The Villainess Wants To Marry a Commoner Chapter 3

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Chapter #3 — Settings and chances of victory (設定と勝算)

Here, I will explain the family background of Isabella, the villainess of [Love☆Magical].


Her father is the current Duke of Rottenstein and the Prime Minister of the Rosereale Kingdom.

Her mother is the sister of the current King of the Rosereale Kingdom. In other words, a former princess.

They wedded each other out of true love.


They bore 5 children, with Isabella being the youngest daughter, having 2 older sisters and 2 older brothers.


The eldest daughter is the wife to the crown prince of the neighbouring kingdom, Diana.

In other words, a future empress.

By the way, they also married out of true love.


The eldest son, who possesses magic, albeit small, frequently associates with the Division of Magic while assisting his father with the dukedom.

His fiancée is the daughter of the general of the Division of Magic.

By the way, they are madly in love with each other.


The second son, having a talent in sword fighting, belongs to the Order of the Imperial Knights.

His fiancée is the daughter of the head of the Order of the Imperial Knights.

By the way, they too, are madly in love with each other.


The second daughter is still enrolled in school, but is already engaged to the son of a count of the borderlands.

By the way, they are madly in love with each other as well.



……Are you beginning to see what I’m getting at here?



Yes, that’s right.

The Ducal house of Rottenstein has too much power.


It’s a whole damn complete set with the royal family, the royal family of the neighbouring kingdom, the division of magic, the order of imperial knights, and the count of the borderlands!!

Obviously it’ll be seen as a threat by the other nobles!!

In addition, a rarity for noble families, the prioritization of marriage out of true love!!


Not to mention, the Isabella in the game had the setting as the fiancée of the second prince.

Now then, where on earth is the Dukedom of Rottenstein heading towards?


By the way, only Isabella’s engagement was forced upon one-sidedly. This was due to Isabella who fell in love with the second prince at first sight and her selfishness.

The Second Prince, who was indifferent and apathetic to everything, stated that it didn’t matter who the fiancée was and accepted the engagement with Isabella.

However, in the magical school where the game is set, the prince encountered the heroine, where his heart was moved and he fell in love… or so the story goes.


Because the engagement between Isabella and the Second Prince was criticised by the other royals and nobles for holding too much political power,

Following the condemnation event, the Ducal family of Rottenstein were accused of planning to overthrow the country,

And had their noble rank demoted. (The eldest daughter is a princess of the neighbouring country, so it seems that it couldn’t be deprived.)

Isabella was then either executed or married off to a middle-aged merchant (not from the schneiver company),

And she was demoted to the very “commoner” status that she held in contempt and disdain.



In other words?

If the political power is too unbalanced right now, then If I were to marry a commoner from the very beginning, it wouldn’t exactly break even but won’t some balance be restored?

If the Isabella from the game was able to force her way into getting engaged with the second prince, breaking through the opposition of the royals and nobles,

Then even if there is a difference in status between us,

If I force the matter hard enough, getting engaged with the second son of a merchant should be possible.

In fact, isn’t this easier than getting engaged with the second prince?


In addition, since all of the family members wedded or engaged out of true love, if it was at the request of the thoroughly pampered youngest daughter, I feel like it’ll manage somehow.


And with that, taking into account the setting of the villainess Isabella which I remembered from my past life, I stood a chance at winning.




Along with Ursch-kun, I barged into the saloon where our parents are.


“Father, mother, we! are getting married!”


As my parents were wide-eyed towards their youngest daughter who suddenly barged in, I went straight to the point. As the saying goes, victory goes to the one who makes the first move.


“Not ‘we want to get married’, but ‘we are getting married.’, that is the key point.
Conveying the strong willpower and emotions, an excellent frontal assault.
On the receiving end, it is contestant Duke Rottenstein.
Due to the sudden ambush by contestant Isabella, he is unable to respond immediately.
Meanwhile, contestant Isabella seems to be awaiting a reaction from contestant duke Rottenstein.
Both sides face each other while taking no further action. The stalemate continues.
Who will make the next move, keep your eyes peeled-“

“Mother, can you please restrain yourself …”


“Of course~, Isabella-chan.”


Unlike my father who froze in shock, mother was fairly calm.

No, on the contrary, are you confused? I’ve never heard of a former princess doing live coverage.


