Exclusive Sweetheart Chapter 39

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Chapter 039 — Adopting A Cat (4)

Zhang Xiaojie helped Liu Yuner up. Although Su Niannian had used a clever strategy against her, she didn’t knock any sense into her.

But Liu Yuner had been pampered throughout her entire life, she had never experienced this type of torture. She howled loudly and began bawling her eyes out, “Su Niannian, you b*tch, I’ll make my father sue you!”

Liu Yuner’s father was a well-known lawyer in Yu City.

Su Niannian was insensitive to her powerless threats, “Whatever you wish, how pathetic. What, you still wanna beat me up?”

In reality, Su Niannian had no back up plan at all. Nonetheless, Yin Chuxia and her friends summed up to three people. If they had really gotten into a fight, she wouldn’t necessarily gain any advantages.

But Su Niannian had been used to being the devil back at Chen Jiang High, and she gave off a strikingly powerful aura, making Yin Chuxia and her friends afraid for a moment.

“Just wait for it, Su Niannian. I won’t let you get away with it!” Yin Chuxia gritted her teeth. The three of them were only able to attack the weak while being scared of the strong as they escaped in a flurry.

Su Niannian didn’t expect that the dispute would have been settled so efficiently. She turned around, Song Yuxi was still wiping away her tears as she sobbed like a tear-stained beauty.

“They will definitely trouble you in the future……” Song Yuxi looked at Su Niannian with concern.

Su Niannian smiled, not minding it, “Then that will be a problem in the future.” She wrinkled her eyebrows and spoke sincerely, “Song Yuxi, why are you really scared of them? Don’t you know how to push her back? If that won’t work, even running is better!” Why was she like a steamed bun, allowing others to bully her?

Song Yuxi’s eyes flickered. She was no more than the daughter of an impoverished family, how could she possibly fight and win the daughters of rich, powerful households?

Su Niannian had already predicted her thoughts. She remained silent for a moment and calmed down unexpectedly, :Do you know why they’re bullying you?”

Song Yuxi lifted her head up cowardly.

“It’s not because of your conditions at home, it’s because of your personality. So what if your family is poor? Does that mean that you’re lesser than others? You don’t even think you’re worthy enough yourself, how can you trust others to value you? The first time they bully you and you choose to endure it silently. It will occur a second time and a third. To them, you’re no more than a stress ball for them to squeeze however they wish!”

She felt slightly ashamed being scolded by her words. Song Yuxi opened her mouth, but was interrupted by Su Niannian, “I don’t give a damn whether you listen to me or not. You can’t decide on the family background you’re born into, but you can choose the paths you go down throughout your life.”

Song Yuxi: “Thank you…..thank you for saving me, and telling me this……”

Su Niannian waved her hand, “Let’s go, we’ll be late for class.”

Once they returned to class, He Xiao and a few others were surrounding Liu Yuner, laughing their @ss off.

“Hey, Liu Yuner, is it possible to fall while walking? There’s already a bruise on your forehead!”

“I’ve got horns on my head, I’ve got a tail behind me~”

“Why are you guys so annoying? I already said that I tripped accidentally! Go away!” Liu Yuner picked up her bag angrily to smack He Xiao, before the trouble-making boys finally returned back to their seats.

When Su Niannian heard her deceiving words, her expression remained the same, as she turned, beaming, towards Zhu Cheng for a bag of meat jerky.


On Saturday, Su Niannian woke up extra early. After freshening up, she knocked on Chen Yuan’s door, “Brother, get out of bed!”

Chen Yuan opened his door with an apologetic expression on his face, “Sorry, something urgent came up. I need to go to the corporation with father…..”

Su Niannian instantly withered as she lowered her head with disappointment.

Chen Yuan felt extremely regretful watching her like this, but Su Niannian didn’t know the way to Ye Xingyu’s home and he wasn’t comfortable with her going alone.

While he was hesitating, a suitable candidate popped into his mind. He tried to speak up, “Why don’t you let Gu Zichen drive you there?”


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