The Villainess Wants to Marry a Commoner Chapter 2

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Chapter #2 — We! Are getting married!! (私達!結婚しますわ!!)

After my mother gave birth to my younger brother, she had to undergo “postpartum confinement” and remained bedridden.

My older brother was sent to elementary school to study in order to take over the family business.

My younger brother is a baby, so he was attended by the wet nurses.

It seems that I too will have to go to elementary school when I turn ten.

But because I’m only 6 years old right now I’m mostly house-sitting.


That’s why my dad, thinking that I’ll be lonely, takes me along on his business trips but…

To be honest, I think it’s better to stay at home or at the store.

Even if he takes me with him, I was still left behind carriage-sitting instead. Not to mention, the inside of the carriage is boring.

But if I leave the carriage and accidentally meet with the noble children of the business partners,

They’ll mock me because of my commoner background, sometimes even turning to violence against me.


Due to the constant bullying, I’ve even recently come to hate my own appearance.

I get mocked because of my small eyes, they say they don’t even know whether my eyes are open or not.

Even my puffy and messy hair, they ridicule me by saying there might be something living inside it, grabbing and tugging on it.

Really, nobles are all so arrogant and mean. I hate them.


Just like that, it’d be great if I could say that “I don’t want to go” to my dad.

However, the fact that Dad is working hard for our sake,

And the fact that he’s worried about me, the middle child who tends to be forgotten,

I know it all.

I don’t want to worry my dad, so I won’t say it.


Today, my father brought me to the residence of the Duke of Rottenstein.

The compound is large, and it takes 10 minutes by carriage from the gate to the mansion.

Even though it’s within the mansion gates, there are forests and orchards. Oh, there’s even a small stream flowing too.

This can no longer just be called a “garden”.


Well, it seems that the rank of a duke is second only after the royal family.

The current Duke of Rottenstein seems to be the so-called “prime minister” of this country,

His wife, the Duchess of Rottenstein, is the current king’s sister.


Apparently, the duke and duchess called upon my father today to give their eldest daughter, who was wedded off to the neighbouring country’s crown prince, a birthday present.

The crown prince means that right? The person who is going to be the next king, right?

So in other words, that eldest daughter of theirs is going to be the next queen of the neighbouring country?

Isn’t the power of the Rottenstein dukedom too great?

Oh, how I hate it.

It feels like there’s going to be someone more arrogant, meaner than the noble families up until now.
I’m definitely not getting out of the carriage today.




——Or so I thought, up until four hours ago at least.

… The Duke and duchess are taking forever to shop.

Certainly, at the point where 3 carts were brought out, I did expect that it would be long,
But I didn’t expect it to take more than four hours.

I couldn’t take it anymore and got off the carriage.

I squat down in a place that wouldn’t get in the way of our employees who were busy moving the merchandise to and fro.

Oh, it’s an ant trail.

The ants carrying food to their nests, and the employees carrying goods back and forth between the mansion and carts looked similar, which amused me.


“Hey, what are you looking at there?”


A clear and beautiful voice resounded.

When I looked up to that voice, there was the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen.


Shining blonde hair, as though gold coins were melted and woven into thread.

Her eyes were a deep shade of blue. And yet, had a sense of transparency as if sucking you in.

Her long golden eyelashes beautifully bordered around and decorated her eyes.

A clear and white porcelain-like skin.


A fairy? Or maybe she’s a goddess-in-the-making?

Why are you in such a place?

Why are you directing a smile so full of bliss and happiness at me?


Speaking of which, I feel like I was asked something.

What was it? … I was asked what I was looking at … I think. Probably.




Ah, it became a question instead.

What should I do if this beautiful girl thinks that I’m someone who doesn’t even know what I’m looking at.

Uncaring of my worries, the girl’s cheeks lifted higher as her eyes sparkled and her smile deepened in happiness.

I wonder, what kind of amazing thing has to happen for a person to look so happy?

Somehow, even I feel happy just by looking at her.


“Aaaaaaa! So cute !!!! So precious! Please marry me!!”


…Eh. ………..What was that?


Just now, she said, “Please marry me”?

To whom?

To me?

Eh, me?

Why me?

… For me to have her, I think it’s a bit of a waste.


Even while thinking so, her eyes remain shining while she stares at me.

Holding both hands into a fist, she excitedly shakes it up and down.

How cute …

I’d be happy if I could forever see her like this, right by her side.

Surely, even far into the future, no matter where I search around the world,

Nobody else will look at me with such glittering eyes.

Nobody else would make me so happy just by smiling.


Yeah. That’s right.

I know this girl is too good for me.

I know that this girl surely isn’t someone who should be paired up with someone like me. Even so,

“Okay~ When we grow up, you can be my bride. No take-backs okay?”


Even so, I definitely won’t let her go.





Yahoo! ! What a successful proposal! !

I, Isabella will marry Ursch-kun! !

Well~ to think it’d be worthwhile to keep loving him even since my last life!!


Eh? It’s just a verbal promise between kids?

That’s right. A promise between kids ~ Fufufu.


I won’t let it end by being just that ~


I firmly grabbed Ursch-kun’s hand while he was still smiling
Here I come!!


Even though I suddenly began sprinting, Ursch-kun obediently followed.

Is it okay that he’s so defenseless like this?

You ’re the son of a great merchant family, right? Wouldn’t you get kidnapped if you were so defenseless?

While being a little worried, I snuck a glance at Ursch-kun.

Yup. Lovely.


“Hey, where are we going?”

Ursch-kun, who notices my gaze, asks.


“To see my parents. Oh, forgive me, I forgot to introduce myself. I am the third daughter of the Duke of Rottenstein, Isabella Ali Rottenstein. Please take care of me from here onwards.”

When I introduced myself, Ursch-kun looks surprised and his breath hitched.

Huh, even if he’s surprised, his eyes won’t open. How cute.

… Not the point. Well, it’s normal to be surprised.

Normally, a duke’s daughter wouldn’t propose to someone during their first meeting.


“I’m Ursch Schneiver, the second son of Schneiver Trading.”

Ursch-kun’s family name!! It’s finally here!!

“Schneiver”!! I will be “Isabella Ali Schneiver” in the future!!


“But if you’re a duke’s daughter, would you even be able to marry into a commoner family like mine? … Shall we run away together?”

Wai-!! You’d be willing to elope with me?!

Eh!! I’m so happy … Again that’s not the point.


“It’s alright. By my calculations, everything will work out fine.”

That’s right. If Isabella’s family is the same as in the game, this marriage should work out if I force my way through.


“That’s why, please leave it to me !!”

“Sure. I don’t really get it but if Isabella has something planned then I’ll leave it to you~”

Ursch-kun gently smiled back. So cute.

And he called me Isabella!! I’m so happy!!

I’ll do my best to make this happiness last forever!





The Duke, along with the Duchess of Rottenstein were choosing gifts for their eldest daughter, who became the fiancée of the neighbouring country’s crown prince, as a birthday present.

With the thought of preparing a gift to comfort their daughter when she’s feeling down about living away from her birth country,

Various items were prepared by the Schneiver company and lined up in the saloon.

While listening to the product explanation by the Schneiver company’s chairman, consulting with his wife and narrowing down the options.

The door of the saloon was vigorously opened, and Isabella, the youngest daughter, jumped in.


Bringing along with her an unfamiliar boy.


“What’s wrong, Bella? And … who’s that child?”

Isabella steps in front of us while pulling the boy’s hand

With a face full of smiles, she shouted loudly.



“Father, mother, we! are getting married!!”


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