Exclusive Sweetheart Chapter 38

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Chapter 038 — Adopting A Cat (3)

Zhang Xiaojie acted as if she had just heard the funniest joke, “Su Niannian, do you really think you’re that lucky? That there would be someone to save you each time?”

Liu Yuner swept her eyes around the place, speaking fiercely. “What are you still doing here? Get out!”

The girls standing around noted the condition and ran out. Yin Chuxia added unhurriedly, “Whoever tells the teacher, will find themselves in Su Niannian’s situation.” She made a throat-slitting gesture around her neck.

Song Yuxi’s entire face looked frenetic. She planned on going out to find a teacher, however Liu Yuner grabbed her by the collar and pressed her against the restroom stalls.

“You little b*tch, where do you think you’re going!”

At the moment, Su Niannian had already finished drying her hands. Her expressionless face glared at Liu Yuner’s actions as she dragged onto Song Yuxi, and finally furrowed her brows.

Zhang Xiaojie looked at Su Niannian arrogantly and rampantly while she lifted up the palm of her hand.

Su Niannian asked all of a sudden, “Does your face still hurt?”

“Hey!” Zhang Xiaojie recalled the slap from the classroom the other day. She glared at Su Niannian with resentment, she was absolutely going to make her pay!

Yin Chuxia flicked off the non-existent dust on her dress, like a queen, as she spoke slowly, “Su Niannian, I really want to know who gave you the courage to act so rampant.”

Su Niannian shrugged, not even bothering to acknowledge her.

Yin Chuxia continued speaking, “It’s not enough to seduce Gu Idol, but you’re tangled up with Chen Yuan as well. Are Sheng Yin High’s school princes, people that you can get involved with for your pleasure?” As she reached the last sentence, Yin Chuxia raised her voice.

Upon hearing her meaningless words, Su Niannian couldn’t help rolling her eyes. If she knew that Su Niannian would be heading over to Ye Xingyu’s house tomorrow to adopt a kitten, then wouldn’t that make her go crazy?

“You haven’t seen the forum post right, Su Niannian? Right now, you are the public enemy of all the girls in the school. You should restrain yourself as soon as possible and be cautious.” Yin Chuxia rejoiced from the disaster, “Forgot to tell you, I believe that very soon, you’ll be isolated by everyone. Want a taste of what it’s like without a single friend? As well, your b*tchy companion will suffer with you!”

“Bang——” Came a loud noise. Liu Yuner looked over at Su Niannian with a sweet smile, however Song Yuxi shrieked in pain.

Just a moment ago, she banged Song Yuxi’s head directly against the door, knocking it open. One could only imagine how much strength had been used.

“Does it feel nice?” Liu Yuner asked Song Yuxi purposely. Song Yuxi’s eyes turned red as she began sobbing.

Su Niannian put on a stern face and passed by Zhang Xiaojie, heading directly towards Yin Chuxia.

“Me, I don’t care what people think. Whether I am slandered by thousands or isolated by the entire school, there’s not much of a difference to me. You wanna know why? Because I simply do not care. Yin Chuxia, you have to know your enemy to threaten them. Don’t you know that your actions right now make you look like a clown?”

Yin Chuxia’s gaze hardened, however Su Niannian was already in action. She quickly grabbed onto Liu Yuner, smashing her against another stall door.

She was much more ruthless than Liu Yuner, she smacked Liu Yuner’s face!

Liu Yuner let out a blood-curdling screech while Su Niannian patted her hands, “This is for you. Although I believe that using violence to curb violence is what weaklings do, it appears to be the most effective method when dealing with you guys.

Her back stood straight and her look penetrated, “My self-defense skills aren’t the best, but it’s more than enough to beat you three up. Yin Chuxia, want to give it a try?”

Yin Chuxia gritted her teeth, “Su Niannian, you got me.”


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