Exclusive Sweetheart Chapter 34

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Chapter 034 — Friends (1)

Su Niannian’s seat was right next to Song Yuxi’s. At the moment, Song Yuxi’s desk was a complete disaster. Books and stationary were scattered in a mess on the ground, clear footprints were visible on the surface.

Even worse, a handful of sunflower seed shells were spilled over her seat, turning the originally clean and neat chair into a garbage dump.

Su Niannian wrinkled her eyebrows as she surveyed the rest of the classroom. As expected, Yin Chuxia and her friends were laughing cheerfully as they watched the disaster unfold.

Song Yuxi cleaned up her things silently, without saying a word from start to end.

“What happened?” Su Niannian asked.

Song Yuxi shook her head, biting her lower lip, “Nothing, I dropped it on the ground accidentally…..”

She was clearly lying! This had obviously been hurled to the ground by somebody else!

Su Niannian pursed her lips, she couldn’t understand why Song Yuxi had to accept the situation.

It if was her, she would have snatched the chair and headed over there to get revenge.

But Song Yuxi refused to talk about it, and she couldn’t stick her head into other people’s business to stand up for her.

Su Niannian glanced at Song Yuxi once more with resentment and impatience, before she crouched down to help her pick up the books.

The late Zhu Cheng also saw this scene. He pursed his lips and walked over to the back of the classroom for a broom, helping the two of them clean up.

The classroom sunk into a period of silence while everyone stared at the three of them bustling about. It wasn’t until their homeroom teacher, Jiang Mu, had walked in, before they withdrew their gazes and straightened out their backs.

At the lectern, Jiang Mu quickly noticed the situation in the last row. He thought about it for a moment, finally predicting the event that had just occurred.

Jiang Mu began with a short meeting. He muttered to himself for a bit, before calling Song Yuxi over to his office.

“I’m not indicating anything specific, but if you need any help, you can come find me anytime.” Jiang Mu explained generously.

However Song Yuxi shook her head stubbornly, “Mr. Jiang, I’m really fine.”

Although her family’s financial condition wasn’t the greatest, at the very least, she still had her self-esteem.

The reason why Yin Chuxia and her friends bullied her, was because her family was not only poor, but also they also opposed them.

But compared to sympathy and mockery, she chose to remain silent.

Jiang Mu sighed helplessly, “You can go back to class.”

Song Yuxi held back all the hurt in her heart. While heading back to her seat, she was almost tripped over by Zhang Xiaojie, but eventually seated herself, eyes red.

Su Niannian was driven mad by the incidence.

Although she loathed her weak and delicate appearance, Su Niannian still made up her mind secretly.

During their break, Su Niannian dragged Li Enmei all the way to the convenience store and successfully bribed this PA system with a roasted sausage and a pack of preserved plums. Then, she asked with a smile, “Class president, why does everyone hate Song Yuxi?”

You get the money, you perform the deed. Li Enmei took a bite of her sausage and blurted out everything she knew in full detail.

“It’s not that bad. In reality, Song Yuxi doesn’t really “exist” in the class. Her family seems to be pretty poor, they say her household is on welfare. Last year, she held up her tuition until finally paying halfway into the semester. Ms. Jin had even planned on organizing a class donation for her.” Ms. Jin was class F’s English teacher and their homeroom teacher back in grade 10.

Su Niannian responded with an “oh.” No wonder Yin Chuxia and her friends kept on messing with Song Yuxi, turned out that they had learned something from a previous experience.

That said, Ms. Jin’s way of handling matters were pretty upsetting. How could she make everyone donate publicly, this was exceptionally damaging to one’s ego.

After understanding the situation, Su Niannian said goodbye to Li Enmei and jogged back to the classroom.

In the afternoon, after school.

Song Yuxi packed up her bag slowly, not daring to think about the horrific events waiting at home. However, a gentle voice reached her ears, “Here, for you.”

She lifted her petite face. It was Su Niannian, handing her a debit card.


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