The Villainess Wants To Marry a Commoner Chapter 5

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Chapter #5 — It’s the magic that merchants envy the most~ (商人が一番羨む魔法だねぇ~)


When I realized that the items in the【Closet】are the items I obtained in my previous life, I checked what was inside. Because I cared more about interacting with Ursch-kun when getting the item rather than the item itself, I hadn’t the slightest clue of what items I had.


The Equipables of Normal rarity from the gacha such as the “Charm Boosting Dress” had many duplicates. But such duplicates were highly desired by all players, so I exchanged 10 pieces of dresses with a one-time use item such as potions and the like. Thus, the number of duplicates I had were few. By the way, potions can be purchased with in-game points or can be purchased for 150 yen. Pulling a gacha costs 200~500 yen, so it was said to be quite an exceptional exchange, and sold quite well (?)


It was actually an act to prevent the【Closet】capacity from maxing out after pulling the Premium gacha too much, but If it’s to be brought forward along with my reincarnation, rather than having duplicates of the same dress, the potion would definitely be more practical. Thus, I want to say to the Me from my previous life that I did well.


And of course, this meant that I had an abnormal amount of potions. There were two types of potions: “Magic Recovery Potion” and “Health Recovery Potion”. Furthermore, there were 4 grades, Low (30% recovery), Medium (50% recovery), High (80% recovery) and Divine (full recovery). As long as no war breaks out, and I sold all these at market value, I probably had stock for about 5 long years.


“Alright, when I become a peddler together with Ursch-kun, let’s sell these. Since obtaining them cost nothing, it’ll make a good profit.”


Many items were missing too. First, the “Effect Type”. They were things that could make your avatar sparkle or have hearts float around you on the home screen. However, because it’s not an actual thing, it’s natural that it wasn’t stored in the【Closet】. After all, if the item was intangible, there’d be no way to take it out.


The other kind of items were the [Hidden SSS Rare] vanity items, the “Magic Eyes of the Seven Deadly Sins”. Some may think, ‘What the heck is a [Hidden SSS Rare]?’ But these items were said to be mythically rare, where it’s unknown about which event, which gacha, which deadly sin of the magic eye would appear.


Even in the official site, there was never any official announcements about the “Magic Eyes of the Seven Deadly Sins” series. Because they never even admitted to the items’ existence, it was as if saying “Who cares about the Act against Unjustifiable Premiums and Misleading Representations”.  The appearance rate was abysmally low, and because it is an item that could not be exchanged, there was no choice but to acquire it yourself if you wanted it. Therefore, it was said to be impossible to complete the set of the Seven Deadly Sins.


Hm? Me? I completed the set of the Seven Deadly Sins, but what of it? It was an item that could change my eye colour, but otherwise held no other effect. Moreover, even when I got it from the gacha, Ursch-kun never had any special reaction. What’s up with that?


Well, it’s not like it was left in my【Closet】anyways. I’d be terrified if I found an eyeball rolling around, and I’d be troubled too, so I’m glad they aren’t in there.


Now, as far as other items still left to check up on, there were the weapons and consumables but… I think I can skip the weapons for now. Rather, I’m terrified about the state of my food items after being left in a【Closet】that has never been opened for six years.


Let’s see here, “Giant Frog Toasted Sandwich”. What does it mean by that? Like some kind of humongous frog being made into a sandwich to be eaten? I put something like that in? How scary~ Hm? Oh yeah!! It was an event from Version 3 of “Love☆Magical”, a dish made in during the “Giant Frog Mass Outbreak Harvest Event”.


Hm? …Huh~? The villainess Isabella played the role of the villain in Version 1. In fact, she didn’t appear at all in Version 3… Is it really okay for me to have this? Isn’t this strange? …I don’t get it, but I’ll think about that later.


For now, let’s try taking out the “Giant Frog Toasted Sandwich”. Alright, it’s not rotten… it seems freshly made and is still piping hot.


It seems that the【Closet】is not a “Spacial Magic” but rather a “Space-Time Magic”. The time of anything I put inside appears to stop. I put the toasted sandwich back inside, then took it back out, then put it back in again. Great, there were no problems with depositing and withdrawing numerous times.


Then what about something that wasn’t originally in there? I touched one of the vases filled with flowers from the salon. Storing it in the【Closet】… Alright, done. Indeed, there is now a “Luxurious Vase with Flowers” in the 【Closet】. Now to take it back out. Then put it in again. Then back out again. Nice, no problem here either.



After confirming that there were no problems, I approach the employees of the Schneiver company who were transporting the merchandise.


“Lady Isabella!! Is something the matter? It’s dangerous here with all the merchandise being moved around, let’s talk over there.”


