The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured by ML Chapter 101

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Chapter 101: Immortal Path of Devil Lord 3.14


Translator: Mimi
Editor: PohTahTvh

The disciple who was randomly assigned as Chu Wuyong’s opponent was a young Outer Sect disciple who had just recently entered the Foundation Building. Therefore, it took only a few minutes for Chu Wuyong to win the match.

Although Chu Wuyong won the match perfectly, his expression did not change at all, and you basically can’t see even a little joy of victory in his face. It was only those dark and deep eyes that secretly swept a glance to the person who sat upright in the distance, and after he looked at Li Luo’s indifferent expression for a while, he slowly walked off the competition stage.

The time of a day was also very limited, coupled with a large number of disciples who participated in the competition and sometimes encounter evenly matched opponents, which consumed a lot more time, as a result when the red glow of the sunset at dusk filled the sky, only less than one tenth disciples finished the matches.

However, a cultivator’s time was originally very long, merely a day’s time, it was nothing at all.

Today Li Luo can finally return to his own peak, Red Cloud Mountain. In these past few days, when he lived in the main peak, he didn’t sleep well at night because he lived in the same courtyard with Elder Zhao.

And as he was afraid of revealing any flaws, even in his own room, Li Luo still had to keep Gu Qingchen’s cold appearance, which simply made him feel like a day dragged past like a year.

Now he can finally return to his own territory, although Li Luo was not obvious on the surface, but he had long been breathed a big sigh of relief in his heart.

By the time when the drum placed on the side of the competition stage was knocked three times, Li Luo was prepared to stand up and walk out of the spectator’s stage for the Elders and Mountain Lords, until Elder Zhao sitting next to him stopped him, “Elder Gu.”

Li Luo slightly raised his eyebrows and calmly turned around, and looked at Elder Zhao——old man oh, what matter do you want to tell me, can we do it tomorrow? Today, he just wants to go back to his own residence early, lie down on his bed, that he had long been separated for many days and have a good night’s sleep.

Elder Zhao wore a beaming smile on his face, as he looked at the cold expression, but graceful Gu Qingchen in front of him, the color of his eyes turned a bit cold but he abruptly hid it without a trace.

“Elder Zhao, is there anything you want to tell me?” Li Luo asked faintly.

“The Sect Master has been entrusted a task to us before, requesting us that we must stay to supervise the disciples who checked the enchantment. By the way, today, the protection on the competition stage was not destroyed by these disciples’ battles and so the established array will be maintained once.” Elder Zhao did not show not even a trace of dissatisfaction against Li Luo, and still maintain a very kind smile.

When Li Luo heard Elder Zhao’s words, only then that he remembered this matter, although he really wanted to go back to his Red Cloud Mountain now but since things have not been done yet, there was no way.

Li Luo didn’t have any other option but to go with Elder Zhao. After almost all of the disciples had gone, they and the disciples who were assigned to maintain the array started to patrol the entire competition site.

Because of the suppression of two elders, all the disciples who were assigned to the task did not dare to slack off, as a result, these two tasks were completed quickly.

Li Luo naturally did not want to stay here for a moment longer and although he really want to leave this place immediately, in order to maintain the image of the original body, Li Luo could only pretend to be still had in a very mild manner and gentle appearance, maintaining the same pace as usual, as he walked away from the competition site with Elder Zhao who was not far away from him.

As soon as he left the competition site, Li Luo saw Chu Wuyong right away, standing not far away.

As soon as he saw Li Luo, he greeted him, “Master.” Then he looked at Elder Zhao, who was not far away from Li Luo, and greeted him coldly but with no lack in manners.

Li Luo did not see Chu Wuyong this periods of time, and he could only look at him from a distance in today’s competition; he also somewhat missed him.

Li Luo turned around and looked at Elder Zhao, “Elder Zhao, I will leave first together with my disciple.” After that, Li Luo didn’t wait for the old man who was not far behind to respond, before he took out his leaf-shaped boat and right away rode it with Chu Wuyong to a distance.

Elder Zhao’s complexion couldn’t help but became a bit ugly, as he stood in the same place. He looked at Li Luo and Chu Wuyong who had been shrunk into the black spot in the distant sky as his eyes narrowed.

Humph! Indeed a what kind of master has a what kind of apprentice, both of them were so arrogant and considered everyone else beneath them. But they will only be so comfortable for a few days, and wait until the finals; it would be the end of their good days. After he thought about it, he snorted and flung his sleeve, before leaving the competition site.


As the competition progressed, it was very quickly reached the finals.

Although there were a large number of people who participated in the big competition of Inner Sect this time, the number of people who entered the finals was only one thousandth of the total number.

But because of the finals, the disciples who came to watch the match were much more numerous than before.

Li Luo was still sitting on his previous seat, and looked indifferently at the competition stage in front of him.

He still did not sense any abnormalities during the competition time, it was obvious that if Elder Zhao wanted to take action, it could only be in the finals.

In contrast to the preliminary round, the ability of the disciples who can participate in the finals were the top-notch. As a result, the time required for the match was greatly lengthened. The current number of participants were less than twenty, but it was very likely that the matches will take more than a day to finish.

Moreover, with the ability of the disciples, the wear and tear of protection array on the competition stage had also increased. For this reason, Li Luo and Elder Zhao have to, once again, set up a more advanced and firm array.

Even if a disciple had the strength to reach the Core Formation stage, it was impossible to destroy the formation in the competition stage and hurt the disciples that watching the match.

Elder Zhao who had white temples and beard, put his hands inside his sleeves. There was a faint smile between his eyebrows, he seemed to be in a very good mood, he looked at Li Luo from the corner of his eye and as a trace of malicious and ridiculous sneer flashed in his eyes.

Through this period of time together, he noticed that Gu Tingchen seemed to be aware of something and apparently to be faintly guarding against him. However, when he knew that he and Gu Qingchen would be the person in charge of the competition site, he right away abandoned any plans he had on the site.

And he would soon be able to get the result of the scheme he has arranged. Presumably to Chu Wuyong, this boy who hadn’t even grown his hair, which has not even reached Core Formation stage, it was simply impossible to escape from his scheme.

Thinking of this, the edge of Elder Zhao’s lips could not help but slightly revealed a trace of winning smile.

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