Exclusive Sweetheart Chapter 37

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Chapter 037 — Adopting A Cat (2)

Su Niannian\s eyes lit up, “Really? I can adopt one?”

In the past. Su Niannian had always wanted a pet, but she was rejected by Chu Suxin each time.

Now that there was such a great opportunity, how could she not be excited?

Chen Yuan nodded, “I’ll take you there on the weekend. Cough cough, but I’m really tired right now.….” He put on an act as he spoke, stretching his body lazily.

“I’ll give you a massage. It looks like you’ve done a lot of hard work, remember to sleep early!” Su Niannian kissed up by massaging him. Chen Yuan glanced at her bustling actions and the corners of his mouth curled up faintly.


On Friday, Su Niannian went to school as usual.

During the meeting in the morning, Yin Chuxia and Liu Yuner exchanged glances. Liu Yuner immediately took the hint and raised her voice, “Mr. Jiang, yesterday my mother told me about the issue regarding the impoverished student in our class. My mom agreed to let me help out my classmates. In fact she gave me two hundred dollars to pass on to the impoverished student…..”

She deliberately lengthened out her words and the rest of the students, who were unaware of the situation, followed up with their responses, “Actually? Hey, I have a hundred dollars here too.” “I’ll donate two hundred, it’s just the price of a meal anyways……”

Song Yuxi’s body trembled slightly. She understood from the bottom of her heart, that they had good intentions. After all, the tuition fees for rich students were no more than the price of an article of clothing, or a bag. But for her, this money was something saved up from months without food and water.

If Su Niannian hadn’t given her that card yesterday, who knew how she would have been shamed by Yin Chuxia……

Song Yuxi cast a grateful glance at Su Niannian secretly. Su Niannian was currently spinning her pencil from boredom, not noticing her at all.

Very soon, the class became chaotic. Jiang Mu gestured for everyone to quiet down as he spoke with a smile, “Turns out that our class is truly kind and enjoys helping out others. But I’m afraid I’ll have to disappoint you all. Every student in our class has already paid their tuition. Alright now, class is about to start.”

Jiang Mu had just taken a step when Yin Chuxia stood up, her arms propped up against her desk. She glared in Song Yuxi’s direction fiercely, “How is that possible! Song Yuxi, doesn’t your family rely on welfare…..”

As her words came out, scattered discussions sprung up throughout the room. A thin layer of sweat emerged on Song Yuxi’s face.

Having scars revealed in the public…..really didn’t feel all that great, especially when peculiar looks came from all directions, making her even more agitated.

“Whether she’s a millionaire or extremely poor, what does that have to do with you? Why are you so interested in worrying about others?” Su Niannian spoke casually and the classroom immediately became silent.

Yin Chuxia wanted to explode, however the literature and languages teacher had already walked in, leaving her no choice but to stomp her feet and drop the subject angrily.

Song Yuxi lowered her voice, “Thank you……”

Su Niannian glared at her, “I really don’t get why you’re so afraid of them. As if they could swallow you alive.”

Song Yuxi lowered her head. Su Niannian knew that it was a personality problem, something that couldn’t be changed instantly, and simply kept quiet.

During break time, Su Niannian and Song Yuxi headed to the restroom together.

After going to the bathroom, Su Niannian began washing her hands slowly at the restroom sinks. A loud noise came from the doorway and she lifted her head up for a glimpse. The bathroom door had already been kicked open as Yin Chuxia and the two others walked in aggressively.

“Su Niannian, does your family know how tough you are?” Zhang Xiaojie pointed at Su Niannian’s nose. She was the one who kicked open the door.

When Song Yuxi heard the ruckus, she headed out of the stall promptly. Upon seeing Yin Chuxia and the others, she stepped back in fear.

It wasn’t like they had not taken care of her in here……”

Su Niannian reacted calmly as she grabbed a paper towel to dry her hands, and then finally looked up, “Something wrong?”


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