The Villainess Wants To Marry a Commoner Chapter 8

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Chapter #8 — Oh… so that’s where you all went. (あぁ、君達・・・・そこに居たの。)


The game “Love☆Magical” was a romance simulation game targeted towards women. By interacting with the handsome Love interests, players could raise the characters’ affection levels. In other words, it was an Otome game.


Within this fantasy world where magic existed was the Rosereale kingdom. This kingdom placed great emphasis on nurturing mages. So much that citizens with magic power beyond the specified threshold were required to attend the “Rosereale National Magic Academy” once they turned 15.


The game’s story took place within this Rosereale Magic Academy.


The school taught five different departments over the course of three years.

  • The “Magician Department”, which emphasized magic studies to cultivate magicians.
  • The “Magic Department”, which centered around the study of magic for those who did not desire to become mages.
  • The “Magic Warrior Department”, which held combat trainings limited to not only magic, but weapons as well.
  • The “Alchemy Department”, which trained aspiring artisans in the art of crafting magic items, potions, and the like.
  • The “Holy Magic department”, attended by those with the aptitude for Holy Magic, cultivates healers and priests.


The heroine was the illegitimate daughter of a viscount.

At the start of the game, the player would be able to choose which department they’d attend, which would determine how their stats are raised, and the level of affection gained when interacting with a Love interest.


By the way, when I played the game in my previous life, I chose the Magician Department. But after learning about Ursch-kun’s existence, I deeply regretted not selecting the Alchemy Department instead.

Incidentally, even if you chose the Alchemy Department, it seems that there were no extra interactions with Ursch-kun besides purchasing items.


The story was divided into an arc for each year, resulting in a total of 3 arcs.


Version 1: The story took place during the first year upon enrolment.

At this point in time, there were 3 Love interests.

As for the rival characters, there were 10, Isabella included.


Love interest #1 – The Second Prince, Christopher Ron Rosereale.

(4 rivals characters, including Isabella)


Love interest #2 – Son of the head of the Mage’s Order, Gijs Nei Torrend.

(4 rivals characters, including Isabella)


Love interest #3 – Son of the Head Knight, Brian Nic Underwood.

(3 rival characters)



… Aren’t there too many rival characters for each Love interest?

“Love☆Magical” was the only Otome Game I’ve ever played, but even in novels with villainous noble girls, wasn’t there only 1 rival for 1 Love interest?

Or was it only because it was a novel? I don’t know the right ratio for this…

The total number of rivals is 10, but because Isabella was a rival character for two of the Love interests, that brings the figure to about 10.5 people.

By increasing the difficulty of the game, was it a plan for the management to make more money selling premium items? It’s a mystery.


Now, of all the people I might encounter in the future, the second prince, Christopher Ron Rosereale, was by far the most likely.

In the first place, the game’s Isabella had forced her way into an engagement after falling in love with him at first sight. It’s inevitable that we’d meet at some point. Well, that and he is my cousin after all.

Huh? We’re cousins, but as far as I can recall, I don’t remember us ever meeting each other.

I hadn’t even met my uncle, the King.


I’m speaking from the common sense I gained from my previous world, but isn’t it odd to not have met your cousin or uncle even once up until the age of 6?

Well, it’s said that the Queen of England is so busy she could only spend 30 minutes with her son every morning, so I guess it’s not something that doesn’t happen at all?

Meh, whatever.

I’m so glad I wasn’t engaged to the prince before meeting Ursch-kun, or even before getting my memories back.


The question now is when and where I’d meet the prince.

The best scenario would’ve been me getting engaged with Ursch-kun today, then being introduced to the prince as already affianced but… it’s still 9 more years until that happens, so I guess there’s no helping it.


Next on the list of people I’m likely to encounter is Gijs Nei Torrend, the younger brother of my eldest brother’s wife.


