There’s a Beauty Chapter 11

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Chapter 1.11 – Fourty Thousand

There were many worries hidden in his heart. You Shu felt that he needed to eat something to suppress them, so he took out a walnut cake wrapped in oil paper from his bosom and nibbled bit by bit. Kacakaca, the chewing sound kept lingering, like a little mouse hidden in the house who keeps stealing food, making it difficult for people to concentrate.

The youth endured and endured, but finally couldn’t hold back and beckoned You Shu over.

You Shu walked towards the desk and chewed something while carelessly saying, “What is the Master’s’ command?”

When the youth saw the sides of his mouth covered in pastry crumbs, he helplessly rubbed them for him, “You mustn’t eat this kind of pastry in the study in the future, do you hear me?”

“Heard.” You Shu obediently nodded and then inquired, “Then, what can I eat?”

His mouth didn’t even stop for a moment. The youth smiled and took out a bag of candied fruits from his drawer, “Eat this kind of food that will not make a sound. Okay, go to one side and wait.”

As long as it can be eaten, You Shu will like it. His eyes shined and immediately stuffed one in his mouth immediately after he took the candied fruits. Then, he went to the corner to warm himself by the fire. The study finally quietened down. The youth read a few pages of the book and turned his head to look at You Shu again, only to discover that there was a bulge in his cheek. Obviously, he finished eating the flesh of the fruit, but was reluctant to spit out the pits, just waiting to suck all the sweetness clean.

The youth silently laughed. The dark clouds throughout his heart slowly revealed a ray of sunshine. Although he was banished to such a bitter and cold place, it seems to be more fun than staying in the Imperial City. Putting down the book, he looked outside the window at the colour of the sky. He siged, “It is already noon, let’s go back for the meal.”

For eating, this kind of matter, You Shu would never fall behind other people. He immediately sprung up and stuffed the warm stove, that had been long prepared, into the youth’s hand and worriedly spoke, “Master, you wait, I’ll immediately go to the kitchen and fetch the meal.”

“Wait upon me to change clothes first and then go.” The youth dragged back the young child that had jumped out, his expression helpless and laughable.

You Shu’s ears slightly reddened, hurriedly obediently following behind the youth. The youth loved cleanliness and it was necessary to change 3 sets of clothes every day. One in the morning, one at noon and one at night. Otherwise, he would feel uncomfortable all over. Two people returned to the bedroom and Ah Da happened to send the newly cut clothes over.

“These few sets are You Shu’s. Quickly put them on to try.” Ah Da smilingly opened one of the small parcels.

You Shu stood on tiptoes to look and saw that it was really his size. There was underwear and cotton-padded jacket, and also a pair of leather boots which had lamb hair lining the insides. If one were to put them on, it would definitely be very warm. His black eyes were shining, but he still pressed down the joy and took the youth’s clothes, “I’ll help Master change clothes first ba, I’ll try these clothes when I go back.”

“Try it now, if it doesn’t fit, I will call them to alter them.” The youth disagreed and personally dressed the young child.

The cotton jacket was made very thick and the colour was very bright. You Shu recently grew a bit fatter leading to his sallow skin becoming white and fair, and looked like a moving dumpling. Truly delightful. The youth placed his hand on top of his head and turned him around to look for quite a while. Then he smiled with satisfaction, “My family’s You Shu really is a beauty.”

The corner of You Shu’s mouth slightly curled, revealing two small dimples.

The more the youth saw, the more he liked. He pulled him into his embrace and stretched out to poke the small dimple. He poked a few times before finally giving up and laughing said, “Okay, quickly change clothes and eat the meal.”

Being compelled by the words “eat the meal”, the joyous You Shu seemed to have been injected with chicken blood. He dragged the heavy chair to the youth’s side and untied his clothes and belt for him. After he finished, he pushed him to sit on the edge of the bed and squatted down to take off his shoes. 1

The youth’s wicked interest flared up again and deliberately bent his instep, making You Shu unable to pull down the boots no matter what. You Shu used all his energy, his check flushed red for a while, but didn’t expect the youth to suddenly relax his instep and make the boots suddenly come off.

