Exclusive Sweetheart Chapter 41

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Chapter 041 — Adopting A Cat (6)

Witnessing her opposing attitude, Gu Zichen twitched the corners of his mouth, “It’s not about what I want to do right now, but rather what do you want to happen?”

“……..” Su Niannian remained silent. She had no choice but to glance around, pretending as if she was observing the scrolling landscape.

When her gaze shifted to the perfectly intact windshield, Su Niannian began feeling guilty.

She had given Song Yuxi all of her allowance. Now that Gu Zichen wanted her to pay him back, perhaps all she could do was refuse shamelessly.

Her fear came too soon. Su Niannian was just thinking about her debt when she heard Gu Zichen’s deep, pleasing voice, “Su Niannian, don’t tell me that you’re refusing to pay back your debts. My car repair and maintenance fees are extremely expensive.”

Su Niannian gritted her teeth, “ I never said that I won’t be paying you back!”

“Oh? Then send me your account.”

“Wait!” Su Niannian’s voice interrupted his words. She coughed twice and then switched over to a favouring smile, “Can it be in installments?”

A few black lines slid down Gu Zichen’s forehead as he turned the steering wheel proficiently, suddenly asking, “Su Niannian, what personal skills do you have?”

“Uh…..?” What did this have to do with anything? Su Niannian was full of doubt, however she still answered truthfully, “I can eat, I can sleep, I can play the piano, and I know a bit of Chinese art……”

Gu Zichen responded apathetically with another question: “Do you know how to dance?”

Dancing…..Su Niannian gazed out the car window at the public square where elderly ladies were dancing to Little Apple. [1] She spoke without confidence, “Yeah……”

It would have been strange if she actually knew. Asking her to dance was even worse than making her perform smashing a rock on her stomach.

Gu Zichen nodded his head with satisfaction. He was obviously pleased with Su Niannian’s answer.

“We’re here.” He parked his car beside a manor in the outskirts of the city. Su Niannian stepped out of the car and exclaimed in admiration with a “wow.”

This was one of the Ye family’s private manors. There were numerous flowers and plants, as well as many fruit trees in the orchard at the back. However, these were not meant for making a profit, but rather for creating a countryside design with a clever fusion of fashionable elements. The combination was perfection.

There were countless people managing the manor. The housekeeper recognized Gu Zichen and led the two directly into the mansion.

“Wow, Gu Idol’s here. Tsk tsk tsk, and you brought a cute little girl. Is she your girlfriend?” A clear and sweet voice echoed. Su Niannian followed the sound and looked over to the young woman sitting on the couch. She seemed to be in her early 20s, she had long hair trailing over her shoulders, clean makeup, and an amiable aura. She gave people the comforting perception of the neighbour, the older sister.

Gu Zichen put on a stern face as he explained unenthusiastically, “This is Su Niannian. That is sister Qingya, she’s Ye Xingyu’s sister.”

Su Niannian greeted her promptly, “Hello sister Qingya.”

Ye Qingya’s exploring eyes swept over the two of them repeatedly, a smile was already evident at the corners of her mouth, “Oh it’s Niannian. I’ll take you to see Dumpling.” Chen Yuan had already called Ye Xingyu beforehand. In addition, she had a favourable impression of Su Niannian.

Su Niannian cheered as she followed Ye Qingya happily. Gu Zichen wrinkled his eyebrows and caught up with them.

The Ye family had prepared a separate room for Dumpling, even building a pink den for her. The interior design and decorations were rather feminine, likely the work of Ye Qingya.

They opened the door, Ye Xingyu was crouched over on the ground, feeding cat food to Dumpling. The corners of his mouth carried a faint smile, his eyes were unimaginably tender.

Su Niannian couldn’t help staring blankly. She forgot where she had seen, that those who loved and cared for animals were extremely kind and gentle. This on the other hand, did not fall in line with Ye Xingyu’s usual, carefree personality.

Upon hearing a noise, Ye Xingyu turned his head and greeted joyfully, “Niannian, you’re here!”


SINIKI: [1] TL Note: Little Apple is a popular Chinese song released in 2014. It is a common song for square dancing (group exercise dancing often for elderly people in China).

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