In the game, Isabella hated the Heroine because she was an illegitimate child, and a former commoner at that. Not wanting to become relatives with a commoner, Isabella did her best to ruin Gijs and the Heroine’s relationship but…


Rather than hating commoners, I fully plan on marrying Ursch-kun and becoming one myself!! There’s no reason to get in the way, nor any reason to bully the Heroine!! Even so, there’s no telling what may happen, so it’s best to not come into contact with him at all.


As for the son of the Head Knight, Brian Nic Underwood…

There’s no point of contact whatsoever. Yup.

My second brother’s fiancée is the daughter of the Imperial Knights’ leader, which is a bit of different. At most, he’d be vaguely described as an acquaintance of my second brother or his fiancée.



Hmmm. Are there any measures I can take at the moment?

By simply getting along well with Ursch-kun, threatening any annoying pests that latch onto him, and simply being recognised as a couple from everyone else, I feel like everything will go smoothly from the engagement, to graduation, and even until the marriage.


Plus, if I enter the Alchemy Department with Ursch-kun instead of the Magician Department, wouldn’t I be able to safely avoid the incidents during the second and third year?

In the first place, Isabella made her exit after the first year of the game, so she had nothing to do with the incidents anyway.

I can leave the Love interests’ traumas and incidents to the heroine, right?


Well well~!! There’s nothing to think so hard about after all!! All I have to do is keep loving and cherishing Ursch-kun as much as I want!! Even while studying at the academy, we can still fill out the pages of our youth one day at a time!! Forget that blasted game!!


With that settled, time to formulate a plan to invite Ursch-kun out on a date. Ah, but before that, I should do a thorough check of the 【Closet】’s contents. I also confirm that there isn’t any difference to the game’s mechanics.




Alright, I guess that’s about it.

To put it simply, the【Closet】kept all my items from Version 1 through 3, even those from the after story episodes (lovey-dovey dating events with the Love Interests).


…What am I supposed to do with these items?

Like these “S-rare” duplicates for example. I even have duplicates of items that should exist only one in this world.

Not to mention eight Medusa-headed shields.

Wai-!! As if I need that many Medusa!! Who the heck hunted them!! 8 Medusas at that!!

Huh? Was it Ursch-kun? I’m pretty sure Ursch-kun made this.

Ursch-kun, where on Earth did you get all these Medusa heads? It’s expensive to buy a Medusa head, you know? Probably.

Did you hunt them yourself? There’s no way, right?

Let’s stop thinking about it. It must be a game specification.

I can’t even begin to imagine that heartwarming smile-angel, my beloved Ursch-kun, cleaving through a Medusa. Not to mention combining the Medusa’s head with a shield through alchemy.

Yup. Let’s stop thinking about it.


Ah, it only cost me 200 yen to buy this item in the gacha, but just how much money would I make selling it in this world?

I can’t just get rid of them either, as they’re perfectly good items. Even those that look harmless, it’d be bad if it were to be a repeat of the lemonade incident.


As for the single-use items, I guess I have no choice but to slowly use them up one by one.

If I remember correctly, the school annually held a Monster Subjugation Class Trip as part of the curricular.

… I’m surprised they were able to obtain the consent of their guardians even though there were students at the age of fifteen and part of the nobility.


By the way, I found out that I’m able to bring out the【Closet】by just thinking it, without having to put it in words. Also, I didn’t even need to summon it to see what’s inside or select items. It was even easier to move stuff in and out now compared to when I’d played the game before.

However, in the game, I was able to identify how much more space I had until I reached maximum capacity, but not anymore. I don’t think its storage space is unlimited, but it makes me wonder how much I could actually fit inside. It’s kinda scary really.



As for the other things I could do in the game…

What else were there again?


“Ah. A【Status】check.”



You too, 【Status】?!

Yes. That’s right.

It appeared.

The【Status】window appeared.




“Oh… so that’s where you all went.”


※Medusa: A female monster with a petrifying gaze and poisonous snakes for hair. She’s the youngest of the three Gorgon sisters, and supposedly the only one who lacked immortality. (There isn’t 8 of her)


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