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Chapter 1.10 – Fourty Thousand

Feeling embarrassed from being stared at by the little doll’s tearful eyes, the youth no longer teased him and wore the clothes and socks with great cooperation. Walking out of the room, the monks have already sent over hot water and food. The two bodyguards were called Ah Da and Ah Er. 1 Ah Da was adding water while Ah Er was placing the meals. Once they finished washing their faces, they could eat.

You Shu breathed in the fragrant smell of food wafting in the air with gusto and only felt his stomach rumble with hunger and empty. He anxiously ran to the washstand and twisted a wet handkerchief, repeatedly beckoning for the youth to quickly come over.

Hearing the rumbling from the little doll’s stomach, the youth smiled and took the initiative to stoop forwards to facilitate his movements. You Shu quickly wiped the youth’s face, ears, neck and so on, and used the remaining water to wipe his face. Afterwards, he ran to the table and stood still. Seeing the dishes in the bowls and plates, the pair of eyes widened with amazement.

“How do you have meat to eat?” He had been here for half a month and he always got vegetables and radishes without a sniff of meat or fish.

“Shhh, do not publicise this.” The youth’s forefinger was placed on his lips and made a gesture to keep silent.

You Shu nodded. Seeing Ah Da and Ah Er withdrawing out of the room after they finished placing the plates and bowls, he also reluctantly left.

“Where are you running to? Come over and eat.” The youth faintly spoke.

“Are you speaking to me?” You Shu leaned on the door panel, pointing at himself while stretching his head to look at Ah Da and Ah Er outside in the hallway. Happiness came to quick so he slightly didn’t dare to believe his ears. In the end of the world, it was a luxury to eat fresh meals. In ancient times, although one could eat their fill, they still couldn’t taste meat and fish, unless you were reborn in a rich family.

Therefore, You Shu covetously stared at this table of delicious food for who knows how long, wishing that he was reincarnated into a big animal so that he could swallow down the bowls and plates on the table in one shot. His eyes gave off a green light and couldn’t help but to seem too eager. He moved back into the room with tiny steps, the corner of his mouth occasionally flashing a suspicious light.

The youth pressed his fist against his lip and lightly coughed. Finally, he beckoned, “Come over ba, there are a lot of dishes today, I cannot finish it alone.”

“Yes, wasting food is disgraceful.” You Shu sat down near the youth and picked up a pair of bamboo chopsticks to help the youth take a marinated pig trotter, and urged, “Master, quickly eat.” You have to eat before I can start.

“En, you eat too ba…..”He hardly finished speaking when the young child pinched a piece of meat and stuffed it into his mouth and then brandished the chopsticks to dig a large mouthful of rice. That posture was like he was hungry for eight lifetimes.

“Eat slower, there is still plenty.” The youth supported his forehead, truly helpless, but after looking and looking, he actually also felt hungry. When he first arrived at Kaiyuan Temple, he was completely unaccustomed to the rough food here. He was accustomed to the brocade garments and jade meals in the palace. Suddenly losing everything and also knocked down into the bottomless abyss, the huge mental gap made him almost lose hope for the future. He couldn’t sleep all night long and often felt it was difficult to swallow a bowl.

He knows that he had to quickly pull himself together because he wasn’t alone. There were still maternal grandparents’ home and the numerous confidants that Empress Mother left behind. Once he collapsed, everyone will be buried because of him. However, no matter how rational, wanting to get rid of tangled feelings cannot be done overnight. He accepted the young child because he wanted to divert his attention and to have fun. Looking at it now, this decision was correct.

The young child ate with such relish, slept so beautifully, as long as the stomach is full, his eyes were full of happiness and satisfaction although he always had a serious face. That joyful mood was infectious. Just don’t know that after he grows up, becomes sensible and learns about his past history, if he would still be as simple-minded as this.

Thinking about this, the youth silently sighed.

“You Shu. Taking the time to dress up, ordinary words, receive how many pretty beauties. 2 Did your name come from this?” He pinched a piece of meat and gave it to the young child, gently asking.

“It means ‘There is a beauty’.” You Shu didn’t like to pay too much attention to wording, and his speech is very straightforward.

“There is a beauty? Your facial features are somewhat fine. You may actually grow into a beauty in the future.” The youth pinched the young child’s jaw, turned his face here and there to have a good look. Truly exquisite facial features but most outstanding is the pair of eyes. Pitch-black, bright, deep and clear like a gem, even more like the stars in the Heavens.

“Eat more, grow more meat, you’ll be good-looking once you’re plump.” He continued picking up dishes with a kind of satisfaction of raising a son.

You Shu repeatedly nodded, his good impression of the youth breaking through the sky. He can protect him and could even let him eat meat. Where can you find a better boss than this youth? Selling himself for 5 tael of silver, there was no loss, no loss at all.

“Who chose your name for you?” The youth’s appetite wasn’t big. He put down his chopsticks after he ate his fill and teased the young child to talk.

“I, I myself.” He originally thought of saying ‘my mother’ but when he remembered that he was reborn, You Shu promptly corrected himself. Not even Song mama and Bai Shao knew this name. They would only use “Young Master” to address him, saying that they will let the teacher choose a good meaningful name after he enters school. You Shu didn’t express his opinion at the time but he was unwilling in his heart. He is You Shu and would always be You Shu. 3

The youth shook his head and laughed in spite of himself. He never thought that a five-year old child would give himself such a name. There is a beauty? The skin on his face is really thick. 4

When the two had their breakfast, a cloth shopkeeper brought a lot of fabrics to them to see. You Shu thought that the youth wanted to make new clothes, but did not expect that the youth would push him forwards and let the shopkeeper take his measurements.

