Exclusive Sweetheart Chapter 6

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Chapter 6 — Why Would I Bully A Pig

Their eyes looked into each other’s, less than an inch apart. Su Niannian could nearly feel his breaths plummeting onto her cheeks.

Gulp——she swallowed back her saliva once again. Su Niannian looked up and repeated: “The watermelon…..”

She thought that Gu Zichen would have helped her no matter what, but she didn’t expect that this guy would lack so much generosity!

Gu Zichen glanced at the watermelon and while he was at it, he compared his height with Su Niannian’s, who was at least a head shorter than him. He let out a friendly laugh, making Su Niannian’s heart thump rapidly.

“Su Niannian right? You know that pigs act like this when they can’t get to their food.” As he spoke, Gu Zichen made a hopping gesture with his hand. He continued arrogantly, “Understand?’

Su Niannian stood in place, everything had been completely messed up.

What’s his point? Was he comparing her to a pig?! Su Niannian argued with him, refusing to admit defeat, but Gu Zichen had already gotten his bottled water and began heading out with no expression on his face.

Even though he did not look back, Gu Zichen could still sense the girl’s speechless expression. The corners of his mouth let out a light scoff as he left, perfectly satisfied.

After gaming for a while, Su Niannian brought out a plate of watermelon and set it down on the table.

“I’m going upstairs now.” She informed Chen Yuan and threw a fierce glare at Gu Zichen.

“What happened to her? Did you bully Niannian?” Chen Yuan wrinkled his eyebrows. Gu Zichen grabbed a piece of watermelon and took a few bites before responding with confidence, “Who knows. Why would I bully a tiny, fat, and short-legged pig?” He caught a glimpse of the kitchen, that girl must have used a stood to reach the watermelon.

Chen Yuan had disbelief written all over his face, “If you dislike my sister so much, then why are you eating the watermelon she brought over?”

Gu Zichen: “…….”


As the door was pushed open, a room brimming with the atmosphere of a young girl greeted the eye. There were floral curtains, a wooden floor, and the walls had been painted a simple and elegant shade of green.

Su Niannian could only feel her physical and emotional exhaustion. She rested face-first on the bed as she sulked.

That guy called Gu Zichen was really annoying!

Chu Suxin walked in and chatted randomly with her daughter for a bit. Noticing that she lacked interest, she finally dropped the subject with resentment and instructed her before leaving, “Tomorrow’s the first day of school, remember to wake up early…..”

Su Niannian agreed without energy. After washing her face and brushing her teeth, she lied down on her bed and fell asleep in a daze.


Early in the morning, the sun glimmered brightly and penetrated through the windows, shedding a bright ray of light. Birds chirped outside and sang a cheerful tune.

Her lucky cat alarm clock rang again and again. Two fair and slim hands extended out from beneath the covers and dismissed the alarm.

Su Niannian crawled off the bed, drowsy-eyed, and changed into a black t-shirt and pair of jeans before making her way downstairs.

There wasn’t a soul in sight in the living room. She hovered over to the dining table like a lost spirit and began gulping down the milk. Not long, a wave of footsteps echoed from the stairs and immediately after, Chu Suxin’s shriek filled the air, “Niannian! Why didn’t you get a ride with your Uncle Chen to school!”

“What?” Su Niannian yawned. Chu Suxin gestured with her entire body, “Didn’t I tell you to wake up earlier and go to school with your brother! Look what time it is.”

“Didn’t you just wake up as well…..”

The mother-daughter duo glared at each other for a while. Chu Suxin rubbed her nose, “Then I’ll drive you.”

Oh no! Chu Suxin’s driving skills were infamously crappy. When she came across danger, she wouldn’t step on the brakes, but rather cover her own two eyes. Su Niannian sprung up from her chair, “I’ll go by myself!”

She’d rather die than have her mother drive her!

She caught a glimpse of the time. It was 8:15 am, there was less than 15 minutes until class started, what to do?!

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