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Chapter 3.2 — The First Village’s Hero is supposed to marry his cute female childhood friend… (3)

Alec was an orphan abandoned in front of the church at 4 years old but, because this village isn’t that big, it should’ve been easy to find the parents. However, even though the adults searched for a while, they could not find anyone who resembled him. They even tried to ask Alec but his memories were foggy and it seems like, besides his name and age, they couldn’t get any other information. In the end, they concluded probably adventurers who came to the nearby dungeon to abandon their child, thus leaving him in the care of the church that also doubled as an orphanage.


Due to that initial situation, there were people in the village who thought of Alec as abnormal. Alec, who was smaller than others when he was young, was bullied by other children influenced by their parent’s uneasy and caution towards him. During those times, it was always Ruth who intervened. Ruth took an interest in the golden haired Alec when he first saw him. He wanted to become friends and got close to him. That’s why whenever Alec relied on him, he gets extremely happy.


However, when they turned 10 years old and the time for them to learn hunting came along, Alec’s worth to the village drastically changed. The once small body quickly grew bigger before their eyes and, on top of that, his physical strength and stamina also followed. In addition to using bows and knives, because Alec learned swordsmanship and martial arts under the people in the village who have noticed Alec’s abilities, he quickly surpassed everyone in the blink of an eye. Thanks to that, the supply of animals gained from hunting increased and there were no longer any worries about a shortage of crops if a drought were to occur and the rice fields were to dry up. Ever since Alec started participating in the yearly demon subjugation, there was no longer any casualties.


His success and abilities are like something an overpowered transmigrated protagonist, from a novel Ruth read in his previous life, would have. Out of curiosity, Ruth once tried to ask “Are you a transmigrator?” but Alec just tilted his head in confusion and became concerned about Ruth’s wellbeing. Judging from that, it doesn’t seem like he is one.


With this and that, nowadays, the people in the village have acknowledged Alec’s superiority. Thus, whenever Alec does anything new, the village would make a commotion about it.


Now, since Alec is seen as a hero to the children and the ones who once bullied him back then now also worship him, the adults in the village also often rely on him too. That’s why despite how macho men are favored in this world, the earlier situation with Alec was like Ruth’s previous world, where the cool types and handsome looking men were popular. It seems that girls who have fallen for Alec do not mind if he’s muscular or not. It’s very enviable.


(Well, that’s also why, even though he hasn’t shown them anything like the magical equipment, if it’s to the person he’s proposing to then it should be fine. It is the person Alec fell in love with after all.)


However, because everyone around him started to hold him up to such high expectations, Alec gradually started to distance himself from them and put up the facade of a gentle well-behaved young man. As a result, he started to speak more politely and referred to himself more modestly. That well-mannered facade has only strengthened even more.


“So you plan on giving that to them during the proposal? That’s good, they’ll definitely love it. And so, when are you going to give it to them?”

“…On my 20th birthday”

“Huh, normally wouldn’t you give it to them on their birthday?”

“It can’t be helped. It’s because their birthday is more than half a year away.”

“Why not just wait until then?”

“…No way. I can’t wait. I don’t want them to be taken away by anyone else”


Ruth couldn’t help but laugh at Alec’s childish pout. It seems like Alec likes this person so much that he wants to propose as soon as possible.


(This part of him really is like that of a 19-year old.)


Alec has built a wall around himself from other people but it’s only towards Ruth that he retained his old attitude. The reason for that is because no matter what Alec did, Ruth never treated him differently. In fact, Ruth sympathized with Alec considering it must be tough taking up the village’s expectations all by himself.


Also, when Ruth had panicked about remembering his previous life, it was Alec who stayed by his side through it all when all of his other friends had left him. They shared such past, so even Ruth viewed Alec as someone even more special than a simple friend. So special, in fact, that were he to ever fall in love with a girl only to find out that Alec also loved her, he would be willing to step back for his sake. But, of course, such a future was highly unlikely.


“… Hey, you didn’t forget right?”

“About what?”

“………………My birthday, when is it?”

“Ah, come to think of it, it’s tomorrow.”


Ruth suddenly remembered that tomorrow is Alec’s birthday.


Alec doesn’t usually want anything, perhaps because of his simple lifestyle, but every year on his birthday he always requests Ruth to give him a present. Last year, because Alec said “I want you to make me a charm”, Ruth had no choice but to learn from his mother while sewing something for the first time in his life. In the village, the charm is a passed-down tradition where an amulet is inserted inside of a bag but because Ruth has no talent for sewing, the charm came out horribly. Despite that, Alec was over the moon about it and has it hanging from his neck every day. Originally, these charms are supposed to be made by mothers and lovers but since Alec is an orphan and doesn’t have a lover yet, perhaps Ruth was the only one he could ask. However, Ruth ends up feel apologetic whenever sees the seedy-looking string showing up between Alec’s brilliant golden hair.


“The trip is this year, right? Got it, I’ll let dad and the others know to leave tomorrow free.”

“Alright, that sounds good.”

“But, is it okay to not invite Marianne?”

“…Why did Marianne suddenly come into this conversation?”

“No…why…well…if we’re out for the trip, we won’t see her for the whole day, right?”

“I think that’s fine.”


Alec let out a disgruntled snort.


(Hm, judging by that attitude, it doesn’t seem like the person Alec is proposing to is Marianne…?)


Marianne is Ruth and Alec’s childhood friend who is 2 years younger than them and lives in the same village. She has a lovely set of curly red hair and is one of the most beautiful women in the village. Since she was close in age with Alec and Ruth, the three of them were often a set together in even the village. Alec’s attitude towards her is comparatively closer to how he naturally is too. She is not as close to Alec like how Ruth is but, Alec tolerates her the most among the other village girls. Of course, more than anything, Marianne’s crush on Alec is completely obvious.


(Then just who is the person Alec is proposing to?)


It would be easier if he just asks but for some reason, Alec was releasing a “don’t ask me about it” aura. Unfortunately, it seems impossible to inquire about it any further. Perhaps Alec doesn’t want Ruth to know about his weaknesses or else the proposal might not go well. Moreover, since it’s taking place the day after tomorrow, rumors will definitely spread like fire. In any way, Alec is the center of attention in the village afterall.


“Ah, Alec! Ruth!”


Speaking of the devil, Marianne ran towards them. It seems like because her father, the village chief, had something to talk to Alec about, he wanted Marianne to call him over.


“Well, I’m also going to go back to work.”

“…Ruth, don’t forget?”

“Don’t worry, I know.”

“Ah, Ruth. My dad some few other people might be staying over in the village, we were wondering if you can leave a room open in your inn but…”

“That’s all right. There’s no one else in today besides one party.”

“That’s a relief. I’ll leave it to you then!”


While Marianne gave Ruth a cute smile, she grabbed Alec’s hand to pull him towards her house. Ruth thought that they suited each other as a couple from behind but thinking about how that future would be impossible, he felt a little bad for Marianne.


(On that subject, Alec said he was going to propose but was he even dating them?)


Even though Alec is the center of attention in the village, Ruth never heard any rumors about his romantic life. However, Ruth thinks that Alec saying he’s going to propose in itself makes it hard to say that they haven’t made by progress in the relationship.


(Well, it is Alec after all. The other person shouldn’t be that upset with the sudden proposal. It’s not like you have to get married right after the proposal.)


Ruth, who is fated to be unpopular in both his previous and current life, thought that ultimately he will never be able to match up to popular guys just like Alec.


MARY: Thank you for your patience as always! Let me know if there’s any mistakes ^_^)/

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