“Except for white, other materials are good. He is quite naughty and likes to roll here and there in the snow, white truly isn’t resistant to dirtiness.” The youth picked out a white cloth and continued, “Use thin, tough silk fabric to make a few undergarments and underpants. Oh right, make the robes a little bit thicker. The winter in Liangzhou is colder than in the capital.”

The shopkeeper repeatedly nodded and responded.

You Shu stroked the cloth that hung down from the table top, his heart extremely happy. Song mama and Baishao were the weaker sex after all and not only did they have to raise the young master till he was big, they also had to send him to study in school. Supposing that he doesn’t squander away his future, the money that needed to be spent was uncountable. So they passed their days very hard pressed for money. You Shu only had new clothes during the New Year celebrations and it was even Baishao’s old clothes. The people who they were not familiar with in the village still thought he was a little girl.

“Let me make new clothes?” He raised his head and anxiously stared at the youth, for fear that this was just his illusion.

“Ng, since you are following me, I will naturally treat you well.” The youth patted his head, his tone extremely gentle.

You Shu was surrounded by happiness in an instant. To be honest, after he came to ancient times, his living conditions were not much better than the previous life. Not being able to eat one’s fill and not having warm enough clothes were the same. There was also an evil spirit constantly wanting his life, and the danger level was higher than in the end of the world. After coming to the youth’s side, only then did these circumstances – improve.

What is called life? Following the boss is called life! He sighed in his heart and the corners of his mouth that was always pursed in a straight line finally bent, squeezing out two deep dimples. For the first time, the youth saw the young child expose an expression outside of his “expressionless face”. He couldn’t help advancing forward and poked the little pit on his left cheek. He lightly chuckled, “I just only found out that You Shu turned out to have two little dimples.”

You Shu’s curled lip slowly flattened and rubbed his cheek, “Thank you, Master. One day, You Shu will go through fire and water for Master!” Perhaps for the youth, he didn’t count what he gave as anything much and only considered it as easy as lifting his finger, but for You Shu who came from the end of the world, food, clothes, a place for shelter and so on were the most precious gifts he has ever received. How much you received is how much you have to pay. If the youth had any difficulties someday, You Shu would help even if he had to stake his life.

Seeing the gratitude and persistence in the young child’s eyes, the youth’s heart was touched. He was used to making friends with someone who had an objective and was used to two-facedness, but when he used these methods to deal with the little doll before that was pure white like paper, he felt completely ashamed. But people will always grow up and will always change. Who could maintain their original heart? If the little doll would forever be as sincere as he is now, he didn’t know if he could continue using him.

Let’s stop, it’s still too early to think about these things. Let’s see how it goes in the future ba. Thinking till here, the youth bent over and very gently stroked You Shu’s ice-cold cheek.


The two bodyguards discovered that the Master was a lot more cheerful recently and also caught the habit of teasing You Shu. He was clearly aware of You Shu’s gluttony and instructed them to buy a big pile of food and lay it on the table, but persistently not letting You Shu touch, making You Shu stare and drool. It was very hard to not mercifully pass a pastry over but they stood bolt upright and let You Shu bounce around to snatch the food.

You Shu was also foolish. He would be fooled every time. Even if he jumped till his brows were beaded with sweat, he wouldn’t give up and finally after he clung onto the Master’s body like a little monkey, vowing to eat the pastries into his stomach would he be willing to give up. Only then would the Master lowly laugh and pluck the little monkey from his body, break the pastry and feed him with his own hands.

The two guards have never seen such a childish and energetic Master. At the same time their hearts shook, they also felt gratified. It looks like Master has come out of the haze of exile.

Today, the youth unyieldingly stayed in the study to practise calligraphy. You Shu stood beside him on a stool and helped him grind ink. After he finished grinding, he clasped his hands behind his back and stood still, his serious expression not up to standard. The youth found the time to sweep the young child a glance and warmly spoke, “Are you tired standing? Go over there and warm yourself by the fire. Look at yourself, you already have frostbite on your ears.”

You Shu promptly covered his ears and carelessly revealed the inflammation on the back of his hands.

“There’s even some on your hands.” The youth sighed while taking out a box of ointment from his drawer. After he evenly smeared it on the back of the young child’s hand and ears, he waved his sleeves, “Go ba, go to the side and wait.”

You Shu glanced at the youth as if he couldn’t thank him enough and jumped off the stool, heading to the fire to warm his hands. He already wasn’t thinking of expressing his thanks again. Because of the youth’s care for him, no matter how much he thanked, it wouldn’t be enough. He could only keep this kindness in his heart and do his best to repay it in the future. If there was no youth, he knew that he would not live to this time. Although this world didn’t have zombies, invisible ghosts were far more terrible than zombies.

Thinking of the evil spirit, You Shu’s relaxed heart immediately tightened. Pinching his fingers to count, that evil spirit has already disappeared for 8 – 9 days. Also did not know how many people it killed in these 8 – 9 days and absorbed how much Yang qi. Every time he disappears, he would be more powerful the next time he reappears, making You Shu not dare to relax his vigilance for even a moment.

BLU: Poor You Shu. In many ways. *shakes head*

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