The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured by ML Chapter 122

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Chapter 122: Immortal Path of Devil Lord 3.27


Translator: Mimi
Editor: PohTahTvh

Li Luo didn’t think that he actually got the opportunity to enter the inner hall now. However, he was not going to just stroll around the inner hall.

Although he had entered the Dark Moon palace hall, Li Luo has not thought about how he would approach Chu Wuyong yet; that is without causing Chu Wuyong to harbor suspicions.

Even if he knew that the current Chu Wuyong was only in the initial stage of Demigod rank, and Chu Wuyong should not be able to see the camouflage on his face, he was still wary because his face was really dangerous. If he acts rashly and rushed to find Chu Wuyong, and would result in Chu Wuyong finding out that his current identity was actually Yun Tianheng. It was estimated that Chu Wuyong would directly finish him——why was his life always so hard _(:з”∠)_?

Moreover, when he asked Xiao Qi for a way to solve this matter before, Xiao Qi would only cheer him up, without a bit of substantial help.

So was there any use of this stupid system, ah!

Li Luo silently ridiculed in his heart, but his face did not show any other expression.

The youth was satisfied with the look of the two little servants in front of him, and showed a little joy look on his face. He felt that his self-esteem was once again greatly satisfied.

Then he turned around and told Li Luo and the young man to follow him, before walking towards the entrance of the courtyard.

Li Luo and the young man immediately followed the youth. The moment they passed the entrance of the courtyard, they saw several servants who were dressed in the same attire as the youth they were following that came in from other places while leading the new servants. They slowly gathered with the youth, as they advanced towards the inner hall. Then, the number of people was increasing, quickly reaching a hundred people excluding the new servants that came in. A group of people were vast, but no one was whispering to each other and walking forward very quietly.

A group of people soon entered the entrance of the inner hall. After entering the inner hall, everyone’s actions became more and more careful. They almost didn’t dare to make any slight movements, and only subtle rustling sound of clothes could be heard.

Li Luo followed the pace of the crowd and only felt that he had bypassed countless corridors before entering a courtyard. Although the courtyard was not too big, every grass and tree inside made Li Luo feel a trace of familiarity.

Li Luo slightly raised his head and swept a glance, only to find that the various arrangements in this courtyard were exactly the same as the one on the Blue Feather Mountain where he lived before. Even the corner of the stone table under the maple tree that was accidentally broken was completely the same.

After Li Luo saw the scene in front of him, he felt as if his heart was stabbed by countless thin needles. It was not a kind of sharp pain, but it was so dense, making people unable to ignore it.

At that time, when Li Luo read that Chu Wuyong was looking for a secret method that would be able to resurrect the dead cultivator at the information that he bought, Li Luo right away knew how important the him in this world was in Chu Wuyong’s heart. And now that he saw everything in front of him, Li Luo felt even more of Chu Wuyong’s obsession.

He felt that if he doesn’t return this time, it was most likely that Chu Wuyong would further stray away from the original development trajectory set by him in this world.

However, when he thought of the possibility that Chu Wuyong might be Jin Chenji from the real world, Li Luo suddenly felt that his distress for Chu Wuyong had subsided by one-third.

After all, aside from the real world, where he was still a complete virgin, in these few worlds that he had crossed over, he was eaten unwaveringly every time.

In addition, before he crossed to this world for the second time, he also learned that Jin Chenji has already had a different kind of thought for himself. The way of kissing that appeared very restrained but obviously revealing as if he wanted to swallow him. As Li Luo thought about it, he felt his chrysanthemum hurt.

Li Luo and the rest of the people stood respectfully inside the courtyard. Along with the youth who had taken him and the young man here, they stood in the middle of the line. The youth actually wanted to stand in the front, but he also did not dare to go too far in this courtyard, and can only suppress the dissatisfaction in his heart, and stood behind.

Li Luo was also quiet as a chicken, standing next to the youth, he did not show a trace of abnormality.

Everyone was quietly waiting for an hour before a slight sound of movements could be heard in front of them.


In fact, Chu Wuyong had long heard the sound in his courtyard, but he still remained reclined on the bed that looked exactly the same as the bed in the room where Gu Qingchen lived in his memory; his face was expressionless. Although he already did his utmost best to restore the room to its original state, a fake was always a fake, there was no trace of breath that he was familiar with; just similar in the form, nothing more.

Although it has been more than three hundred years, the image of that cold figure never disappeared from the bottom of his heart, instead it was engraved deeply. For more than three hundred years, every time Chu Wuyong thought of the scene when Gu Qingchen exploded his Nascent Soul in order to let him leave safely, Chu Wuyong cannot help but feel pained, like a knife being twisted in his heart.

Chu Wuyong’s original deep eyes could not help but show a thick layer of purple color as he thought that not long ago, Yun Tianheng who was seriously injured escaped from his grasp. Along with the rise of this purple color, his body also exuded a substantial killing intent. As long as he discovered Yun Tianheng’s whereabouts, he was determined to make his soul fly away and scattered!

The purple color in Chu Wuyong’s eyes became more and more intense. His pitch-black as ink eyes was just like the deep waves rolling ceaselessly under the night.

Only after he laid in the bed for a long time that Chu Wuyong was able to press down the purple color surging in his eyes, and his eyes once again changed back to the dark black of obsidian. Chu Wuyong turned his body and sat up, before slowly stepping out of the room.

He glanced at the surrounding servants who were standing neatly below without making a sound. There was no emotion in his eyes. He needed someone to help him clean this courtyard. Of course, the room that was exactly the same as Gu Qingchen’s original room, he would only personally clean it.

Chu Wuyong looked expressionlessly at each servant who had their head lowered in front of him. He didn’t care who could clean this courtyard, but his only request was to find someone with a pure mind. He does not want to have any ill-intentioned people who would clean this courtyard in order to get close to him, it will only dirty this courtyard.

Chu Wuyong did not speak, but just stood there. It made the servants below feel as if they were standing in front of a huge mountain that could topple them at any time. The great pressure made them even more nervous, their breathing became slower, and some even held their breath in fear, as a result their face flushed.

Chu Wuyong looked at everyone below for a few minutes, before his gaze finally landed on the two slim figures standing in the middle of the crowd, then his eyes stayed on the figure on the left side of the two.

Because Li Luo had his head lowered and his line of sight was blocked by the people in front him, and he also could not release his spiritual sense, Li Luo appeared just like a real ordinary person. As a result, Li Luo was completely unaware that Chu Wuyong who was dressed in a black robe already set his eyes on him.

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