict. He asked the Third Prince to enter the Palace to have an audience with the Emperor. When Ji Changye was previously exiled, he had not left the Palace to build a residence yet. So he had not received a Royal peerage or a title conferred by the Emperor. This made his position among the Princes the lowest.

Being able to return to the Capital this time was a result of a chess game between many parties.

The current Crown Prince is the Fourth Prince and his mother, Imperial Consort Xiao, was the current Emperor’s most doted woman.  For her, he would not hesitate to be infuriated towards Empress Yuan, banish her son, and would firmly establish the Fourth Prince as the heir to the throne despite the opposition from the courtiers. This pair of mother and son could be said to be the most impressive existence in the harem and the previous dynasty. However, while Empress Yuan was gone, the Empress Dowager was still alive and well. His mother’s clan Duke Xiaoguo fu was also a major force in the current dynasty. To protect the interests of her clan, the Empress Dowager forced the Emperor to accept her niece into the Palace and establish her as Imperial Consort Cheng. Imperial Consort Cheng’s son, the Seventh Prince, just reached the age of 20 this year, and based on the customs set by their ancestors, he should lead his family and leave the Capital, going to his own fief. 1

Ji Changye was able to smoothly return to the Capital this time, as the crucial point lies with this land. The Daming dynasty only had two fiefs remaining for the Seventh Prince to choose from now, the rest of the lands already had a Master. One land was Jingzhou, located northwest inland, surrounded by big tribes. When there is war, not only would the land be extremely barren, it was also very dangerous. Another land was Huzhou, one of the most prosperous provinces of Daming Dynasty. To care for the Seventh Prince, the Empress Dowager naturally thought of letting him go there, but the Crown Prince and Imperial Consort Xiao were unwilling.

Huzhou was a vital line for water transportation and the land was also very fertile. A year’s worth of taxes was able to keep up with half of the national treasury. If the Seventh Prince went there, he would only need to move his hands a bit and would be able to accumulate a lot of silver. If he could recruit men and buy horses in the future, wouldn’t it be a difficult matter? This was a huge threat to the Crown Prince. Furthermore, Duke Xiaoguo fu had a large influence and dipped their fingers in this pie at the earliest sign the Crown Prince moved. This Huzhou can be given to anyone, but it cannot be given to the Seventh Prince. 2

The Crown Prince and Imperial Consort Xiao were deeply unsettled and lobbied repeatedly in front of the Emperor, hoping for him to send the Seventh Prince to Jingzhou. When the Empress Dowager heard about this, she was beside herself with rage. Only then, did she remember that there was still a Prince who did not have land. That Prince is Ji Changye. As a result, when her son came over to discuss with her, she pointed to a point on the map with her finger and resolutely said, “Bestow this Jingzhou to Lao San. He is a di son and is already of age, and should have long been conferred a title and territory.” 3

The Emperor immediately rejected, “That non-filial son violated ethics and has improper virtues. He has committed an unforgivable blunder. Zhen not demoting him to a commoner is already being tolerant and generous. How can he be conferred a land again?” 4

The Empress Dowager sneered when she heard what he said, “ Violating ethics, having improper virtue, these are what the Emperor said to fool others. No need to speak beguilingly in front of Aijia. Aijia is very clear in her heart about whom truly violated ethics. Previously, Aijia could turn a blind eye. But now, since the bullying has fallen on Aijia’s Little Seven, Aijia cannot stand it.” 5

The words fell as she sipped some tea, and then softly said, “In the end, Lao San is your di son. Practising Buddhism for 10 years is already enough for him to turn over a new leaf. If you can summon him back and simultaneously grant him a title and territory, the common people will praise you as amiable and benevolent.”

The Emperor originally had a guilty conscience and was rather fearful of the Empress Dowager. He pretended to consider the issue deeply, “ Wait for Zhen to think it over.”

In the end, he flung his sleeves and left.

The Empress Dowager was afraid that the matter will change, so she incited Duke Xiaoguo and every minister to pressure the Emperor to decide on the matter of the land as soon as possible. Although the Emperor did not want to give Huzhou to the Seventh Prince, he was even more unwilling to let the Third Prince have the capital to stand up. The two evils were taken lightly, but he was forced to choose a compromise.

