Exclusive Sweetheart Chapter 33

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Chapter 033 — Gu Idol Was Ignored

“Are you alright?” Chen Yuan looked at Su Niannian urgently. In the eyes of an outsider, they looked like a couple that had fallen head over heels in love with each other, as the boy expressed his concern for his girlfriend.

Su Niannian shook her head. She was about to speak to Song Yuxi, however she lowered her head quickly, as if she was trying to avoid her.

She didn’t want to talk about it, so Su Niannian didn’t bother asking. She said goodbye to her before leaving together with Chen Yuan.

The siblings walked forward without turning back. The stern-faced Gu Zichen, who played an iceberg in this act, stood in place and twitched the corners of his mouth.

Were the two of them ignoring him?! Ignoring him? Huh?!

Did they have to get rid of him after using him? Did they have to go berserk?

Who was the one who resolved the crisis just now?! Who was the one who stunned everyone?!

Gu Zichen immediately lost his cool and wrinkled his brows before chasing after them. Song Yuxi’s soft, feeble voice came from behind him, “Gu Idol, thank you for everything just now. If it wasn’t for you……”

Song Yuxi continued talking, but finally shut her mouth after being startled by Gu Zichen’s cold gaze.

“Who are you?” An indifferent voice, furrowed brows, just like a bucket of ice-cold water being poured over Song Yuxi’s head.

Song Yuxi’s complexion was deathly while. With great difficulty she forced out a smile, looking at Gu Zichen stubbornly. The latter glanced at her, his gaze didn’t leave behind any emotions and he stuck his hand into his pocket as he walked out of the classroom.

He didn’t know her at all…… So he wasn’t sticking up for her just now…..

The last bit of luck in Song Yuxi’s heart had already been annihilated, without a trace being left behind.

She thought that Gu Idol would have had some sort of feelings for her……

“Yuxi, I’ll walk you home.” Zhu Cheng rubbed his head foolishly.

Song Yuxi withdrew her absent-minded thoughts, “It’s fine……” She picked up her backpack, staggering out of Zhu Cheng’s line of sight, finally disappearing.


Su Niannian and Chen Yuan walked slowly to the front of the school. Chen Yuan took over Su Niannian’s bag considerately and carried it on his back for her. Concern was evident from his eyes and brows, “Niannian, are people bullying you?”

“No, who has the courage to bully me?” Su Niannian shook her head recklessly.

Chen Yuan hesitated to speak. He opened his mouth, finally saying, “I’m here, you don’t have to be afraid. If someone bullies you, you can come upstairs to find me. I’ll take care of them for you.”

Su Niannian began giggling happily. She never thought that her brother would have been so loyal and just.

She patted Chen Yuan’s shoulders effortlessly, “Okay.”

Chen Yuan wrinkled his eyebrows, “I’m serious.”

“Alright, let’s hurry home and eat.”

The two stepped into Chen Yunhua’s car. Gu Zichen drove his car, following behind them. The entire time, his expression had been menacingly dark.


After dinner, Su Niannian rubbed her plump stomach and climbed into bed to sleep.

In the early morning, the sun radiated brightly while Su Niannian crawled out of bed sleepily. With closed eyes, she washed her face, brushed her teeth, and jogged downstairs. As if following a routine, she chugged down a glass of milk and headed to the car with Chen Yuan.

Chen Yuan was already used to it and passed over two steamed buns to Su Niannian silently.

Su Niannian was instantly touched by his actions. He was literally like her biological brother!

She received the steamed buns and began munching happily, until her cheeks had puffed up.

Looking at her appearance, the corners of Chen Yuan’s mouth curled up.

He walked Su Niannian up to her classroom. Once again, Su Niannian was bathed by the looks of all the girls.

If those gazes could murder someone, then perhaps Su Niannian would have already been pierced with thousands of wounds, and riddled with scars. It would have been impossible for her to stand in the classroom alive.

However Su Niannian’s powerful mindset allowed her to walk to her seat without any pressure. With her walking, the short route had become a bold stride down the catwalk.

When she arrived at her seat, Su Niannian became helpless with the scene unraveling before her eyes.


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