Exclusive Sweetheart Chapter 7

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Chapter 007 — I’ve Been Waiting Forever For You

Su Niannian wiped at her mouth carelessly as she picked up her school bag and dashed out. She looked around with anxiety across her face, considering whether or not she could take a cab to school.

The only response she received were the fragmented sounds of birds chirping.

Su Niannian had despair written all over her face as she rubbed her forehead. Yesterday when they drove by in Chen Yunhua’s car, she recalled that there was a bus stop somewhere in the neighborhood. She was about to be late anyways, taking the public transit was better than having her mom drive her.

As she was finalizing her plan, Su Niannian headed out with her backpack. The birds on the branches suddenly flapped their wings and flew away. A black Porsche drove out of their next-door neighbor’s garage. Su Niannian took small strides and ran up to the car, as if she had noticed her savior.

“Bang Bang——” Su Niannian knocked on the car window. After a while, the window finally rolled down and revealed the handsome yet stern side profile of the youth sitting inside.

Um……it was the cute boy, their next-door neighbor, Gu Zichen.

Su Niannian let out a laugh, “Are you going to school as well? Wanna give me a ride, Gu…..uh, fellow student.” Her memory wasn’t the best. For a moment, she couldn’t remember his name.

Gu Zichen stared at her coldly for two seconds and attempted to figure something out from her smile. But the light that reflected off Su Niannian’s sweet smile, plus her overly bright and crystal clear eyes, made his eyes ache painfully. Gu Zichen scoffed and looked straight ahead without saying anything.

He didn’t utter a word, but Su Niannian knew that he had agreed. She immediately opened the car door and took a seat inside.

Gu Zichen started the car and drove away quickly.

Su Niannian patted her chest, it seemed like she’ll be able to make it. Soon, she began to hum a cheerful tune.

It wasn’t enough just to sing. She turned on the stereo system while she was at it and a lively symphony immediately appeared within the car, bustling with excitement and noise.

Black lines fell down the back of Gu Zichen’s head [1], he knew that he shouldn’t have let this girl on his car! He had always preferred silence and at this moment, Su Niannian’s ruckus gave him a headache.

“Turn it off!” Gu Zichen spat out a few words through gritted teeth and Su Niannian pouted. Noticing his look, as if he would kick her out of the car if she didn’t shut it off, she turned off the music unwillingly.

He wasn’t fun at all, like an old man. These were Su Niannian’s thoughts from the bottom of her heart.

But she had been used to being insensitive, so she rolled down the window and enjoyed the view outside alone.

“Roll the window up!” Gu Zichen wrinkled his brows. Su Niannian glared at him, “Can’t I get some fresh air! You’re so……hey……”

Before she had finished speaking, Gu Zichen had already pressed down on the button, closing the car window.

Su Niannian rolled her eyes. Well, she might as well just sit obediently!

Gu Zichen’s disgust towards Su Niannian deepened another layer. The road they just drove past was surrounded by cape jasmine flowers. He was allergic to pollen, upon smelling the light fragrance, his entire body began feeling unwell!

His birth profile must have been incompatible with Su Niannian’s! [2]

Since Gu Zichen’s driving skills were exceptional, plus the fact that Sheng Yin High School was not far, they had already reached their destination and parked the car in under 10 minutes. Su Niannian stepped out and looked around at her new school.

Sheng Yin High School was Yu City’s best private secondary school. The environment was beautiful and the enrolment rate was high, however there was a hefty tuition. Those that could go to school here were either wealthy and respectable, or admitted upon recommendation due to outstanding grades.

Su Niannian had moved into a new home and her previous high school was too far away. In addition, Chen Yuan also studied at this school, so Chu Suxin allowed her to transfer.

Su Niannian expressed her satisfaction for this new school and was just about to say goodbye to Gu Zichen, when she heard a coy, female voice echo in the air, “Zichen Gege, I’ve been waiting forever for you!” [3]

[1] TL Note: Black lines falling from his/her head or face is a common anime expression and manga iconography, usually indicating that a character is mortified, disgusted, or shocked.

[2] TL Note: In ancient Chinese culture, an individual’s birth profile (8 characters) based off the Ganzhi calendar is used to foretell one’s destiny. Saying that one’s birth profile is incompatible with someone else’s refers to two people being unable to get along with each other.

[3] TL Note: Gege is the Chinese Pinyin for brother. However words in this scene are directed towards Gu Zichen as a love interest, so Gege is used instead of brother.

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