As a result, an Imperial edict was sent just like this to Liangzhou’s Kaiyuan Temple, and Ji Changye had long guessed what the Emperor wanted to talk to him about when he returned to the Capital this time. His heart was not moved the least at being able to receive a fief and noble rank. This was originally what he deserved and was within his calculations. It was only one point that made his head ache quite a bit, and that was You Shu, this little tail really was clingy  – even wanting to follow him into the Palace.

“Obediently wait in the fu, I’ll ask Ah Er to buy a crispy duck for you. I remember that Fuji’s crispy duck in Nanjing Shuijing Lane is matchless in the Capital. That fragrant, crispy, salty, delicious taste still left a rich aftertaste even after 10 years. Don’t you want to try it?” He helplessly patted the young boy’s hair.

How could You Shu dare to leave even a step from the youth’s side? He didn’t say anything and just  hugged the youth’s thin waist and buried his face in his bosom. This method of hugging like a koala was the most robust. Once stuck on, even the combined forces of Ah Da and Ah Er could not pry him off. Ji Changye couldn’t see his expression and could only stroke his smooth hair, and pull on his jade-white ear.

You Shu remained unmoved and instead hugged tighter, wishing he could directly drill into the youth’s body. If he could use this Dragon Qi ability, how could he go as far as to do this? Passing these 10 years were indeed hard. Sleep, eat, study, even going to the toilet, he was inseparable from Ji Changye. Even when Ji Changye’s advisors came to report on matters, he also firmly stayed in the study, unwilling to leave. Fortunately, he was young so no one took him seriously. When he slowly grew older, the friendship from keeping Ji Changye company all day long naturally dispelled the defences in Ji Changye’s heart. Only through this, could he live safely and soundly to this day.

Now that they returned to the Capital, You Shu understood that if he still could not find a way to collect the Dragon Qi, he would die sooner or later. The current Ji Changye was no longer the ruined Prince in those years and was honourable. He was a Junwang who had land and was even a Prince. There would inevitably be many matters he had to attend to, especially when he had to go to places that You Shu couldn’t go, like now, like going to court.

Thinking about this, You Shu tightened his arms even more, his small face rubbing against the youth’s bosom again and again, unconsciously letting loose an air of fragility.

Ji Changye was the most helpless against this kind of You Shu. After all, this child was someone he raised from young. He held him at night when he slept, he held him in his arms during the day when he was studying, he attended to him and fed him when he was hungry, he bought him clothes when he was cold…..year after year, month after month, day to day, dusk to dusk, they practically never separated – not even once. When they arrived at the Capital and they had to abruptly separate, it was completely normal for him to have this reaction.

Thinking like this, Ji Changye’s heart softened and softly what is this?□□ the youth’s smooth and round earlobe, and sighed, “It’s fine if you want to follow me, but you have to change your clothes. No one can enter the Palace as they please.”

Once You Shu heard this, he immediately got out of the youth’s arms and undressed, “I’ll immediately change, you wait for me.”

Ji Changye made a signal to Ah Da. The other party suppressed his smile and brought a vermilion eunuch attire. The two people originally thought of admiring You Shu’s embarrassed expression, but failed to do so because You Shu was a country bumpkin who hadn’t seen the world before and simply didn’t understand the meaning of those clothes from the start. He changed his clothes thrice, wrapped two mung bean cakes in oil-paper, stuffed them into the pouch in his sleeve, then excitedly and hurriedly said, “I’m done, let’s go?”

The young boy was already 15, his young and tender facial features were slowly opening. White skin, pink lips, mild eyebrows, a pair of black and white clever eyes. He didn’t look one bit vulgar with the eunuch attire on his body, but instead had a bit of a flourishing and vigorous air as if he led a luxurious life.

Ji Changye pinched the young boy’s chin and carefully looked at him, “My family’s You Shu really grew up to be a beauty. Once you grow a bit older, you will make the young ladies of the Capital crazy and infatuated.” When his words fell, he pinched his eyebrows and said, “This little handsome appearance is too tempting, I’m afraid it will be troublesome. You Shu, after entering the Palace, just keep your head down and follow after me. Don’t speak, don’t run around.”

You Shu promptly hung his head, cleverly promising.

