Exclusive Sweetheart Chapter 36

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Chapter 036 — Adopting A Cat (1)

Gu Zichen followed the voice and looked over to a beautiful and alluring woman sitting on the sofa. She had a fair complexion, refined eyes and brows, and excellent skin, however it was evident of her older age.

“Your father is having a party next weekend. When the moment comes, you’ll make an appearance. I’ll have secretary Liu send you the location. Oh right, as for your female companion, you can invite the Yin family’s youngest daughter.” The woman spoke fairly quickly, as if she had no means of wanting to stay here any longer.

Gu Zichen didn’t say anything, his facial expression was dull and unenthusiastic, and his emotions couldn’t be made out.

Ye Siyun wrinkled her eyebrows. Ignoring Gu Zichen, she picked up her Chanel purse on the table and prepared to leave.

She was merely here to inform him, following afternoon tea with her sisters.

When she reached the door, she spoke carelessly again, “Visit your grandfather when you have time. Remember, don’t say anything insensible that will make the old man angry. You’re not a kid anymore…..” Her tireless, exhorting tone sounded rather meaningful and earnest.

Gu Zichen finally pulled apart the corners of his mouth to chuckle. The words that came out became frigid, “What does it have to do with me, whether he’s dead or alive?”


Without waiting for her to finish, Gu Zichen interrupted her, “You don’t need to worry about my business. Take back your faithful wife and loving mother appearance, Ms. Ye.”

He stepped towards Ye Siyun slowly, his entire body distributed an oppressive aura, making Ye Siyun retreat back.

“Also, this is my home. Get out.” His tone sounded colder than the snow in March.

Ye Siyun’s face turned red and then white in intervals, before slamming the door fiercely to leave.

The Gu family’s chauffeur was waiting outside. Noticing that she had come out, he opened the car door promptly with respect.

Ye Siyun took a seat in the car and pulled out her makeup from the handbag. The driver asked cautiously, “Ma’am……”

“Drive, back to the Gu household.”

The chauffeur started the car immediately, however he heard a curse from the back, “Son of a b*tch.”

He sat upright and extremely still as he drove, pretending as if he heard nothing.


Su Niannian sucked on the straw of her yogurt and she strolled around in her yard.

After finishing her yogurt, she was prepared to head back inside when she noticed a beautiful woman walking out from the Gu household aggressively.

Woah, was that his mother?

Su Niannian was slightly suspicious as she stared blankly at the BMW driving far off. She didn’t even realize when Chen Yuan had walked up behind her.

Chen Yuan looked at her blanked-out face helplessly. For a moment, his childish side appeared as he extended his fingers to flick Su Niannian’s head.

“Ah!” Su Niannian snapped out of her daze, extremely upset, “What the heck, why are you hitting me…..”

“If I didn’t smack you, your soul would have been dragged away.” Chen Yuan teased and then finally asked curiously, “What are you looking at?”

“I just saw an aunt walk out of Gu Zichen’s house, the expression on her face seemed as if she was going through menopause. That said, who is she? Gu Zichen’s mom?” Su Niannian described realistically.

Chen Yuan responded with a vague “yeah,” and finally said, “Yup, let’s go back inside to eat.”

Su Niannian was currently preoccupied with doubt. She asked Chen Yuan a few more questions, although the answers had all been avoided by him cleverly.

The more he refused to speak, the more Su Niannian’s heart itched, and the more anxious she became.

After the meal, Su Niannian brought over a plate of cut-up fruit and gathered beside Chen Yuan, with a sucking-up grin on her face, “Brother, have an apple.”

Chen Yuan laughed, instantly understanding Su Niannian’s intentions, and accepted her bribes.

But when Su Niannian mentioned the woman again, he kept on stating that he knew nothing, making her so irritated that she was on the verge of smacking the walls.

“Oh yeah, Xingyu’s family’s Dumpling gave birth to two kittens. Do you want to go adopt one?” Chen Yuan changed the topic ingeniously.


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