Exclusive Sweetheart Chapter 35

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Chapter 035 — Friends (2)

Song Yuxi hesitated, refusing to take it.

Su Niannian’s tone became slightly impatient, “Take it, the pin is six 0s. The money on the account should be enough for tuition.”

Song Yuxi lowered her head, “Thank you…… but no need……”

Su Niannian rolled her eyes. Seldom had she ever acted as the protagonist to perform good deeds, and now she was being rejected?

“Song Yuxi, tomorrow is Friday. Do you really want Yin Chuxia and her friends to donate money?”

Song Yuxi’s body trembled slightly. She opened her mouth to decline, yet she recalled her situation at home.

Her father’s health was in bad condition and the pharmaceutical fees each month were staggering expenses. She had a younger brother and sister at home and their entire family was relying on her mother’s scanty wages and temporary jobs to live.

Sheng Yin High’s tuition fees were astronomical numbers for her family. When she was accepted into Sheng Yin High from her exam marks, her father was only excited for a moment. And following it, were only deep sighs.

Last year, they didn’t even pay the tuition until she was halfway through the semester. The looks from Ms. Jin even included disdain and contempt.

She really didn’t want to experience it again…….

“I……” Song Yuxi was hesitating.

Su Niannian thought about it before speaking, “How about this, I’ll lend you this money, no interest included. Remember to return it when you have the money.”

Song Yuxi was emotionally touched and Su Niannian raised her brows upon noticing, “Didn’t you say that we were friends?”

Song Yuxi looked up, her eyes filled with tears. She took the debit card carefully and responded with a particularly sincere “thank you.”

Su Niannian smiled as she picked up her backpack and headed out of the classroom.

As she stepped outside, she bumped into someone she didn’t want to see.

Gu Zichen.

Noticing that she had come out, Gu Zichen spoke coldly, “Couldn’t tell that a pig like you had such a caring, Lei Feng spirited side.” [1]

Su Niannian pouted, she knew that he had nothing nice to say.

As if he was trying to explain why he had appeared here, Gu Zichen replied: “Chen Yuan and Uncle Chen had something to do, so they left. I’ll drive you home.”

“It’s fine, I can go home myself.” Su Niannian turned her head arrogantly.

She didn’t expect that Gu Zichen would actually nod, “Oh, bye then.”


That wasn’t on the script, hey!

Su Niannian watched as Gu Zichen walked away, cupping her teary eyes with disappointment.

He……he was way too honest, he actually left…….

Su Niannian stood in place gloomily for five seconds before she began her long journey home.

Su Niannian analyzed the bus stop just outside the school for a while before she found a bus that would stop somewhere near her home.

She stepped on the bus, jolting and shaking the entire time. The broadcasting lady announced each stop, however Su Niannian began feeling more and more unsure.

After five or six stops, Su Niannian stood up abruptly and looked over the bus route map.

She took the opposite bound……

After cursing at herself in her head, Su Niannian immediately got off and ran across the road chaotically.

The black Porsche behind her also changed its direction, stopping by her side.

“Su Niannian, you pig.” A boy roasted her from inside. He had been following behind the moment Su Niannian stepped on the bus.

Actually, he really wanted to know how Su Niannian could be so stupid.

As Su Niannian entered the bus, Gu Zichen stepped on the gas pedal, following the public transit vehicle at a reasonable distance.

When he reached the traffic lights, Gu Zichen gazed at the sea of moving cars and laughed at himself.

He must have gone mad, for him to contradict himself and follow behind Su Niannian.

He must have gone insane.

After watching Su Niannian return home, Gu Zichen accelerated the speed and parked his car in the garage.

When he entered his house, he noticed a pair of beautiful, black heels at the entrance.

“You’re home.” A crisp and clear voice echoed.

SINIKI: [1] TL Note: Lei Feng (1940-1962), a driver in the army, is a symbolic person used as a model of altruism, dedication, and kindness. Lei Feng spirit refers to the attributes of of Lei Feng.

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