The Villainess Wants To Marry a Commoner Chapter 4

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Chapter #4 — Ah… this is the so-called, “Cheat Reincarnation”. (あ・・・。これは世に言う、チート系の転生だわ。)


Amidst the undying chaos in the salon, I was left standing stiffly with Ursch-kun.


“Isabella, looks like your dad fainted huh~. He might have hit his head, I wonder if he’s ok~?”


Ursch-kun lowers his eyebrows, directing his gaze to the door where my father was carried out as if being dragged. My father is a large man over 2 metres in height, and a weight of over 100kg. It’s not that he’s fat, rather he’s a mass of muscle. Instead of busying himself with paperwork as the duke or as the prime minister, I think my father would look more suited wielding an axe or a hammer and charging through in the front lines of a battlefield. With his body figure being as such, the sound and impact of when he fell down were large. Even with the many servants our dukedom has, they were unable to lift him, and were forced to drag his body.


Because my father looks the way he does, surely no one would expect that with a word from his daughter, he would receive enough shock to collapse. At least, I didn’t expect it. Thinking that he wouldn’t agree immediately, I was indeed working on a plan in persuading him. However, it seems it isn’t the time and place for that anymore.


In such a state, as there is nothing I can do,

I prioritized reassuring Ursch-kun, who seemed worried.

Eh? Checking up on my father?

I can leave that till later. Yup. Later.


“If it is my father, he will be alright. As you can see, my father is a man with a strong body. Even if he were to fall down and hit his head, he wouldn’t receive much damage .”


“Even if there is no damage to the body, wouldn’t his heart still receive damage~?”


“Hngh! That… may be true indeed. I apologise for causing you to worry.”


“Of course I’ll worry. It’s your father after all. I have to get the marriage approved too.”


Ursch-kun!! I see you’re all on board with marrying me!! I’m so happy!!


“What if, and I’m just speaking hypothetically but… In the scenario where my father wouldn’t give his permission …”


“Then we can run away together~. It may be impossible right now, but once we’re able to live independently, let’s leave the royal capital. By then, I’ll grow into a man who’ll be able to support you, Isabella. ”


Ah, so he was actually serious about eloping with me! If I can live with Ursch-kun then I’ll be fine living even in poverty! In fact, thinking about the game’s storyline, which leads to me executed or being wedded to a middle-aged man, eloping with Ursch-kun sounds like paradise!! Given that both I and Ursch-kun attended a magic academy in the game, both of us should be able to use magic, so life after eloping should somehow be fine?


“In that case, let us peddle together!”


“Wow, that might be good~. In that case, I’ll start helping out at my dad’s shop from now on and save my allowance. Is it fine if we start out in a small horse cart?


“Certainly! As expected, should we begin from medicinal herbs and spices? I shall start studying about medicinal plants then!”


The first quest in any game begins with herb gathering after all!! Even in the mini-games of “Love☆Magical”, there were quests for herb or mushroom gathering, so I think there’ll be demand for those.


Advertisement“For the herbs, leave it to me~. I think I can make medicine out of them.”


Fufufu… Laughing so, Ursch-kun makes a reliable statement. As expected of a merchant’s son, he’s so knowledgeable. How lovely!! But what does he mean by he thinks he can do it? Does he mean that he knows the method in doing it, but haven’t done it in actuality? I don’t really get it, but in the game, he was selling recovery items, so I’m sure there aren’t any problems. However, It seemed like there was a deeper meaning to what he said …..Ursch-kun even has a side of mysteriousness!! How lovely!!


In such a situation, while we were planning our future together as peddlers, a man approached us as though he was crawling.


“Wait… wait, both of you, please stop that plan of yours…”


Ah, this person, it’s the chairman of the familiar Schneiver company, who had passed out just now.

Hm? Which means?


“Hmm~? What’s wrong, dad? Crawling on all fours and trembling like that… imitating a newborn fawn?”


Ursch-kun lowers his head and speaks to the man crawling in front of him. That’s right, being the chairman of the Schneiver company, it would obviously mean he’s also Ursch-kun’s father.