One of the employees at work rushes to my side and tries to lead me to a safer position.


“No need, it looked like you all were having a difficult time moving the merchandise, so I’ve come to offer my assistance.”


Upon my remark, even the other workers turned their heads and gave me a startled look.

Certainly, it isn’t common for the daughter of a noble to help carry cargo, but you didn’t have to be that surprised…


You would, My Lady? Oh no no! It s far too heavy, and I could never ask My Lady to do something of that sort!”


“As I will not be lifting anything, it will be fine. Furthermore, if I do this, large amounts of the merchandise could be easily carried.”


As I was saying such, I made an example of touching the nearby dresser and placing it in the【Closet】. Seeing the dresser suddenly vanish in front of their eyes, as though time had stopped, all the other workers in the vicinity froze in their tracks.


” ” ” ” ·······Eh?” ” ” ”


Even after saying that, the movements of the employees had stopped with no signs of them trying to move.






It seems like the employees are still stupefied and unmoving. For now, I’ll take out the dresser, and let them confirm that the dresser is safe and sound. I mean, I guess it makes sense that they’d be troubled if their precious merchandise suddenly disappeared.

I take out the dresser from the【Closet】.






“ “ “ “ “……!! Eeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhh??” ” ” ” ”’


Upon seeing the dresser reappear, the employees screamed so loud that I was afraid that their throats might go hoarse. This world has magic, so I don’t think it was that surprising.


“Um, I think it’s a kind of “Space-Time Magic”. That is to say, I possess the ability to keep items while maintaining the condition of when they were stored. I had hoped to be able to assist in carrying your wares with this magic of mine but… would that be possible?”


Upon my proposal, the employees still stood frozen with their mouths agape. As I was at a loss as to what to do, a call came from behind.


“Just what is going on here, you lot? You’re troubling Lady Isabella.”


I turn around to see Ursch-kun and Father-in-Law, along with our family’s servants who came to see the source of the commotion.


“-Hah!! P-p-p-president!! That’s! T-That is! Lady Isabella here, she-!!”


The employee who was called out tried to explain the situation, but was too shaken to give a proper explanation. As it seemed unlikely for the conversation to proceed, I took it upon myself to give the explanation instead.


“As it seemed that they were having a difficult time with the many merchandises to carry, I offered my assistance in using my “Space-Time Magic”.


In actuality, I hadn’t confirmed whether or not my【Closet】is classified as a “Space-Time Magic”, but stated it as such anyway. I didn’t see any other way to explain it.


“Eh? ‘Space-Time Magic’, you say? … May I ask what kind of magic that is? ”


Father-in-law tilted his head and asked. I’ve met Father-in-law several times before, but I had never noticed until my past memories returned that Ursch-kun actually takes after his father. If the grownup Ursch-kun were to slim down some more, he’d look exactly like Father-in-law.

Are the troubles of managing a big company so tough that you’ll lose weight if you became the president?

As I wondered about that, I turned my gaze towards Father-in-Law and continued the explanation.


“It’s a magic where, while maintaining the quality of the item, it is stored in a space where time is stopped for the item. Here, just like this.”


As I explained, I placed my hand on several items such as dressers, chests, and full-length mirrors, storing them away into my【Closet】. After I finished storing all the items from the salon, I returned to Father-in-law.


Both he and the servants were frozen like statues. The only one who responded to me normally was none other than my beloved Ursch-kun.


“Wow~… You’re amazing, Isabella. By the way, how do you take the items out of the space where time is stopped?”


After happily clapping his hands, Ursch-kun tilted his head in confusion. While squealing inside over the adorableness of his movement, I take out 2-3 items for show.


“As you can see, I’m able to freely store and withdraw items.”


“Woow!! It’s the magic that merchants envy the most~. Even if you don’t have a large cart, you can easily carry so many wares. Transportation will be a piece of cake~”


As our conversation went on, the servants finally rebooted from their sleep mode and dashed out of the salon.


“Maadaaaam!! Maaasteer!! Something huge has happeneddddd!!”


The servants screams faded into the distance as they ran off. When I turned back around, I found both Ursch-kun and his father staring at me with a huge grin on their faces.




A / N: It has been said that the name of the country where the story is taking place keeps changing. I’ve noticed the fatal mistake and corrected them. The correct country name is Rosereale Kingdom!! I will note down the settings properly from now on!! (I hadn’t kept any notes up until now.)

winter: As you can see, I’m trying out a new format for the chapters. The first few chapters were when I copied the author’s format down to the T but, well, I’ll try out this format for awhile so tell me if you guys prefer this one.

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