You Shu followed the inertia and not only fell on his butt, he also rolled two rounds like a ball and could not get up for a long time. Fortunately, the bedroom was covered with soft lambskin so he didn’t feel any pain. As he rubbed his small butt, he made a serious proposal, “Master, your boots are small. What about I make a few pairs for you from scratch? It’ll definitely be better than the ones made by a tailor.”

This wasn’t empty talk. In the end of the world, goods and materials were scarce. If you had clothes and shoes to wear, then it was considered pretty good already. Who would be willing to throw them away? If it breaks, then re-sew the seams until it was not re-sewable. As a handyman, You Shu helped a lot of people sew clothes and shoes, his life skills were maxed out long ago.

If you are sold and still helped the person count money, how can you be deceived so nicely? The youth incessantly laughed in his heart without showing a fraction of it on his face. Pinching the little plump hand with frostbite all over it, he teased, “I’m afraid that you cannot hold an embroidery needle with this little hand, can you still make boots? Look at these several inch thick soles. Even if you had a needle and thread, you cannot do it without any strength. It is enough that you have this heart, Master is very happy.”

The sole is certainly a problem. You Shu once again felt powerless because of his age and unhappily said, “Then when I grow up, I will help the Master make shoes.” Don’t know what he thought of, but he was happy again, curling his lips and revealing two small dimples, “Making clothes do not require much strength. I will help Master make two sets of spring shirts first ba. It can be worn in another one or two months.”

Although the youth had no expectations, he still heartily smiled, “Okay, I am waiting to wear the new clothes that You Shu help made.” He originally thought that after Queen Mother died, there would not be anyone to personally sew clothes for him and handle his food, clothing and lifestyle, and also taking his happiness, anger, grief and joy to heart. But You Shu did it. Not like a servant respecting the Master due to their duty, but sincere care and gratitude.

The both of them, who were abandoned by their father, gathering in Liangzhou that was thousands of miles away was also a kind of fate.

Ah Da didn’t dare to disturb the Master’s joyful mood. He put the clothes into the luggage and returned to the kitchen to serve the meal. He just walked out of the entrance of the courtyard and saw Ah Er barring the way of an old woman and a 13 or 14 year old girl.

“This little brother, this servant came to visit the young master, asking you to please inform him. “Song mama took out a few coins from her embroidered pouch, wanting to stuff it into Ah Er’s hands.

Ah Er refused to accept and asked while knowing the answer, “Who is your family’s young master?”

“My family’s young master is my family’s young master, who else could it be? He originally stayed in the wing of the East courtyard. We looked over there and the monks there said that he had moved here.” Song mama has never read a book, how could she dare to arbitrarily give Young Master a name? So when someone asked now, they do not know how they should address him.

“How old is your Young Master? What does he look like?” Ah Da walked over to inquire. The two learnt bad examples from their Master and their wicked interests flared up from time to time. It was obvious that the backgrounds of the three people Master and servants were already thoroughly investigated, but they wanted to act stupid.

“My family’s Young Master is 5 this year. He’s this tall, thin eyebrows, big eyes, high nose, small mouth, round face, completely fair like snow and cute.”

“He’s a bit thin, expressionless, often not smiling.” Baishao followed up with some supplementary details.

“What is called expressionless, that is adorable, adorable! You this damned servant girl, you’ve never read a book before so you don’t know how to speak!” Song mama was not pleased and firmly poked Baishao’s forehead.

Ah Da and Ah Er endured their laughter very hard. No wonder You Shu is so interesting, the reason was because of influence. Ah Da relaxed his expression, “I probably know who you’re looking for. Wait a moment, I will call You Shu.”

