Exclusive Sweetheart Chapter 40

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Chapter 040 — Adopting A Cat (5)

“No!” Su Niannian declined forcefully.

Chen Yuan thought it over, feeling increasingly confident about his idea. Despite Su Niannian’s shouting, he sauntered over to the Gu household.

Su Niannian had nearly broken down. She really, truly did not want to go with that sharp-tongued boy!

In the Gu household.

Gu Zichen rubbed his drowsy eyes, the hoarse sound from just waking up still lingered in his voice. Upon hearing Chen Yuan’s proposal, he instantly jolted awake. Gaze sharp like a knife, his eyes immediately swept over to Chen Yuan.

“Take her? Did you take your medication? Please don’t abandon your treatment.” Gu Zichen mocked him coldly.

Was he joking? Did he seem like some relaxed, bored, or kindhearted person?

Chen Yuan ignored his comments. He squinted his eyes into the shape of a crescent moon, his gentle smile made it difficult to reject, “So it has been decided. Oh, remember not to bully my sister!”

He patted Gu Zichen’s shoulder, and before he got a chance to blow up, Chen Yuan had already disappeared without a trace.

Gu Zichen stood in place, gritting his teeth and letting out a scoff.

He was a person of principle. If he said he wouldn’t go, that meant he wouldn’t go!


A black cloud floated above Su Niannian’s head as she ate her breakfast miserably.

“Niannian, eat more. You’ve gotten skinnier lately…..” Chu Suxin gazed at her own daughter, heartbroken.

Su Niannian was so full that she was on the verge of hiccupping. Actually, she had clearly gained weight.

But her dear mother thought that being chubby, having a rosy complexion, and tying her hair up to expose her forehead was the best. This made Su Niannian especially gloomy for the past few years.

She ate another two slices of bread. Su Niannian felt that she could barely walk anymore.

Chen Yuan and Chen Yunhua ate their breakfast hastily and then drove themselves to the company, it seemed like there really was something urgent.

As she took challenging steps up the stairs, Aunt Wang who was in charge of cleaning the house, walked towards her cheerfully and called out, halting Su Niannian, “Miss, young master Gu is outside waiting for you. You should go out and take a look.”

Huh? Young master Gu? Were there other people with the last name Gu in the neighbourhood? Su Niannian was dumbstruck for a moment as she headed out suspiciously.

The weather was perfectly sunny and the light breeze blew gently, carrying the cool and refreshing air of early autumn.

A black Porsche was parked outside the Chen household. Gu Zichen leaned against the car, his eyelids hanging low with his picturesque facial features.

From such a far distance, Su Niannian could still see his thick, pitch-black eyelashes drooped down, casting a beautiful shadow.

Su Niannian swallowed back her saliva subconsciously.

She shifted towards Gu Zichen slowly, “You wanted to see me……”

What type of tone was this? Full of disgust and unwillingness?

Gu Zichen’s black pupils fixed themselves on Su Niannian, as if they were trying to find something on her. Su Niannian covered her breasts, “Hey! What do you actually want? You’re in broad daylight, the world is at peace……” Her gaze looked terribly mortifying.

Gu Zichen: “…….” Wasn’t it your brother who wanted me to be your free chauffeur?! Why did it seem like he was going to do something horrible in her eyes!?

“Shut up, get in the car.” Gu Zichen opened the car door and pushed Su Niannian inside.

Su Niannian clutched the seat belt tightly, this guy wasn’t trying to take advantage of her right?

Her mind buzzed with wild thoughts, thinking about whether Gu Zichen would go sell her off to the black market, or drag her into being a brickyard slave to do bitter work for the rest of her life, sob sob……” [1]

Gu Zichen cast a glance at her calmly as he started his car without any expression.

He must have been bored to death to drive Su Niannian there! It must have been like this!

Su Niannian gazed forward, hiding her bitterness, as she nagged on and on, “Gu Zichen, you’re so handsome, you definitely won’t do anything cruel like kicking me off halfway right? As well my family saw me head out with you, if you do anything……”

SINIKI: [1] TL Note: The brickyard slaves mentioned references a slave scandal that took place in China in 2007, where thousands of people were forced to work as slaves in illegal brickyards.

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