I need to properly give my greetings…


“I bid a good day to you, sir. I am the third daughter of the Duke Rottenstein, my name is Isabella Ali Rottenstein. It is an honour to be able to meet my father-in-law.”


“Eh, father-in-law… wait, I mean. Putting that aside for now, Miss Isabella… I am the father of Ursch, the boy over there, my name is Nathan Schneiver. As a merchant from the Schneiver company, we’ve met many times before. ”


“Indeed, I’m always grateful for the wonderful hair ornaments and dresses you’ve made and sold to our family.”


The Schneiver company has a great selection of beautiful fabrics and accessories, as well as gorgeous dress designs. Fast in both production and delivery, it has a firm reputation within the aristocratic women. However, the real reason behind its success as one of the top merchant company in the Rosereale Kingdom lies somewhere else. The essence of the Schneiver company was their “Magic Items”. They did everything, from cultivating those with potential to be alchemists, having a great employment plan, to having many workshops for the production of Magic items.


“Oh no, it is I who am grateful for the patronage of the Rottenstein family.… Incidentally, I have something to speak about with my son over there… May I borrow him for a moment? ”


What do they need to talk about? Is it about the marriage after all? I thought that I only had my father to convince, but now that I think about it, Ursch-kun’s family needs to be persuaded too, won’t they? I’ll have to think up a new tactic of persuasion.


“I do not mind, sir. Ursch-kun, I’ll wait over there, so please take your time talking with Father-in-law.”


“Got it. I’ll be right back so wait for me~.”


The air was filled with warmth from his smile, and even as I left the salon, my heart was healed by him waving at me. Passing by the terrace on my way out, I spot the employees of the Scheiver company and approach them. It’s possible that I could learn something new about my new father-in-law. Information gathering is important for persuasion afterall~.




“Then, we’re withdrawing for now~. We’ll move the 10 items that the Duke and Duchess narrowed down to, as well as the 5 items that they were contemplating over to the first warehouse so that they could be brought out easier at a later date. Everything else goes into the second warehouse.”


It seems that they plan on taking back all the merchandise they brought with them. There were many large furniture such as dressers, mirror tables, and full-length mirrors, so it seems difficult to carry them in horsecarts. The amount of goods could fill a small showroom. Just how many round trips would it take them…


“It’d be great if they could just use【Closet】…”


【Closet】was the name of the “item box” in the game “Love☆Magical”. In that case, isn’t it fine to just call it an “Item Box”? Or so I’d like to say but, it seems that they wanted it to be more fitting in a game directed to women, thus it was named【Closet】.


【Closet】would probably be classified as “Spacial Magic”. I have never seen anyone who can use such magic during the six years I spent in this world, so it’s likely to be a feature only available in the game.


“【Closet Open】!! Just kidding ☆


…… Wai… Eh?


Eh? Huh? ..No no no….

I knew there was no way it would appear, I just planned on joking around but…

No way, I didn’t think you really existed, Mr.【Closet】.

About 30 centimetres away, a transluscent【Closet】materialized out of thin air, leaving me dumbfounded. Even though the【Closet】had a fairly large size, there were no signs of the people around me taking notice. Apparently, it is visible only to me. When I shake my head left and right, the【Closet】followed and kept its same position directly in front of me.


… But why did it open? Wasn’t it a feature limited only to the game? And why is it packed with items even when it’s the first time I’m using it? I mean, how do you even operate this? Was it a touch panel style interface? Or maybe through force of will? I stared at the【Closet】that suddenly appeared.


The people around me would surely find it strange if I were to wave my hands around in empty air, so I tried to operate it with sheer willpower instead. Let’s see here… Looks like the contents are all categorised. Opening the Recovery Items tab… Alright, it’s open. It’s further classified into Recovery Elixirs, Equipables, and Amulet types. Recovery Elixirs probably means potions and the like so… let’s take a look at the Equipables instead.



Ah, these are the items that I got in the game in my previous life.

It seems that all the things I purchased by sacrificing even my food money, they reincarnated with me.



Ah… this is the so-called, “Cheat Reincarnation”.




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