While I was having such an exchange mother, my father who was still frozen… fainted.


It must be a lie, Father.

At the present moment, the eldest daughter has already married off to another country,

The second daughter is married to a count residing at the country borders and despite that,

Just because your third daughter brought along a partner she wishes to marry, you receive enough shock to faint?


The maids ran around in a panic, and the chairman of the merchant company collapsed for reasons unknown.

The employees of the merchant company were ordered to immediately move the merchandise so that they did not get in the way.

Mother keeps laughing, “Oh my oh my, well now, ufufufufufu.”

It wouldn’t be an understatement to say that the saloon fell into chaos.


No, really … I didn’t expect this to happen.





A / N: Thank you for the large amount of bookmarks,

And thank you for your reviews!

Even though it’s not a good-looking guy, rather than that it’s a mob character, where it’s unknown of who would even read this kind of story,

It was good that there was demand. I feel relieved.

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winterby the by, this novel already has a light novel and a manga so feel free to look at those for some of them good arts if you haven’t already done so

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9 thoughts on “The Villainess Wants To Marry a Commoner Chapter 3

  1. I like how Isabella is confused by the fact that there’s an uproar. I mean, first off they’re both super young kids. A political marraige wouldn’t be uncommon, but two kids saying they’re in love and want to get married is at least shocking if not outright laughed at. Then there’s the class difference. And Isabella hasn’t even explained her power-balancing argument yet.

  2. Am i the only one who thinks that author severely underestimates the power of noble and royal connections?
    Wtf with all that “they were stripped of their ranks, and their daughter was executed”? Their connection goes further than royal family itself, have absurd authority over the army, and even have familial relationship with neighborhood royalty.
    Atleast author himself understand that they have too much power, and accusations about “trying to overthrow royal family” make sense too. In fact, they are one step away from it, it wouldn’t even be that hard if they would truly desire it.
    But heck, even if they try to do it, and failed, there is no way that situation occur. It would mean full blown war with neighborh at the very least, and with their connections, army will be disordered and paralysed too. There is no way royalty will do such risky and self-destructive move.
    Or am i reading too much into the random otome game plot? 🙂

    1. Huh? But the way I read it I understood that the other nobles tried to do that because they didn’t like the duke’s family being so powerful but ultimately failed because the duke’s family is too powerful and only Isabella was punished for her crimes.

      1. That’s not exactly right, read again. There said that entire ducal house was demoted. Nevertheless that’s not the point. Lets say that she bullied some
        lower noble daughter… again it’s just bullying, it’s not like she
        actually tried to kill her. At most she would lose some “honour” when they condemn her of her “improper behaviour”. Just imagine that someone would execute little sister of the “pretty much empress” of the neighbourhood country. She is also beloved little sister of heads of both the army and magic divisions. Also, as a duke’s daughter, she has royal blood as well.
        Executing her is out of questions, it will lead to war with neighbourhood country even if her sister don’t care about her, just because it’s basically spitting in the face, like “we are going to execute your relative, and your opinion doesn’t matter”. That’s not how it works.
        And now just imagine, “ducal house is demoted”, most head posts related to army that was occupied by that ducal house is vacant now. Do you think that country is ready for war? Not even mentioning that deep connections of subordinates can lead to revolts. You can’t just say “oh, we removed your previous boss from position, you will have a new one, no problem”. It will raise tons of question and discontent.

        The thing that i’m trying to say, that their connections are so strong, that condemning and removing them from power would be difficult even if they would actually try to overthrow a country.

        1. Well I never actually disagreed with your point, and I do know what you are saying, I’m not a fool XD.

          I guess I just misread it because it makes absolutely no sense for that to happen to the ducal house, I mean they could usurp the throne if they wanted and the country would lose most of their power without them, they’ll become easy prey for other countries.

          And I did thought it was excessive to execute Isabella, but I thought (as per the cliches) that she tried to kill the heroine and since the prince would obviously be in love with her then the attempted murder of a prince’s fiance (future royalty) could warrant that.

          Anyway, I guess the author failed to follow their own setting lol~

        2. I’m fine with it as every novel about villainess and their fall is far from politically correct in nearly all of them. The only one that was different was “I reincarnated as a villainess, but how did it turn out this way?” Which is hardly a “villainess” novel.

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