Chapter 86 Part 1

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Chapter 86: Back to Real World (1)


Translator: Mimi
Editor: Niiesque

Li Luo opened his eyes. It took a few moments of confusion for him to sober up. He looked at the surrounding, familiar furnishings and realized that he’d returned to the real world.

[Great Host, congratulations on your return to the real world.] Xiao Qi said in his mind after Li Luo’s consciousness had cleared up.

Li Luo’s mind still had the image of Elvis’ expression when he looked at him before leaving. Closing his eyes, he asked: “Xiao Qi, how long will I have to stay in the real world? Before I can enter the next?”

[Three days. The host must stay here for three days. After that, we can start the space jump,] Xiao Qi replied.

“Three days…” Li Luo sat up from the bed. Unlike the last time he turned from the previous world, he was actually looking forward to enter the next. He wanted to see whether his speculations were right or wrong, though he heavily suspected them to be right.

That the protagonist of the next world would be exactly the person he was looking for.

As Li Luo thought about it some more, they would see each other again after three days. This separated was actually not long.

It’s just that, when they could meet again, his lover might not recognize him.

Even if he didn’t remember, he’d fallen in love with him in the last two worlds though. He would certainly be with him again in the next.

With these thoughts in his mind, Li Luo wasn’t very worried. Now that he was back to real world, he should deal with the matters here first.

After washing his face and rinsing his mouth, Li Luo went downstairs to eat although he had returned at the very same time he left before.

He had lived in another world for more than a hundred years. Being back in the real world made him somewhat uncomfortable but with the morning routine, Li Luo could adapt to the current living environment again.

After all, he had lived in this world for more than twenty years. He still had some memories.

After Li Luo returned to his room, he immediately turned on his computer.

Seeing the familiar interface appear before his eyes, Li Luo almost wanted to hug the computer and kiss it a few times.

If he had to say what he missed most in the Saint Magus’ world, then it would definitely be the different kinds of electronic products, TV dramas, novels, and anime in this life.

There were three days of time now and, except for tomorrow where he planned to visit Jin Chenji, he’d decided to spend it on the internet.

Of course——before that, he still needed to finish his writing first. _(:3」∠)_ After all, this was how he earned the income for his future living expenses in this world.

But after spending more than a century in the last world, he’d forgotten the contents of his new book.

Li Luo fumbled to open his own website and entered in several passwords based off his vague memories. After unlocking them, he entered the background of the author.

Looking at the existing drafts, he breathed a sigh of relief when he saw that there were three of four chapters below. Even if he doesn’t come out now, he’d be able to survive for the time being.

Li Luo immediately concentrated. He dug out the synopsis of the story that he had written before and carefully read it several times before looking at the drafts of content in front of him.

If there was one thing to be said after coming back from the magic world, it was that he’d also gained something. His memory was now inexplicable much better than before.

He was still unable to remember all the contents in his mind after a rapid quick read but, after he looked at it roughly, he could remember most of the content. He also clearly understood the context in his heart.

This was something he couldn’t do before. Moreover, after look at the synopsis he had written before, a new plot quickly emerged in Li Luo’s mind.

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