Song Mama and Baishao sighed in relief and hurriedly expressed their thanks.

You Shu very quickly followed Ah Da out and was brought by Song Mama and Baishao to his original room. Nowadays, he followed the youth everywhere and didn’t even separate when he sleeps, so no one has stayed in the room for ages and already accumulated a layer of dust. Song Mama originally thought that he was neglected and exclaimed after she heard the inside story, “The noble is kind-hearted, this old servant will help the noble erect a long-life plate.”

You Shu nodded and took out 5 taels of silver from pouch in his sleeves, saying with his childish voice, “Definitely must use my money to erect a long-life plate. In the future, I will go and add perfumed oil every day.” In the previous life, You Shu did not believe in supernatural beings. In this life, he had no choice but to believe. That malicious spirit said that he was already on King Yama’s life and death list. If the King of Hell exists, then there is definitely Buddha. Accumulating some good deeds for Master so that he can pass the future days a little bit more smoother. Not like Wang Xianggan, who had done too many matter that reduced his good deeds, making the evil spirit come knocking on his door and even implicated himself.

“Young Master, where did the silver come from?” Song Mama’s faced displayed some anxiety.

“The Mas- noble gave them. Rest assured Mama, I will definitely return double of it to the noble.” Youo Shu didn’t dare to say that he had signed a contract to sell himself. After stuffing the silver in Song mama’s hands, he continued, “That’s right, the noble gave me a name called You Shu. In the future, you both should call me You Shu.”

“How can this be possible? Young Master is Young Master, the superior and subordinate ranking cannot be chaotic.” Song Mama resolutely refused. Carefully reflecting over the two words “You Shu”, she praised, “Although I do not understand the meaning, but it sounds very refined to the ears. Good, this name is good.”

Baishao also stuck up her thumb and repeatedly agreed. After looking around, they lowered their voice and asked about the evil spirit. When they heard that the evil spirit didn’t dare to come when he stayed by the noble’s side, they could not help but feel relieved. The three master and servants chatted about each other’s recent situation and only after eating the food that Ah Da sent did they reluctantly bid farewell.

You Shu saw them off outside the temple entrance and watched from afar as their backs disappeared from the end of the mountain road. He was just about to turn around when a monk walked over from another mountain road with a large bundle of firewood.

“Little benefactor, this poor monk just sprained his ankle. Please help this poor monk share the burden.” He put down the firewood and pointed to his inflamed ankle.

You Shu’s temperament was cold and would maintain a certain distance from strangers. Don’t say about a monk needing help, even if you died in front of him, he would not even blink. He turned a blind eye to the monk and directly turned inside. The monk’s gaze darkened and stepped forward to pinch his neck.

The rushing footsteps caused You Shu to be alert. He didn’t turn around to look but raised his hem and ran like mad. However, because his legs were short, he was very quickly overtaken.

“Where are you running? If you don’t die, my name cannot be erased from the life and death list. How can I reincarnate? You troubled me until now, so you must pay the price!” The monk’s cloudy, sorrowful voice sounded beside his ear, making You Shu’s scalp tingle. He turned his hand to dig out the monk’s eyes, but accidentally scratched the frostbite on his ears, shedding a lot of blood.

The monk was stunned and immediately rushed to suck the blood, ambiguously saying, “Didn’t expect you to be someone from another world! Good ah, after drinking enough of your blood I can also become a foreigner, breaking the cause and effect cycle! How wonderful!”

In a desperate moment, You Shu’s brain was still working at high speeds. From the evil spirit’s mutterings, he learned a shocking news: His blood has an unparalleled appeal to demons and ghosts, and its effect is not inferior to Tangseng’s flesh. After eating Tangseng’s flesh, you can gain immortality. After drinking his blood, the effects is roughly about the same.

In other words, his current circumstances is generally similar when it was the end of the world. If he sheds blood, he will divided and eaten by the surrounding ghosts until nothing was left.


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