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Chapter 15 — The Captain of the Royal Knights is supposed to have a fiancée…8

“Jio, welcome back.”

“Thank you, I have returned.”


Shortly after breakfast time finished at the inn, Jio, who stayed over at the village chief’s house yesterday, returned to the Brau residence. Jio came to check if there was a room available but he had to wait in the lobby until the afternoon to be guided to the room. He held onto this cane as his small body plopped down onto the worn-out sofa. While holding onto a cup of tea, he furrowed his eyebrows and heaved a deep sigh.


“Were you able to rest well yesterday?”

“Yes, the meal was delicious and there was an excellent bed. However, I would have liked it if the bed was a tad bit firmer. Well, I must say that it was a luxury since they accommodated me in their house.”

“Hahaha. No worries, our beds are firm.”


Ruth was relieved to know that Jio did not seem to hate staying over at the village chief’s house. While participating in small talk, Ruth crouched down by Jio’s side and opened his mouth as he looked at the inn register.


“By the way, Jio, your length of stay at the inn is undecided… if I recall, you came to visit your son’s grave, right?”

“That’s right. It is an hour-long walk there so I can quickly finish my visit in a day. But, since I have come all the way here, I thought I would have my fill of leisure in this village. At any rate, it’s also because I heard from my disciple that the bathhouse in this inn is excellent.”


It’s true that the baths in the inn are bigger than the average household baths, making it worthwhile to use. Ruth can proudly say that that’s thanks to Alec’s various trial and error runs.


“Please thoroughly enjoy your time in the bathhouse. But, Jio, if possible, I was wondering if you could leave Hashi Village after the next three days…”

“…Why so?”


Jio slowly straightened up from Ruth’s words. Ruth was relieved to see that Jio didn’t seem to be particularly angry, but simply startled. He had to be careful because there have been guests that would lose their temper just by that statement alone when voiced in the wrong way.


“Actually, in less than a week, a horde of demons will attack this village.”

“A horde of demons?”


Ruth told Jio about the upcoming ‘demon subjugation’.


Because the Brau residence would urge their guests to leave the Hashi Village as soon as they can every year around this time, Ruth is accustomed to explaining it.


“Hou, there’s such a thing that happens in this village… That idiot disciple, so it was like that.”

“? …That’s why you should also leave the village as soon as possible.”

“It is not obligatory, yes?”

“…Of course, it is not obligatory, but things will become quite noisy and we won’t be able to attend to you as much. I also believe that you will have to take refuge in a confined area together with the villagers during the subjugation?”


Ruth had a troubled expression as he looked at Jio, who furrowed his eyebrows as he tilted his neck.


“…I will keep that in mind. But, I have yet to decide whether I will leave the village in 3 days’ time.”

“Is that so…well, do let someone know if you decide to change your mind. Now then, I’ll go do a final check of your room.”


Ruth left the area and headed to the guest room while letting out a sigh in his heart at Jio’s hesitance.


“Haah…there’s no way I could convince him. Maybe I’ll leave it up to Mom. There’s still time.”


Generally, guests would be moved by seeing Celine’s worried expression and obediently leave the village. Even the guests who don’t react to Celine would leave as if they were running away after hearing Rossa’s stern face telling about awful chaos that is upcoming. Ruth just can’t match up to those sorts of parents.


(Until Alec returns, I have to be able to deal with these sorts of things by myself…)


As Ruth was firing himself up, he flawlessly finished cleaning up the guest room.



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  1. I’ll want to see or read what’s going on, on Alec side while all this goes on.😂😂😂 I want to know how Alec would go on if he here’s about his wify’s journey.

  2. “(Until Alec returns, I have to be able to deal with these sorts of things by myself…)” ALEC ;V; I hope we get a snippet from Alec’s pov at some point. I wanna know what he’s up to while this is all happening.

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