The two people entered the Palace and waited for less than one sichen before the Emperor summoned them. At this time, it was the height of summer, the outside sun was cruel , the air was hot till the air distorted. Although You Shu had not passed these 10 years smoothly, he also didn’t receive such hardship and he was almost baked into charcoal. He lifted his eyes and looked forward. Seeing the youth’s backhand make a reassuring action, only then did he suppress his impatient thoughts.

Father and son hadn’t met for 10 years. He had just returned home, but there was not one word nor half a sentence of care. On the contrary, the two were given an initial show of strength. Although You Shu was slow, he could still perceive the indifferent attitude the Emperor held towards the youth. Saying that it was indifference was too light. It would be correct to describe it as loathing and detest.

Exactly the same as the degenerates of the end of the world ah! Thinking of his father who looked at him as a ghost who reincarnated too take back his debt, You Shu silently sighed.

Right at this time, someone in the Palace Hall passed on a summon. Ji Changye turned his head around and gave You Shu a glance, using his mouth to wordlessly exhort him to wait here.

This place was the Imperial Palace. The person that the youth was going to have an audience with was this dynasty’s Emperor. The Dragon Qi that he carried on his body should be very rich. The two Dragon Qi converged together, even if it was the world’s most savage evil spirit, they would probably be too afraid to come near. Thinking like this, You Shu felt at ease, the gaze in his eyes slowly relaxed and began to cultivate spiritual power.

After a cup of tea, the eunuchs and guards that guarded outside the Palace started to change shifts and the group of people walked towards You Shu, bringing bout of hot wind. Suddenly, a sliver of Yin qi permeated into the burning hot air. It may be hard for other people to detect it, but You Shu who had been fighting against the malicious ghost for 10 years was immediately roused from his meditation. He converged spirit power into his eyes and fixed his eyes at the direction the Yin qi came from.

He initially thought it was that debt-collecting ghost, but he didn’t expect was a scarlet long-tongued woman. Oh no, it would be a female ghost. She slowly walked up the stairs, passing by You Shu and leisurely stepped into Yangxin Palace.

You Shu was stunned, absolutely not expecting to actually meet a ghost under the sky who was not afraid of Dragon Qi. In other words, this woman was a more formidable existence than the debt-collecting ghost. If the debt-collecting ghost continued retaining in the world of the living to cause misfortunes, then he would also one day grow to the stage of the female ghost. In other words, when that day comes, even Ji Changye cannot protect him.

Thinking like this, You Shu immediately became nervous and flustered. He was waiting to be on the look out, but he saw the female ghost staggeringly run out, her mouth shouting in panic, “How can the Third Prince have Purple Dragon Qi? Ji Zhengze has such a damned fate ah!”

Ji is the Emperor of the country, so it goes without saying who Ji Zhengze was. She previously leisurely walked over, her posture composed, which showed that she had not pestered Ji Zhengze for a short time, but the instant she saw Ji Changye, she hurriedly flee.  Obviously, she was very fearful of the Purple Dragon Qi.  In the final analysis, Ji Zhengze was the Emperor and should have Dragon Qi protecting his body. However, this female ghost wasn’t afraid of him and still came over often to pester. Deducing from this, the ability of the female ghost should be higher than the debt-collecting ghost and also had a deep-seated hatred for Ji Zhengze, and Ji Changye really could restrain all the ghosts in the world.

You Shu’s eyeball turned and carefully calculated in his thoughts. Because it was the time to change shifts, there wasn’t anyone around. He hooked a finger towards the female ghost and then walked towards the Imperial garden.

The female ghost widened her big red eyes and hesitated.

You Shu walked while looking back and continued hooking his finger.

Only then did the female ghost was sure that this little eunuch could really see her. She was already dead anyway, there was no need to have any misgivings. So she quickly floated over. One person and one ghost turned to an un-populated corner and started to talk.

“How can you see Bengong?” 6

As the female ghost started speaking, You Shu understood clearly the other party’s status. Calling herself Bengong, that must be the Emperor’s Imperial Concubine, and also that her position was not low; protruding eyeballs, long tongue, it could be almost 80 – 90% sure that she hung herself.

Wrong, judging from the one-lined slit scar at her neck, she must have been strangled, and also the main culprit is the Emperor. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have braved the danger of being engulfed and have came to Yangxin Palace. That phrase “such a damned fate” cannot be some words of love about being unwilling to part.

“I have Yin Yang eyes.” You Shu stroked his eyelids and went straight to the point, “How about we make a deal?”


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