Exclusive Sweetheart Chapter 32

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Chapter 032 — Thank You Gu Idol

“Ahhhh——” A sharp and blood-curdling screech echoed. Following, the classroom sunk into complete silence.

Song Yuxi could no longer hold it in anymore, and tears streamed down her face. Her entire body was like a leaf blowing in the wind, she could barely even stand.

“Su Niannian……you…..” Yin Chuxia and Liu Yuner were startled and retreated back subconsciously.

On the other hand, the corners of Su Niannian’s mouth hung onto a faint smile. The tip of her eyebrows were full of disdain. Did she even look like she had just been slapped?

As for Zhang Xiaojie, she was currently cupping her cheek with disbelief written all over her face.

“How dare you slap me! What right do you have to slap me!” Zhang XIaojie howled hysterically. Su Niannian pursed her lips. She wasn’t stupid, how could she just stand there and wait for herself to be slapped.

Zhang Xiaojie glared at Su Niannian, unwilling to admit defeat. She didn’t get a chance to return a punch, when Zhu Cheng, who had been silent the entire time, could no longer control himself, “Zhang Xiaojie, you tomboy, what the heck do you want?”

“Mind your own business!” Zhang Xiaojie cursed, as she prepared to pull on Su Niannian’s hair.

Su Niannian laughed grimly, “You wanna try again?”

Zhang Xiaojie’s fingers trembled.

Just then, Liu Yuner shrieked, “Gu……Gu Idol……”

“What Gu Idol? You’ve gone insane.” Yin Chuxia rolled her eyes. She turned around, and her entire body paused foolishly in place.

Standing near the classroom door, was a tall figure, crossing his arms with an indifferent expression plastered across his face as he watched the scene unfold before his eyes.

“It’s really Gu Idol, Chuxia…..” Liu Yuner lowered her voice, but it was loud enough for everyone to hear.

Su Niannian looked towards the door sluggishly, and raised her eyebrows.

Someone tapped on Gu Zichen’s shoulders, and soon after, a pleasant-sounding voice appeared, “Why aren’t you going in?”

When Chen Yuan’s silhouette appeared at the doorway of class F, Yin Chuxia and her friends’ complexions worsened.

Chen Yuan stepped inside and cast a glance. A group of people were encircling his sister. He thought about this morning, when Nan Zhi said that people were bullying Su Niannian, and immediately lost his cool.

He withdrew his usual, kind smile and headed towards the back of the classroom with a stern look on his face. Gu Zichen thought for a moment, before following behind him.

“Chen Yuan…… Zichen Gege…..” Yin Chuxia greeted them with embarrassment. Her bashful appearance made Su Niannian want to puke.

“You alright?” Chen Yuan ignored Yin Chuxia and walked directly to Su Niannian. All his concerns and worries were evident in his speech.

Yin Chuxia’s expression stiffened. Liu Yuner and Zhang Xiaojie standing beside her, were afraid to speak up.

They were afraid that Su Niannian would be unable to recognize what was beneficial for herself, and complain to Chen Yuan

Su Niannian didn’t even get the chance to speak, when a deep and gloomy voice arose, “What are you doing?” It was just like the beautiful music of a cello performance.

Yin Chuxia and the others looked at Gu Zichen anxiously, unsure of how to phrase their speech.

“Nothing…..we……we were just chatting, and building our relationships.” Yin Chuxia forced out a smile.

Gu Zichen scoffed, clearly not convinced. However unexpectedly, Song Yuxi continued on, “Right……just discussing about where we’re shopping on the weekends……”

Su Niannian furrowed her brows, unable to understand Song Yuxi’s thoughts.

“Yeah, yeah, let’s go shopping together on the weekends!” Liu Yuner reacted first as she responded promptly.

Upon seeing this, Zhang Xiaojie continued on, “Let’s talk tomorrow. We’re gonna go. Bye Gu Idol and school prince Yuan.”

Yin Chuxia bit her bottom lip, upset at the outcome, as the three of them grabbed their bags and dashed out of the classroom as quickly as possible.

Song Yuxi blinked, her beautiful eyes covered with a dense layer of tears, as she spoke weakly, “Thank you Gu Idol……”


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